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"Crazy Grandma"
1776 women·Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nice moniker, huh?

Political correctness run amuck along with an insane political system creates knee-jerk responses that may not have been anticipated. Older people who’ve spent their lives “swallowing” their disappointment and discontent with “going along to get along” usually bust out of their self-imposed silence at some point. Then, people like me, are either called “eccentric”, or in my case, “crazy grandma.”

It must be difficult for my children to understand how their forever-tolerant, “semi-normal” mother turned into this rabble-rousing, out-spoken, crazy that won’t let the subject of governmental over-reaching drop. I’ve spent a lifetime of looking the other way, making excuses, walking a mile in other people’s shoes and “eating shit” , reflecting on my inner motivations and inadequacies; and, now, it’s time to spew out the lessons I’ve learned (not that anybody cares).

When you reach my age everyone thinks that you have to “humor” us because we must be “losing it” and therefore all of life’s lessons we’ve been accruing are dismissed as a “cranky old-person’s ramblings” and objections at growing old and the inevitability of the grave. What I just realized in rereading this is that I sound suspiciously like one of my favorite writers of all time, Erma Bombeck. (But, I digress; plus Erma never had the potty mouth I possess)

A post I put up on facebook just this morning has prompted this diatribe. The undocumented author stated that “I say less these days, but I see everything”. Well, I say more these days about everything I see and, frankly, I’m tired. I don’t want to see (maybe that’s why I’ve lost the sight in my right eye?) what’s wrong any more. I want to enjoy the time I have left. I want to revel in the, oh, so many of the people I’ve met on facebook - my friends. We’ve become a sanitized version of our past. We no longer call our neighbors “friends” or our direct relations “family”; Our new friends and family are held a keyboard, a State, or a Country away.

Funny, that’s how we’re fighting wars, too; Divorced from righteous anger or the defense of self-preservation, whole towns are obliterated via drones by “Keyboard Commandos.”

On second thought, “crazy grandma” isn’t so bad, after all.