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"The EPA is not a Constitutional law-making body"
............... therefore it's bans are not law.

Take back the narrative. Don't allow liberals to continually put you on the defensive. Be offensive; they created the game. That's how they play. Turn around is fair play

Crazy Grandma
1776 women·Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nice moniker, huh?

Political correctness run amuck along with an insane political system creates knee-jerk responses that may not have been anticipated. Older people who’ve spent their lives “swallowing” their disappointment and discontent with “going along to get along” usually bust out of their self-imposed silence at some point. Then, people like me, are either called “eccentric”, or in my case, “crazy grandma.”

It must be difficult for my children to understand how their forever-tolerant, “semi-normal” mother turned into this rabble-rousing, out-spoken, crazy that won’t let the subject of governmental over-reaching drop. I’ve spent a lifetime of looking the other way, making excuses, walking a mile in other people’s shoes and “eating shit” , reflecting on my inner motivations and inadequacies; and, now, it’s time to spew out the lessons I’ve learned (not that anybody cares).

When you reach my age everyone thinks that you have to “humor” us because we must be “losing it” and therefore all of life’s lessons we’ve been accruing are dismissed as a “cranky old-person’s ramblings” and objections at growing old and the inevitability of the grave. What I just realized in rereading this is that I sound suspiciously like one of my favorite writers of all time, Erma Bombeck. (But, I digress; plus Erma never had the potty mouth I possess)

A post I put up on facebook just this morning has prompted this diatribe. The undocumented author stated that “I say less these days, but I see everything”. Well, I say more these days about everything I see and, frankly, I’m tired. I don’t want to see (maybe that’s why I’ve lost the sight in my right eye?) what’s wrong any more. I want to enjoy the time I have left. I want to revel in the, oh, so many of the people I’ve met on facebook - my friends. We’ve become a sanitized version of our past. We no longer call our neighbors “friends” or our direct relations “family”; Our new friends and family are held a keyboard, a State, or a Country away.

Funny, that’s how we’re fighting wars, too; Divorced from righteous anger or the defense of self-preservation, whole towns are obliterated via drones by “Keyboard Commandos.”

On second thought, “crazy grandma” isn’t so bad, after all.

The educational system under Common Core is a system based upon instilling common attitudes on government, community, societal obligations and personal responsibility to the State.  Common Core has little to do with academic achievement.

There is no local oversight allowed by parents.  In this system, the State continues to remediate the change in a pupil it wants to see until they are successful in their goal of total psychological compliance to the desired outcome.  Hence, "outcome based education".

Every child in the US educational sysem now has a file that follows him/her throughout their school experience and it is freely shared with every employer for the asking.  This is part of the public/private partnership BS that our government has pushed on us.

P.S.  Can you speak Chinese?

1776 Women - Notes
October 12, 2016
On Healing....

Chronic pain exists because the original injury was never allowed to heal. Because of this, compensation patterns begin and with each new injury (more than likely facilitated because of the limited ROM and inefficiency of the primary agonist) additional compensation patterns are adopted by secondary muscles which then further compromise tertiary agonists. My education gave me this knowledge and my own injuries validated the hypothesis. After 16 years of walking away from my deep-tissue massage practice, I am close to the end of my healing journey. If Western Medicine continues to inflict their noxious assumptions and destructive medical model into alternative therapies without resistance from its practitioners, our superior model will risk losing valuable knowledge to the barbaric sorcery of the MD. Each body has its' own onboard diagnostic center (the brain); This organ has an immediate feedback loop that is infallible - all knowing. I have watched with awe my brain methodically send suggestions to different parts of my anatomy, try them out, meet resistance, and continue to try other adjustments until it gets it right, and then implement the change by adjusting every other structure to come into alignment. My brain knew exactly where to begin the journey (my midsection) and travel outward in both directions, adjusting and incorporating until now I am left with the (what I hope is the last) damage done (two separate concussions) as a child at the age of 5.

It has been a very long, painful, scarey, solitary journey but I have learned much and desire to pass this information on. My conclusion: There is a reason why when people used to get sick or injured that they took to their beds to heal because if you do not, you do not really heal, you mask the injury with compensation patterns (be they physical or emotional) and forever alter your phisiology. It is a choice: you have a decision to make when and if you are injured - "do you suffer the injury by taking to your bed and healing fully and suffer economic loss and inconvenience now OR do you suffer the injury and mask it with quick rehab and medications and pay the piper years from now when your body gives out because you've ignored yourself to the point where you can no longer function. sometimes life is hard - but it's even harder if you do not understand the ramifications of your actions.

(Disclaimer: I do not bend to either the Western Medical model or to an Alternative modality for I have witnessed that they both have their failings; with the biggest threat to be the arrogance of the practitioner in believing they have all the answers.) I now defer to the wisdom of my own micro-circuitry.

​​​​​It pains me to say this...
I've come to believe that there is no meeting of the minds re: those believing in limited government v. anarchy. To believe that life as we now know it is still possible without government is naive.

Take "The Time Machine" as an example: The Eloi lived a simple life (provided for by the Morlocks behind the scenes), much like many unemployed, infirm or elderly live now with "government welfare and/or social security. Like the Eloi suffering the inevitable consequences of sloth at the hands of their benefactors, recipients of welfare and/or social security suffer the ramifications of a government overseer.

To not see or accept reality is the major reason the world is in the state we now experience. There are natural consequences for every action that people refuse to acknowledge. Not acknowledging them, does not make them go away.

Of course, there are very good reasons why people no longer understand cause and effect. When people were allowed welfare without having to work, the facts of life were altered. Two whole generations have been trained to believe they are above the laws of "cause and effect".  That is illogical and unrealistic.

On the other hand, it is just as naive to believe that we can contain a "limited government" indefinitely. Opportunistic operators seek out positions of power and they multiply just as quickly as the people they feed off of.
There can be no "meeting of the minds" when people have relinquished its' use. We all would like to think that we are honorable but we all have clay feet. Everyone has momentary lapses and seek relief in a suspension of reality. It's just that we all can't live in "La La Land" for as long as we have and not pay the piper.

