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From the Strictly Voluntary page:

I want to hopefully get you out of this mad delusion and self-abuse called "voting." The reason is that you don't want to vote: It means nothing. It's worse than meaning nothing - it encourages participation in a coercive and destructive system. It gives sanction to evil. 

So you don't vote because you think that voting will set you free or restrain government in any kind of way because you're not an idiot. I mean, I am going to speak to you right now, soul-to-soul (so to speak), as an intelligent, aware, brilliant human being - which is, if you weren't, you probably wouldn't be on my friend list anymore...

I'm not going to spit facts at you because facts would be an insult to you. Using facts would be indicating that you are unable to process the basic reality of the world that you live in, and the overwhelming evidence of the futility of trying to restrain an agency of violence like the State by begging for crumbs from the table as favors. 

You understand that the government is fundamentally coercive. It's a coercive institution. That's what it does. That's all it is. And you know that voting is a pitiful plea. It is a beg: "Please master, give me back a little bit of what you have stolen." And I'm not going to insult you by pretending that argument is anything other than an emotional panic and a fear of increased predation and a begging for favors. 

The reality of the State is that they'll take whatever they want from you because they have the guns and the jails and the military, and they will attempt to bribe you to get you to participate and give them moral sanction for their theft, by getting you to participate and give them moral sanction for their theft by getting you to participate in a system that allows you to "choose" and blah, blah, Democracy, blah... Of course, should you participate, you can only choose your master. You can't choose not to remain a slave which, of course, is why the whole thing is so blatantly ridiculous.

They take your money to reward their friends and punish their enemies (including you) and they will dangle bait. You can look at this in any of the campaigns. "Ooh, we'll give you a little tax credit, we'll give you a little control of your time. Ooh, we'll give you a little bit of stolen fiat for your medical expenses. Ooh, we'll do this and that!" 

It's all bribery. It's embarrassing. The whole point of the system is to bribe you with the leftovers of what they have stolen from you in the first place. So I'm not going to insult you by giving you facts that you already have at your disposal. 

What a pitiful spectacle... to beg your political masters for a few scraps back that...THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM YOU AT GUNPOINT! How pitiful and ridiculous is that, and what a self-shaming, self-abusive action it is to run around the begging for what was rightfully yours to be returned to you in little scraps, whatever they feel will delude you into giving them your sanction and your support. 

When the bullies take your candy and they're throwing it back and forth on the playground, what do you do? Well, you can't get the candy back and you can't get your tax money back from the State. You can't get control of your life back from the State because they have the monopoly of force...

Well, you simply refuse to participate. You say, "That candy is not worth my pride." The spectacle of me running around begging for people to give me back what they have stolen from me, when they'll never going to do it anyway is too shameful. It is too embarrassing. It is too pitiful for me to continue engaging in that behavior.

I am going to walk away. Keep the fucking candy. Keep my money. I'm not going to beg you to give it back. I'm not going to plead with you. I'm not going to get on my knees. I'm not going to engage in the fantasy that this is all about me or about virtue or about control or about getting good things done in the world. I am not going to give them that sanction. I am not going to participate in this violent institution. 

And really, the presidency? I mean come on people. You don't have to be brain surgeons. I'm not telling you anything you don't know emotionally. You don't have to be a genius to understand that changing the president changes nothing about the system. 

It's nothing. It's a ridiculous illusion. What are your choices? Cranky old fascist versus creepy hands-in-your-pocket socialist? These are your choices and you're actually going to participate in this? Have some pride for fuck's sake. There is no virtue to be gained from attempting to grab control of the gun and give it to the people you prefer so that "virtue" can be accomplished. You cannot achieve virtue by pointing guns at peaceful people. 

You're selling your soul for nothing. It's not going to change based on voting. You know this. Wake up to what you already know...

You're not being paid a million doll-hairs to participate in this brutal system, in this empire with hundreds of military bases... In this empire that slaughters innocent people overseas. They're not leaving Iraq until the empire comes down. They're still in Japan!!! Sixty plus years after the second world war, they built PERMANENT military bases. It's a fantasy that they're leaving because you're going to vote... You're livestock to them... You're cattle... They milk you for money to bribe their friends, and you on occasion when the mood strikes.

What you are as a voter/participant: You are inheriting a 300+ year abusive relationship. They beat the shit out of you every day. After 300+ years of this marriage, what are you doing? You're running around saying, "This time they will change. They're going to be better this time. They're going to be nice to me. They're going to give me what I want. He's going to bring me flowers. There's going to be romance and ponies..." IT'S CRAP! IT'S BULLSHIT! They take your money with guns and throw millions in jail. This is an abusive relationship and after 300 fucking years, wake up to the reality of what it is...

