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ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS - What Are Your Options?


​* School Vouchers are not going to be implemented according to any rational-thinking person's expectations, and that is according to things I read about Trump's plans. Our educational system may be dropping "common core" but what is to come is an even bigger boondoggle than the current Federal fiasco. Vouchers will not cover religious (aka: nonsecular) schools because that would go against the 1st Article of the Bill of Rights regarding separation of church and state. Current plans are consistent with the socialist agenda of giving all financial aid to the poor minorities (much like the Obamacare debacle). Vouchers will be made available to income-qualified, lower-class people and they will only be good for enrolling in Federally and/or State-approved schools with "approved" curriculum. No mention is made, at all, of how the middle class will be educated. (Note: if we're not mentioned - we're not included).