Maybe, as I've said before, that it comes down to people with "unrealistic expectations". No matter how we choose to live, their will always be problems that arise with which we have to contend. It does appear that we've come to a stalemate in our political process and there is a remedy provided in The Constitution for just this occasion. The question everyone needs to ask is.....

"What are you willing to do for LIBERTY?"​​

Reasons for Revolutions
1776 women·Monday, December 28, 2015

Epiphanies are wondrous, momentous occasions!

The realization that not everyone thinks like you...

The realization that time is your most valuable asset...

The realization that religion has nothing to do with faith...

The realization that life is a series of choices and you do have control...

The realization that you and your education have been manipulated to keep you ignorant...

The realization that your government agents wish to enslave you for their own profit...

......................only when you realize that you create authorities and that they are not GODS do you dare to resist. There is a huge psychological impact that occurs when this last realization is fully absorbed into one’s psyche. Brainwashing relies on the illusion of “authority” and “control” and “fear of reprisal”.

.......................people are basically good. This is why they cannot accept and see evil and those with evil intents very readily. Because of this, people ascribe the adage of “nobody’s perfect” when they are victimized and then told that what happened to them was “an oversight” or “accidental” rather than seeing their victimization as “deliberate”. Evil people use this to their advantage.

.......................this is one reason that most governments have aligned themselves with religious overtones. The doctrine of “turning the other cheek” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” may be well-and-good for dealing with family, close friends, and members of your church congregation; but, when dealing with evil, duplicitious individuals, giving the benefit-of-the-doubt doesn’t have a history of turning out as well.

......................this was my latest epiphany: all the revolutions that have happened in the past were not due to disgruntled, oppressed people rising up FOR freedom; but, they rose up AGAINST the injust, deliberately traitorous actions of the government that they had created to protect them.

......................too many times have I heard the words: “when will people wake up?” My reply: “when they’re forced to; and, when they understand what’s been done was deliberate.”

Another patriot, who's only crime was reporting on the events at the Malheur Refuge was arrested yesterday. This is what is prompting my own story which, until now, has only been hinted at:

I've found what might be considered 'revolutionary hate files' planted on my computer (which crashed a while back); I've also found IP addresses years ago from Langley VA and Washington D.C. as sites that my security system alerted me as an attempt to send me malware; I've had computers hacked (someone yelled at me to get out and physically took control of my mouse) and crashed in the past; I've had vans drive by slowly and park next to my house (windows darkened) at all times of the day and niight, one that had a website plastered on the back of it that could have been kiddie porn (because my settings stopped it from loading) ; I've had brake lines cut, my car broken into multiple times and new batteries go dead repeatedly; been the victim of gang stalking for years; I've been followed with the same trenchcoat people showing up at every stop I make to let me know I'm being surveiled; new trees that I've planted have been dug up and moved with an aluminum can placed underneath the roots so that the tree woud die; I've had strangers enter my home when I'm not there and move things, take things and sometimes bring them back, and they used to leave pennies on my desk that was in a locked room; one of the same people that was following me has made contact multiple times - on two occasions by ramming me with his shopping cart (more than once) at store checkouts, and another time acting as a meter reader (that next month's bill was 3x our normal bill); I am electronically harrassed with microwave and ELF and some of my neighbors have been enlisted in these attacks; any group affiliation I've belonged to has been targeted with operatives arriving to undermine every effort I make to be a contributing member.

This all began back in 1993 after I opened up a self-directed IRA at my bank and did not invest into any markets. I got summoned to the bank president's office on one of my visits so he could ask me why I did this. I told him that I put my money into the bank for safe-keeping, and that I don't gamble and I don't like anybody else gambling with my money either. Shortly after that my place of business became a revolving door for the head of the Moody Bible Insitute in Chicago, Louis Rukeyser (and bodyguard) looking for political donations for the Republican Party, BIG names from the entertainment industry, and a letter from G.H.W. Bush asking me to fill out a multiple page inquiry of my business's clients, assets and finances. I cannot count or remember every assault but there have been more.

More and more people have been targeted for very little or nothing at all. If you believe you are a Ta
rgeted Individual (TI) you're not alone.


I'm seeing and hearing of more patriot groups lookiing for places to settle somewhere together in a community in an attempt to ditch the crazy world this has become. I understand and I feel sorry for them for I know tptb will demonize them just as they demonized the peaceful people at Waco and Jonestown who wanted nothing more than to be left alone.

Governments attract paranoid, control freaks - paranoid authoritarians, if you prefer, who will convince themselves that this growing trend of autonomous people banding together are a threat to the rest of the country. When, in fact, these groups are a threat to a police State, not because they may own guns or because they believe in a diety but because they will no longer willingly comply and knuckle under to the criminal, bureaucratic dictates of the fascists occupying Congress in Washington, D.C..

I have openly disclosed my feelings about immigrants/refugees and illegal/undocumented workers coming to our country and refusing to assimilate to our culture. America is a melting pot in that other cultures are to add to, not usurp our way-of-life and traditions. It is impossible to receive these new numbers of people with open arms into our society when we're busy shaking them with clenched fists at each other as it is.  Those seeking refuge from oppressive regimes bring the docile, beaten-down mentality of a politically corrupt and decadent people with them when they cross our borders under cover of darkness. The higher the numbers, the higher the probability our culture will come to mirror the one they fled. America does not need weak, compliant, ignorant welfare recipients added to our already dying system. We need courageous, highly moral and principled people who will fight til their last breath to return this country to its' former glory. I fear, though, too many of us have been hobbled through the inferior education afforded the lower and middle classes through the deliberate efforts of the upper class.