It is brutality with rhetoric... Walk away! Take your pride and leave! You don't legitimize a violent, coercive, brutal, hierarchical, hegemonic system by pretending it's voluntary, by pretending that you have say, by pretending that the brutality of war and empire and violence and enslavement and coercion and jailing... the rape rooms of prisons have millions of people in them, the vast majority of whom ended up there because they carried the wrong kind of vegetation in their fucking pockets.

This is a fascist brutal dictatorship. And if you participate, you are saying it is voluntary. You are trying to work with the illusion that if you vote, the gun will be pointed at someone other than you: BUT IT WON'T! Sanders, Hillary, Trump: it doesn't matter... No matter who you vote for, the State stays in power.

You're livestock to pay off this imaginary debt that you had absolutely nothing to do with. Voting is the fence. Voting is the electrified fence. 

Politics itself is a giant conspiracy to rob and overthrow the masses. Elections are like soap operas that sinks you into the blood of humiliating subjugation. It's a matter of pride. Don't beg for your freedom. Don't beg for scraps. Don't pray and hope and wish that scratching from a little booth is going to create freedom when it does literally the opposite. It never has. It never will.

You could vote in Rome as well in the past... and Athens, as Socrates found out. Fuck politics. Fuck spending your time following this bullshit distracting soap opera of whether the socialists or the fascists end up in the White House. Every minute you spend on politics is a minute you're not actually spending doing something productive to actually make the world free (including raising your self-esteem).

We have to outgrow slavery. We have to be greater and bigger and more confident than tax fucking livestock slaves. You build up your pride your self esteem, you build up your knowledge, you build up your virtue, you build up your strength and we outgrow the slavery. We outgrow being cattle for a ruling class. We educate ourselves. We talk to people about virtue. We talk to people about pride. We talk to people about the nature of violence inherited in the system. We talk to people about a better life. We talk to people about opportunities, for real freedom in your life, for virtue, for voluntaryism in your life, where you can do it, where it is possible, where you have effect, where you have control. 

Let the other fucking livestock run down to their designated areas: "We're going to vote: Everything is going to change." But you and I know better than that. You and I have the pride to not subjugate ourselves to this pathetic enslaving ritual. So when it comes time to vote, I suggest reading a book on freedom. Maybe talk to strangers about virtue and pride and voluntaryism and the evil anatomy of this over-inflated nation state. Don't participate in this empire of slavery and subjugation and imprisonment and kidnapping and extraordinary rendition and torture. Do not participate in this institution founded on crimes which executes war crimes, genocide, wars, murder, kidnapping, imprisonment on a daily basis. 

Don't participate. Don't beg. Stand with pride. I do not yell at rain clouds. I do not wrestle for the gun, but simply and forevermore point out that violence is evil. I will not participate in it. I will not subjugate myself to this fetid ritual, this ridiculous, magical bullshit called "voting"... 

They will never get my sanction for what they are doing. I will not vote in protest. I will not vote with the illusion that I will become free, but instead I will step back and I will not engage and I will withdraw and I will speak with pride and virtue and confidence about what real freedom is in this world: which is not running after your political masters, hoping to suck up some of the blood that falls from the corpses they carry. But love pride and virtue in our private lives will spread the strength we really need to outgrow this slavery.
#VacateTheVote #WithdrawConsent #StrictlyVoluntary

When it became known that George Bush lied to us to get us into Iraq, his supporters should have immediately turned on him. They should have demanded his resignation, and even that charges be brought against him. They are responsible for him. It doesn't matter if they deny that fact or not: his followers gave him the power to wage that illegal war, and as a result, trillions have been spent, thousands of soldiers died, and more than a million civilians died in Iraq. The same when it became known that he illegally tortured people. If they wouldn't torture someone themselves, they have no right allowing him to. The 28 pages proved that he is guilty of covering up Saudi involvement in 9/11. This should have also resulted in his followers turning on him and calling for justice. The lack of response to these and other destructive and illegal actions proves that his followers do not take responsibility for his actions. They either accept his actions as factual but deny all responsibility, or they rationalize his actions as being necessary or good somehow.

