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I've initiated a new section in the magazine called the "Question & Answer Page."  In it, questions will be fielded by a few of my current contributors that are experts in their fields.  For more information click this link:

I am always looking for contributors.  If you have an idea for a regular column please contact me by clicking the button.

From Tim Siewert - owner, publisher, and co-editor of 1776 Men Magazine & staff

We are now averaging 3,000 visits per month here at 1776men© magazine!  Thank you and greetings to all of our faithful readers; we hope you had a safe and productive 2016 and wish you an even better 2016.

We will endeavor to continue to bring more enlightening and entertaining articles.  In an effort to give our readers what they want, we would like to invite everyone to contact us via the contact page and tell us what you think about the magazine and any topics that you may be interested in seeing covered.  Since our readership is worldwide, we would like to hear from you regardless of your location!  

We initiated a question & answer page but as of this writing, we haven’t received much response.  We welcome any and all pertinent questions.

We also started a “Helpful Hints” series based on my considerable experience in the construction industry.  If you have any questions along those lines, we would be happy to hear from you as well.

Finally, I am juggling the responsibilities of earning a living, doing home improvement projects and attempting to keep the magazine filled with new articles; so, please bear with me.

As always, 1776men© will remain a free entity; it is our self-determined mission to bring the truth to a world that is ensconced in lies and darkness.  Peace, T.