Make no mistake.... this is not a race war, it is a class war. This class war is comprised of people who believe they are special and have a right to rule - just like kings and queens, dictators and religious leaders, men of money and long lineages versus the little people. The poorest, the most down-trodden and forelorn who grapple for a living hand-to-mouth are the first to rise for they understand and feel the squeeze from above, first. The middle class looks on, still comfortable with full tummies in their warm beds and homes with their TVs and beer and wonder why they are coming under fire when it's government that's causing the problem. But, just as a spoiled child plays one parent against the other, the bought-and-paid-for-media have been busy painting Mary Jane and Johnny Joe with a black brush to take the heat off of the real enemy - the media's cronies - big business and big government.

We are not overpopulated, Big Business and Big Government has become overpopulated and is top heavy. So top heavy that all the ponzi schemes they've contrived and have had in play are not enough to feed the beast - they want it all! 

So...anyone who thinks that if they just mind their own business, don't bother anyone and dutifully pay their taxes that they will be left alone, is being like Chicken Little in the barnyard, calmly strolling under the haze of a chemtrail-filled sky breathing in diazepam who has decided that even though the sky is falling, it will somehow miss him.


Sexual roles in this country have gotten very askew in the last 70+ years or so. "Rosie the Riveter" got the job done at home during WWII and now Congress has decided that women need to go off to the front, as well.

Is it any wonder what with the focus taken away from "the family" as the hub of society and having been replaced with "one's career and income level" that men and women not only vie for jobs but for who should be the head of the household?

Why have a wife when you can have a "one night stand"? Why have a husband when you can earn more than a man? Why get married if you are two upwardly mobile professionals out to conquer the world?

With society in so much civil unrest, some women's vulnerability is beginning to show. That is to be expected because if one is honest, it is a rare woman that can physically compete with a man her own size. And now reality rears it's ugly head. Let's face it, we need each other but we've forgotten why....

In thinking this over more, I realized that it would be shortsighted of me to not mention the homosexual population and their relationship. But, then, I had never intended to go there because frankly I know so very little about them since I am not one of them. But, that isn't it, either. After talking it out, out loud, I realized that it had to do with how we all tend to discount other people and their intrinsic value.

We've become heartless when it comes to recognizing people's worth. It's the "what have you done for me lately" mindset that leads men's fancies to other skirts and women's eyes towards the pool boy. Don't know if this was a ground up or top down trend and frankly it doesn't matter. We are where we're at and not too many people are happy about it. Most are like frustrated, old bucks in the middle of the road during rut staring at the headlights coming at them.... and don't know what to do about it.

Classes, groups, teams, villages, governments, societies all remove culpability of "the individual" and are safe harbors when reality becomes too much to bear. But, like all safe havens that eventually become a self-imposed prison our chosen state-sanctioned Republic resplendent with the many icons set in stone in the Nation's Capitol has had it's feet-of-clay knocked out from under it. The people who make up the hallowed halls of Congress, The Supreme Court, The Presidency are all.....just men.

"All men lead lives of quiet desperation". 

I believe that is so only as long as they forget that their fellow human being has the same yearning for self-fulfillment and recognition of their worth without any strings attached.


​​​​​​​1776 Women

June 23, 2016

Back on the farm, toiling under the hot, midwest, summer sun, young people dreamed of the day when they could escape the tyranny of their parent's rule.  The day when they could flee to the big city and have a real life with fancy cars, nice clothes, high-paying jobs, night-clubbing it til the wee hours of the morning.

The Industrial Revolution brought new opportunities to leave the agrarian lifestyle to the forgotten past.  What the Industrial Revolution brought was everything the small-town hick was looking for.... and then some.  It brought a disposable attitude toward traditions; It brought a cavalier attitude toward people's feelings; It brought political correctness so that people crammed into the big cities like sardines might escape the reality that everyone is different and that we cannot all get along; It cast out independence and ushered in dependence; dependence on "the system".

Working for someone removes the risk involved of depending on the land to produce each year but automatically sets up a pyramid of how people are valued.  The guy runniing the show expects more value for his time and pays his employees less.  The bigger his operation gets, the higher his overhead and the less he's able to pay his employees.  So, in reality, working for someone else -  you perform the work, grow the business and absorb the risk because if his business starts to lose money, you'll get a pink slip but he'll still have his business.  He remains independent unless he was foolish and got himself into debt.

Working for someone else is like paying rent to a landlord your whole life.  You have nothing to fall back on workwise and you don't have a home to call your own.  
Most people today are unable to be independent.  Our educational system has failed to provide us with the knowledge we need to be self-sufficient.  If you didn't learn from your parents, then you are at a disadvantage.  If your parents had nothing to start you out, or were too selfish and shortsighted to understand the value of "inheritance" in the establishment of a successful family's lineage, then you're pretty much screwed.

If we want this country to thrive, we must understand that there are no shortcuts to wealth or independence.  We can't rely on someone else for a job; we cannot rely on someone else for food; we cannot rely on someone else to give us what we want.


1776 women·Saturday, April 2, 2016

Question: What’s the difference between the MSM and a “keyboard warrior”?

Answer: Absolutely nothing!

How did we become that which we looked upon with disdain? This has been on my mind. I’ve noticed a trend on my and other’s facebook posts - that is, posts that depict the ramifications of one’s indifferent actions and the consequences are not received very well, at all. Why?

This three-letter-word, “why” has been the question posed throughout my life that has made me an outcast of society. People who ask “why” want answers which many more-seasoned survivors have learned to stop asking. Why? 
Life, when lived to the fullest, takes it’s toll - like the song “Candle In The Wind” by Elton John. Others are drawn like a moth to the flame by magnetic personalities and then repelled because of the consequences of that magnetic attraction. These magnetic personalities are such because their souls continue to explore possibilities where others fear to tread and impart a glimmer of hope in the “dead-fish” eyes of the downtrodden. Seasoned magnets understand theiy have power over others but may not understand “why” unless they analyze.