The same with Obama's supporters after he admitted to murdering three citizens with an illegal CIA kill list. One of his victims was a 16 year old boy. Where was the outrage? Double-tap drone strikes on funerals, weddings, and even first responders...illegal, and considered terrorism by our own government if anyone else performs a similar attack. Trillions given to the banks, while the crimes of those same banks were ignored. It is his duty to investigate and prosecute those sorts of crimes. Obama is just as bad as Bush, yet his followers continue to follow, taking no responsibility for his many crimes, usually not even having the strength to acknowledge that he committed crimes.

Now we're seeing it again. Hillary or Trump...who cares? Two big-government, police state-worshiping tyrants that don't even hide their intentions...yet they still have followers. Whichever one gets into office will do horrible things, and their followers will not take any responsibility for those things.


1) A major assertion of mine is that ALL politicians LIE. So,

the chance of any one of the candidates lessening the pain are

reduced (and questionable) right off the bat. 

2) The candidates, all insiders, were a poor list from which to

choose from right from the get-go; so, I conclude that none of

them were ever intended to provide relief for the American

people but to ensure that the status quo was maiintained in

D.C.. (To even entertain the idea that any of them were/are

the best that America has to offer as a solutioin is mind-

bogglingly absurd). 

3) It has been proven beyond a doubt that the elections are

fraught with fraud via election machine's software being monkeyed with, illegals voting, and more than 100% of the registered voters in a district voting. 

4) The idea put forth by Lysander Spooner that voting for someone in the hopes that (at the very least) they may reduce the pain, only serves to continue the illusion that the voting process is legitimate.  Furthermore, I do not consider Lysander Spooner to be the end-all to all arguments for effective change. 

So, (speaking for myself) since I look to no man as an authority: 
I choose to refrain from showing any support for their sham of an election process. I gave up believing in fairy tales a long time ago, do not suffer from cognitive dissonance, and refuse to vote to prove that doing so somehow makes me a true patriotic American. Caving into the age-old platitudes used by politicians or Americans in denial so that they can remain in never-never-land is too hypocritical and distasteful for me to consider.

Peace. -T

Jonathan Bonaventura 

The problem with this country is that we don't have responsible voters.  I don't mean

that we have uninformed voters...that's just one small version of irresponsible voting,

and only a minor issue compared to the type of responsibility I am speaking of.
I mean that we have voters that refuse to accept responsibility for their leaders' actions.  

They vote like stray tomcats. Do their thing, then leave, taking no responsibility

whatsoever for the results.

I had a friend who told me he didn't care about politics. Didn't know anything, didn't want to know anything. I asked him if he voted. He told me no. He is a responsible voter.  Whoa, whoa, whoa you might say at this point...he doesn't even vote! How can he be a responsible voter?  It's very simple: he has not taken on any responsibility to neglect. By not participating in choosing our rulers, he has no responsibility for what they do, and has fully lived up to his obligations. I can respect his attitude far more than any of the "irresponsible" voter behaviors I see.

I can also respect an educated anarchist that refuses to vote because he refuses to force a leader he has chosen upon others. Refusing to vote is a form of responsible voting; you are not imposing your choices or preferences on others.  Irresponsible voters all do the following:
1) They vote. There is nothing irresponsible about not voting.

2) They want their vote to count. Therefore, they will choose a lesser evil over a decent candidate in a third party. It is imperative to them that their vote counts.

3) They rationalize all the evil shit their chosen candidate does. They do this by denying it is evil, pointing out the evil of others (as if that makes their candidate's evil acceptable), and getting angry if anyone shows them how evil their candidate matter how obvious it should be and how deranged and irrational they have to be to ignore it. Deny, deny, deny.

4) Sometimes it becomes so obvious that their chosen leader has committed crimes, told lies, or otherwise betrayed their constituents that no level of denial can protect them from knowing this. When this happens, they take absolutely no responsibility for anything their candidate does. They just voted for the person; they don't control him. This is of course completely wrong.

If we had responsible voters in this country, they wouldn't care which party they side with or which party our leaders side with...if a leader is a criminal or a person of low morals, they would not vote for him. If a leader committed crimes while in office, they would immediately remove their support from that leader.

If your leader commits murders, and you know it but continue to support that leader, you are morally equal to a murderer. It doesn't matter if the only thing you did was check a have given this person power over others and now your continued support continues to give this person power over others. You are responsible for everything that leader does with the power you gave him, and continue to give him.
Be a responsible voter.


The funny thing about this aspect is that they will admit that if nobody voted for a lesser evil, a lesser evil could not possibly win, and furthermore, they will admit that the quality of candidates is on a downhill slide as a result of too many people doing this. However, they continue to do this anyway.

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