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You DO all realize it takes a lot longer than two weeks to develop a vaccine? 

You DO all realize that viruses constantly mutate so as to make the vaccine developed impotent in a very short span of time?

You DO all realize that all vaccines have toxic agents added to stabilize them?

Finally....You DO all realize that "vaccine courts" have been established to pay off the lawsuits won by the victims of vaccinations?

Since the 1900s, multiple cancer treatments that cost little or nothing have been suppressed by the legacy of the Rockefeller’s shady business. From cannabis oil miracles to Essiac tea, as soon as someone starts to interfere with Big Pharma’s money with sound solutions, you can bet they are getting a one-way ticket out of town, harassed, smacked with lawsuits, and even pronounced the sentence of death.

The AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics statement is very clear: “physicians must honor” the policy of informed consent. In fact, the AMA describes this as “a basic policy in both ethics and law” and only makes exception if the patient “is unconscious” or if harm from failure to treat “is imminent.”

Mandatory vaccine interventions are conducted in total violation of this code of ethics. Most unvaccinated children are in a state of perfect health, with no symptoms and no active disease. There is no “imminent” risk of harm from “failure to treat.”

A History of Medicine in the United States

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