Funny. Asking the question “why” gets you unmeaningly noticed by many, oftentimes by undesirable elements who wish to keep their actions covert. A candle shedding light upon men’s dark deeds has a tendency to get blown out sooner than later. That is the reason the faint-hearted give up the quest sooner than later; and, that is the reason why “the good die young”.

Evil kills innocence. Why? This begs the question: “What is evil”? Ever since Cain killed Abel, man has known innately what is evil. If what someone does is done in darkness (requires hiding) then it is evil. But, you say, what the NWO minions are doing is in plain sight; yes, that is true - but only after they did their dirty deeds clandestinely for over one hundred years. They believe that they are now great enough to escape consequences.

Evil increases with time. Why? Because nobody wants to accept responsibility for it. Everyone wants to blame somebody else, another group or circumstances beyond their control. Evil is self-perpetuating because of the inability to attribute blame with any undeniable accuracy; and because of this, a problem that is not identified cannot be solved.

Question: Why do people always want to kill the messenger?

Answer: Because if the messenger does not have a solution, all we’re left with is the problem.
Question: What is it that everyone wants to avoid?

Answer: Blame.

The MSM’s talking heads get paid a lot of money; keyboard warriors do not get paid. Does getting paid money or not getting paid money make a difference in the message? No, it doesn’t. We’ve been brainwashed into believing that making money for noble endeavors somehow cheapens intention; That is convoluted thinking. We’ve also been brainwashed into believing that not getting paid for an endeavor means that the activity is worthless. That also is convoluted thinking.

Because everyone is attempting to avoid blame, they also are more than willing to “pass it on” whenever possible. The messenger makes for an easy target. What really is required to solve every problem is thinking. How difficult is that? Very - Especially when society has been engineered to believe that questioning anything is a subversive act. With the advent of “political correctness” cognition becomes a revolutionary crime and those wishing to escape under-the-radar avoid it at all costs. There lies the conundrum.

If everyone avoids the onus of “blame” and “cognition” how can a problem be solved? It can’t without the unpleasantry of guilt. Are the MSM or the keyboard warriors responsible for correcting the world’s woes? I believe their sole function is to bring the light of truth to a world of hidden darness to a people doing their utmost to avoid the responsibility of moral judgement and the consequences moral deficiency brings.

The only conclusion that can be made is that everyone’s “avoidance of unpleasantries” makes them guilty of not identifying a problem that might be easily solved if only we understood the problem. In other words: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” takes on a whole new meaning of living each day conscientiously choosing right rather than wrong and good rather than evil to make a difference in a world run amuck.

We all are responsible to effect the change we want to see in society, in our country - not just politicians, not just journalists, not just clergy - all of us.

1776 WOMEN

Note: Sunday, May 8, 2016


Many "get-back-to-basics" millenials have adopted a live-and-let-live, non-threatening philosophy of a freedom-loving people. They believe (as I once did as a youngster) that society (older people) have it all wrong. They believe it is much simpler. Well, yes, it is; and, no, it isn’t.

Let's dissect this and find out how threatening this philosophy can ultimately be to one's survival. Taking only what one needs to survive seems fair. Doing this, there is plenty in nature for all (at least, that is, if what is currently available would still be available if people still produced at the current rate). It is my observation, that most people proposing this way of life also do not want to work a 9-5 life in the servitude of others and only get their 'basic' needs met. These same people believe they only need to work a couple hours a day and still have as much available for all to consume which is faulty thinking. It is faulty because inherent in this belief is the naive belief that everyone will cooperate willingly and fairly in a group effort. This philosophy also magically incorporates a philanthropic, unspoken addendum as to the support of the physically and mentally challenged, and the sick and dying without fully documenting how their existence will be assured. This philosophy also does not take into account all the greedy bastards who are not content with the status quo of living within their means but who have no qualms at all of, either through outright thievery, deceit or cunning, depriving others of their basic needs.

Our society eventually developed government agencies so that everyone didn't have to provide for their own safety, be it police, fire, sanitation, roads, water works, bridges, etc. for themselves 24-7. The government people providing these public services do not have time to ferret out a living for themselves because of their service to others; so, their needs also need to be supplied. Ask anyone who's working a couple of hours in the middle of the night if they think that working a couple of hours in the middle of the day balances out evenly. I know that answer. And, that is the reason money (as a trading medium) came into being. Some jobs are more inconvenient; some jobs are more physical; some jobs are more distasteful and require either shorter hours or more pay. Who decides the universal, equitable exchange of pay? Planning takes time; time is money. Time is our most valuable asset. Who pays for planning?

Living in a group (society, if-you-will) requires cooperation. The term anti-social has been misapplied to those who disagree with the majority as to how things "should be" run. Who decides what "should be" is and how is it decided? Voting? Who takes care of voting - who counts the votes - and most of all, look at the time taken in watching over the whole process to make sure that no one is cheating! Oh, you mean oversight is necessary?

I maintain that if oversight is necessary for success, maybe if we had been diligent in a citizen's duty to oversee our political process, we wouldn't be in the situation with which we now have to contend. Living with others takes a whole lot of upkeep. Ever expanding a locus of control from clan to clans, from clans to towns, from towns to counties, from counties to states, from states to countries, from countries to a North American Union or a European Union, to a NWO will not absolve anyone from staying vigilant in oversight of the political process to keep it honest and keep it a viable tool for peaceful co-existence.

I believe we are currently being threatened by the existence of an overbearing NWO because of man's inherent laziness that goes way back to an individual's reluctance to being responsible for himself. This reluctance, to fend for oneself, is what mankind is and has attempted to relegate to his "public servants". The "day of judgement" when one meets the Lord God of the Universe is what every man will face. Maybe if we face it here on earth, the final day of judgement will be a little easier.



1776 Women - Sunday, March 21, 2016


          "Oh, they wouldn't do that!" The refrain heard repeatedly by scoffers of truth. "Why would they deliberately pollute the land, food and water? They have to eat and drink it, too!"

          Well, I've finally answered the question to satisfy my curiosity; it's because we are the inner earth under a dome and the Antarctic is the topside where the elites have world treaties prohibiting the lowly citizen from entering and are stopped by military patrols.

The Hollow Earth Theory is not new; it’s been postulated for well over 100 years. In fact, “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” by Jules Verne was based upon it. But, of course, since “I’ve always got to be different” according to some people’s derisive remarks, there is an inverse way of looking at the situation which I’ve never heard to date.

First, take a good long look at the map above from the 1890’s. Okay. Now imagine that there is some credence to “The Hollow Earth Theory” and then add “The Flat Earth Theory” to that. And then.... take into account the Angels guarding the gates to “The Garden of Eden” and God’s Heavenly domain.

Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden: They weren’t flown out; They weren’t zapped out; They left on foot. I’ve often wondered about paintings depicting three levels of earth (in fact, I painted one myself in 2007 entitled: “The Grass Is Always Greener, Somewhere Over The Rainbow”; It was named this because I paint allegorically. Speaking of rainbows, after the flood God promised He would never again destroy the world via flood and He said that the “bow” in the sky was the reminder of this promise.

I’ve also wondered periodically about “The Tower of Babel” and what on earth could have possessed people to think that they could actually build a tower and reach God? It makes more sense when one considers that Heaven might be the topside of this planet and we are in the middle (hollow) earth.

The New Jerusalem - is in Heaven. It has already been prepared for us - remember Jesus told us that He goes to prepare a place for us there? Now read this:

Keep in mind that I’m not claiming that this is the truth. I’m presenting this as an alternative to what we have been taught for your consideration.



All the well-intentioned speeches by celebrities telling us we need to do something to save our planet just makes me angry. It is the huge industrial conglomerates polluting our eath. It is the logging industry cutting down our rain forests. It is the government chemtrail spraying our skies with aluminum, barium, cesium, iron and viruses and bacterium. Our government has an almost limitless supply of our money that they could have been throwing at wind, solar and wave energy since the early 70's but they chose to keep supporting their cronies in coal, gas and nuclear energy AND now FRACKING! Furthermore, as much as it pains me to say it, Lincoln was not the nice guy everyone thinks he was. 

Listen to this: 

It's no one's fault that they were misled, but it is your fault if you fail to look at all the evidence (not just the feel-good, green-peace, we-can-still-save-our-plant pablum meant to lull us into an ill-justified sense of control). I hate that now, at almost 66-years-old I am spending what precious time I have left trying to educate people who choose not to see or listen to truth but as someone who loves God and His creation it is my duty to leave this planet in responsible hands; and, that can only happen if people are told truths.

Our country didn't get to where it's at overnight. Pretty songs, peaceful demonstrations, wearing pink ribbons, well-spoken platitudes, running marathons, or toting guns and bad-ass attitudes do not make a difference. Making a difference takes years of introspection, personal improvement and hard work in order to redirect the path of a Nation. There are no shortcuts.

It is important that the youth of today get involved in our political process. But, in my opinion, encouragement does not entail giving false hope and supporting the pipe dream that what the world is facing can be fixed in short order. The education of the youth of today has been filled with false information, empty promises and encouragement based upon nothing whatsoever. My goal is to give a much needed dose of reality.

If a little verbal warning and discouragement can stop the youth of today, then the world is doomed. What we all are facing is evil incarnate and will take a renewal of basic values that this country left behind in the post WWII era. The 50's still had some of what I'm referring to but your generation (the millennials) have no idea how the innocence of this nation was stolen.

The evil we are facing has no mercy, is devoid of any semblance of humanity. It will take more strength than we mere humans have therefore we must put on the armour of God - we must think like our enemy thinks, we must not hesitate to kill our enemy when he threatens our loved ones. This fight is not for the weak or simple-mnded. This fight will not be fought and won by following THEIR rules that they have created for us but do not follow themselves.

YOU and your generation need the life-worn, embittered knowledge that the older, more seasoned generation has to offer. YOU and your generation need to listen. You may have the stronger body, but we've been there and know what has failed.  
Every single item that I first mentioned (above) has been used by "the establishment" to manipulate the naive into going-back-to-sleep, knee-jerking them into stupidly reacting and to foment revolution. There are forces (Bolsheviks) in this country using tactics that have been used throughout the ages to foment revolutions so that they may come into power. Question everything. Nothing (even alternative media) is as it appears. Nothing gets out to the public unless they want it out. Those who are a threat are punished (targeted) and if they cannot be stopped via agents provocateur (look up targeted individuals - of which I am one), they will be killed. I've been dealing with this harsh truth for over 20 years now. It has destroyed my life. I know of what I speak. Listen. This is not a walk in the park.

I am the least of the obstacles that you will encounter in the fight to get our country back should you decide to continue. I just happen to think that you should walk into this path with your eyes wide open knowing that it may take your WHOLE life and still you may never see your dream of freedom come to fruition.

Nation’s Rights
1776 women·Thursday, January 4, 2016

This all began in researching the subject of citizens: natural born vs native born. In so doing, I discovered many inconsistencies. One goes back to words being supplanted by words of the current venacular (which usually changes the whole meaning of a written document). The difference between The Torah and The Talmud is a good example along with the differences between the Teachings of Mohammed and The Koran. In the first case, “The Torah” being the actual “Word of God” and “The Talmud” being the oral interpretation of “The Word of God; and in the later case with “The Teachings of Mohammed” being the oral version and “The Koran” being the written remembrance of “Mohammed’s Teachings.” In the first case, The Torah is sacrosanct law unadultered by man’s interpretation due to a higher rate of literacy vs The Koran being the story of the prophet Mohammed’s Teachings via memory or storytelling to a far-removed audience open to interpretation.

What this all boils down to is The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Bible, The Torah, The Koran and all historical documents seem to be subject to interpretation dependent on the interpreter’s allegiance or agenda. Hence, the adage: “Follow the Benjamens”. It also explains how some people reading The Torah take the word literally and it explains how some Muslims say that their faith is a “religion of peace.” Legislators pick and choose today rather than follow the Constitution while some Jews prefer to follow The Talmud to avoid the authoritarian doctrine they choose to ignore. And, there are those radical Muslims that favor the more radical of precepts presented in The Koran. Many people today avoid the inconvenient choices that morality dictates which is why there is much disagreement when there should not be any, particularly when it comes to legal documents or moral decisions.

Legal documents are composed by lawyers who use specific words as to be clear or they use ambiguous words specifically so as to skew the meaning and intent to produce the desired result of “more work for them in the future.” Which brings me back to my original purpose of “why now?”

Why now in history is the issue of native born vs natural born of paramount importance?; In one word: sovereignty. In case anyone isn’t familiar with how governments work because you don’t happen to own enough to be a target.... yet, you need to look at what’s been done to the first “natural born” natives (and many inhabitants of other nations) at the hands of governmental opportunists and their hired goons.

In 1887 President Grover Cleveland signed the Dawes Severalty Act into law. The act split up reservations held communally by Native American tribes into smaller units and distributed these units to individuals within the tribe. This law changed the legal status of Native Americans from tribal members to individuals subject to federal laws and dissolved many tribal affiliations. The President led the Indians to believe that he was ensuring the productive interests of each individual, when in fact, it was a trap that created “a contract” with stipulations on retaining their reservations “en toto.” Much like all of the licenses of today that turn a right into a privilege, the Dawes Severalty/General Allotment Act constituted a huge blow to tribal sovereignty.

The Civil War was fought to suppress and ultimately eradicate the idea of State sovereignty.

“A man convinced against his will…is not convinced.” – Laurence J. Peter

There are those in Congress that would have you believe that if an item isn’t specifically mentioned in the Constitution, then it’s open to interpretatation. When in fact, the ONLY duties of the federal government are the “specific” ones listed and NOTHNG else! Members of Congress have used the Interstate Commerce Clause to grab power away from the people and the States. The Tenth Article in The Bill of Rights is very clear: ANYTHING NOT MENTIONED is left to the people and/or The States.

So, we’re back to the beginning, so to speak; If individual States are not sovereign and the federal government is king; and if a foreigner can become President of The United States, what’s to keep him from handing all of the non-sovereign States over to The United Nations?

We’ve had 229 years under The Constitution and look at where we started, what we’ve become, and are now being turned into. The question of an Article V Constitutional Convention has been raised. What do you think the chances are that this out-of-control Congress and Federal Government will allow its’ Colonies the freedom to choose their own destinies? After investigating the matter (look at “Article V Convention” series reposted on this site), the only conclusion that I arrive at on how to proceed to get The Fed back under control is that NULLIFICATION is the only way to go.

1776 Women
NOTES - October 10, 2016
The movement to outsource jobs and create Corporate farms in America as a way to produce more food for less is a covert, methodical endeavor to establish America (once again) as the breadbasket of the world; This time we will be using immigrants, refugees, prison inmates and jobless Americans as the unpaid workforce on what is known as kibbutzim. 

The idea of a commune or communal living generally is embraced by the vigorous young who's earning power might be limited because of the policies adopted by the members of the Politburo (I mean Congress) in Washington, D.C. "Just getting by" gets really old as one ages but by then if all you have are rudimentary farming skills and the shirt on your back, it's difficult to effect a change in one's living arrangements. 
To all those who never had the opportunity that the pre-1960's afforded Americans in the way of Free Market Enterprise, living a self-directed life with limitless choices in Free Market Capitalism is what made life worth living, and I might add, made this country GREAT! 

The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 was convened under the auspices of amending the Articles of Confederation, not to write The Constitution. In particular, there were three main issues that needed to be addressed: 1) Trade between the several States; 2) Provide for the National defense; and, 3) The payment of debts from the War for Independence from The Crown. (one other point: Presidents were elected for one year only up to that point and there were complaints that because of this, they couldn't get anything done - what it was that they wanted to do is what we've been dealing with since).

The Articles of Confederation were an agreement between the States; they were not an agreement between the people, the States and the Federal Government which created a hierarchy. While under the Articles of Confederation, the process amending the Articles entailed convening a Convention, formulating the Amendments, and then it was required that they be unanimously ratified by each State's Legislature. (Under The Constitution, that process was altered - which was the 1st nail in the coffin of The Republic).

The States under The Articles of Confederation were autonomous with the Federal Government acting only to deal with very specific and limited issues. The Constitution changed all that.

From ratification of the Constitution to sometime in the 1840's, Congress met briefly once a year to address pressing issues. Members of Congress also did not receive any remuneration for so doing. Sometime in the 1840's the Congressional Hall got heat installed and THAT is when they planted themselves into those Halls and in our minds as permanent employees with rights.

It should be noted that it took less than 20 years for them to initiate the liquidation of State's Rights and the practice of perpetual wars (with the aid of "The General Welfare" and "The Commerce" clauses).

We do not want anarchy! We do not want the Constitution!

(1776 women - notes) 8/31/16

On Anarchy.....
Up until a few days ago when I was called a communist for objecting to usury because "moral relativism" has no place in a free market society, I was beginning to see some merit in it. However, the more I ruminated on what a country of Rockefellers and Rothschilds would actually be like to live in, I realized it would be a country filled with cut-throat, bottom-line opportunists with no compassion or sense of responsibility, whatsoever. Their response to this argument is "oh, but a free market would put these people out of business, blah, blah, blah...." I guess they would have a way of getting the truth out, eh? How? The press? Run by who? And, you think that they couldn't be paid off in a society without "moral relativism"?

How can I say this? I can postulate whatever I want because these idiots promoting this nonsense run around and repeat the same fairytale-like visions of the future that their guru-in-charge, Larkin Rose and his ilk, present without regard for why governments were founded in the first place. Our country's morals are nearly non-existent; if they weren't, we be tar-and-feathering each and every congressman and woman in D.C. for waging wars for profit and slaughtering innocent people around the world. The anarachist's vision of a perfect world with nice, moral people will have to be in Narnia because it certainly cannot exist here in America, until and unless people in this country begin using "moral relativism" in their day-to-day dealings.

Furthermore, what pompous, authoritarian decided that moral relativism is a nonsequitur? 

This is beginning to look like a cult....wait. No. It's beginning to look a lot like Bolshevism. Look it up, if you're interested.

P.S.  Many today are using terms interchangeably and have no idea what they mean, carrying on arguments thinking they are intellectuals when, in fact, they are only exposing their ignorance.  

Truth is truth;  Winning doesn't mean you're right; and, Morals are not up for debate.

1776 women - February 7, 2016 (altered)

READ THIS and decide if it's more than the President and Congress that are totally out-of-control and subverting the law of the land - THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Changes made by the Supreme Court to Obamacare:

69.) The individual mandate made a tax: The court also decided that violating the law’s mandate that Americans must purchase government-approved health insurance would not produce a “penalty,” as stated in the legislation, but rather would result in individuals’ paying a “tax.” Paying a tax would make it, legally speaking, optional for people to comply and therefore would not violate the U.S. Constitution. (June 28, 2012)

"It was important to Roberts that this made it look as though Congress was really anticipating that a number of people would opt to pay the fee rather than pay health insurance," said Christina Ho, assistant professor at Rutgers School Law in Newark. Because the IRS is limited in its enforcement capacity, the fine constitutes "a tax rather than something that’s explicitly designed to criminalize or stigmatize someone who doesn’t pay," she said. The government could not place a lien on a property but could withhold tax refunds for those who don’t pay the fine."

"...Roberts agreed with his conservative colleagues that Congress lacks the power under the Constitution’s commerce clause to put the mandate in place, "what’s left is the taxing and spending power. At its basic level, he needed to characterize it that way in order to find it constitutional,"

"In the dissent, Scalia1 says this is horseshit. The law itself repeatedly calls it a penalty, it's not primarily designed to raise revenue, and it is plainly designed to punish people who decline to buy insurance. "We cannot rewrite the statute to be what it is not," Scalia says. "We have never held—never—that a penalty imposed for violation of the law was so trivial as to be in effect a tax. We have never held that any exaction imposed for violation of the law is an exercise of Congress’ taxing power—even when the statute calls it a tax, much less when (as here) the statute repeatedly calls it a penalty."

The Supreme Court does not "rule" it gives "opinions" regarding constitutionality of laws.  Any ignoramus knows the difference between a penalty and a tax.  The idea that the Supreme Court can "rule" that the non-mandate tax is not a penalty is (in my opinion) criminal AND unconstitutional.  Aside from this, to think that the Supreme Court can give an unbiased opinion in a politically-charged federal case is ludicrous.  Additionally, this direct taxpayer funding of a non-mandated law is a subversion of The Separation of Powers Act removing The House of Representatives power of the purse to defund the law.

If you do your homework, you will discover that aside from the fact that The Supreme Court's opinion on this "so-called" unconstitutional law is a tax, this law was not rewritten, reintroduced as a (how is a law not a mandate?) tax (how is a tax only levied on only a select few?) and passed in both the House and Senate as such?  This non-mandate, non-law, non-penalty, non-tax is more "color-of-law crap foisted upon the diminishing middle-class of America.


P.S.  Additionally, since the ridiculous opinion by the supreme court was handed down, this legislation has been altered multiple times by the most-high king himself...multiple times via "his pen."  - Constitutional Republic - MY ASS!

​​​​​​​​​​Friday, May 27, 2016

I had a religious crisis while in massage school because, along with the curriculum, a philosophy similar to budhism (along with an anti-Christian textbook) was presented for our consumption via a "wellness" class. It just so happened that around the same time I happened to catch a documentary re: the religious beliefs in China and how they were deliberately replaced to expedite a politically-desired transformation in their culture to cause division (order out of chaos theory). To think that religious ideas magically changed without political pressures in the past strictly because of the lack of mass media denies the power of social pressure placed upon the populace via outside influence and manipulation. When a regime wishes to control and change the fabric of a nation, every tenet held as truth of that target nation comes under attack beginning with the religious beliefs held by the majority. The change from Confuscianism to Taoism to Buddhism was deliberately put into play by those wishing regime change. So, too, today with attacks on Catholicism and Christianity.. Christianity is really a mishmosh of pagan Roman beliefs and a bastardized version of Judaism (Bablyonian beliefs and practices). Currently, the move is to incorporate all of the organized religions into one universal religion in order to bring about the NWO.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​WILL WE NEVER LEARN?
1776 women·Sunday, February 28, 2016

It’s predawn on Sunday morning and I’ve just spent the last 3-1/2 hours looking up and viewing the best antiwar music videos on youtube. The waste is really getting to me. The waste of time educating people who should understand that government and freedom do not go hand-in-hand is so unbelievably apparent to me, and yet there are those that will argue the issue.

First of all, there is no valid argument that counters the fact that to be governed (ruled or controlled) demands a loss of freedom. What people are arguing about is the degree of control government should have compared to the degree of control the people should retain. This is the crux of the problem.

There are many different forms of government that have been tried since the beginning of time and they have ALL failed to satisfy ALL men equally. The logical conclusion is that no government is the best decision; however, as with every form of government conceived by man, as it turns out, no government is also an ideological “ism” that being “anarchism” which also is not achievable.

WHY? - you may ask. It’s simple, really - The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride (aka: vanity) - belief in one's own abilities rather than an individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise (hence, Lucifer’s fall from grace). Envy - the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation. Gluttony - an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. Lust - an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. Anger (aka: wrath) - to spurn love and opt instead for fury. Greed (aka: Avarice or Covetousness) - desire for material wealth or gain at the expense of the spiritual. Sloth - the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

So, you ask - “how does this solve anything.” Answer: “It doesn’t.” It helps identify the problem which is the first step in solving it.

My answer (and God’s [by the way] is humility. In looking up the meaning (according to the Bible - which [even if you do not believe in God] has a lot of wise teachings, I came across this link:

and rather than condense what it said or blatantly plagarize the text, you can read it by clicking on the link. After having done so, you will be ready to follow the rest of my reasoning.

It began with Adam and Eve’s fall and banishment from Heaven for not obeying God and then continued through their progeny with Cain killing Abel. Deuteronomy Chapter 28: 1-68

 explains the effects of not living a righteous life where you fail to follow the prime directive of “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:2-3, and to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  Let’s not forget the cautionary statement of: “Pride cometh before the fall” (as happened with Lucifer).

It’s as my husband, Tim, is so fond of saying: “the problems of the world are due to a lack of God and His principles.” God is pure Love; if the world is to be free from strife we must cast aside sin (as mentioned above) and adopt a humble countenance understanding that all gifts are from God and it is no man’s place to think you deserve more, desire or steal another’s gifts, consume more than you require, have ridiculous expectations of physical opulence, be furious over what your neighbor has and you do not, put aside morals for material gain or wealth, or think that God will provide everything your heart desires without effort put forth by you. All strife is caused because of ridiculous expectations coupled with the incorporation of “the seven deadly sins.”  
WAR - what it is we do it for?​​


(every question & every link followed in order is key)

Question: When did Israel become a State?
Question:How much money do we send Israel each year?
listen to this:

Who's behind the inception of the United Nations?

And, realize this:The United States and every country that becomes a member of the United Nations signs onto its' policies which circumvent the laws of the sovereign member's nation.

Zionism is not a religion - it's political(who are members of the movement)?
Muslim is a religion and also a political ideology.

Zionists and Muslims have been at odds for centuries. (or have they?)
Why have we become embroiled in their wars?
....and why are we and every other country taking in muslim refugees?

In order to answer these and many more questions, you MUST read and understand the following to know that all of the naive nations are being played as though they were parents of the "worst seed in history"

when you understand, you will see that the roots of the NWO have always had the goal of conquering the world

For more information:​                ​​​​

An Activist’s Story
1776 women·Sunday, December 27, 2015

Oppressed people are not born, they are created. Downtrodden people make a choice: fight back, become invisible or cower in fear . In my case, I chose all three in reverse order. Rather than go into what should only be relegated to a psychiatrist’s couch or a confessional, I will begin by saying that as soon as I registered to vote and took an interest (albeit fleeting) in political matters, I recognized that politics and politicians were no different from things I had recognized in other areas of life. Power, self-interested greed and ego were the primary motivating forces behind all things political.

I noticed that “the true objectives of the movers and shakers” were pitted against the “wishes of the American people” by Congress. It was so apparent to me that I (for the life of me) couldn’t understand how nobody else saw it. I see now that it was because I was “an observer” who had “cowered in fear” as a child, moved to the aura of enlightened “invisibility” as a teenager and was now moving on toward full-fledged “rebel without a cause” as an adult. Rights of passage such as graduation, driver’s license, working for a living and moving away from home bring with them a newfound feeling of independence that can cause one to venture outside the acceptable realm of possibilities.

Hopefully, the indocrination received during one’s childhood will keep them safe during this “spreading your wings” stage. Boundaries are tested and experimentation into alternative lifestyles are ventured into with subsequent divergent ideas dissimilar to familial teachings. This is the time in life when your true personality begins to flourish. Those who get caught up in booze, drugs, or other diversions during this time stunt their growth and can get left behind if they languish for too long a period. Otherwise, incorporating your talents and following your dreams take each on a personal journey of self-discovery.

On this journey it is a foregone conclusion that one will notice the gross inconsistencies between what was learned in school regarding society and the reality one faces on a day-to-day basis. Tim, my husband, would refer to this as the difference in perspectives of the white-collar “bean counters” and the blue-collar “slug-in-the-muds” that get the job done; or, better said: Theory vs Reality. Perhaps this is the reason why countries are so messed up.

Federal Government jobs were not meant to be full-time positions when they started out. The elected men only conducted business on a set schedule (which is why “Executive Orders” were the exception back-in-the-day: so that any dire business could be taken care of when Congress was not in session). The Congressmen had other means of earning a living which included living by the same laws that they passed for the rest of us. Now that the people running the country are no longer gainfully employed in the private sector and forced to knuckle under to the restrictive laws and taxation they foist upon the rest of us, they have become unreasonable, overbearing tyrants who are out-of-touch with the men they govern.

That’s all for now. How I woke up in the mid-80’s is meant for another time because reality beckons and I must return to the responsibility of every-day life and get the dinner on the table.

P.S. In reading this again, I realized that another response to tyranny had been omitted by me; oftentimes those who are oppressed and too weak to rebel become angry and adopt tyranny’s methods as their own.

"I love you" should really be

"I see you"

"I accept you"
"I cherish you"

. . . . . . no matter what.


"Is Nationalism A Bad Thing?"

I believe problems arise because people (individuals) lack boundaries and do not understand the NAP. I also believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with Nationalism. I believe the problems arise when people can be herded into doing things that they wouldn't ordinarily do in the "name of Nationalism". Nationalism connotes pride in one's country and an enduring faithfulness and loyalty to keep the values (originally Christian) of which this Country was founded above reproach. With the decline of Christianity in this country and around the world, people's sense of right and wrong have been discarded. That is sad because one's morals should not be dependent upon one's religion but rather be hinged on a philosophy which encompasses sound reasonings behind the moral code and conduct. The imagined problem of Nationalism is (in my opinion) a lack of thoughful introspection on what a healthy society might look like and how it may be achieved. If you reduce the concept of "Nationalism as a flaw" to it's lowest common denominator you end up with the concept that having pride in anything or anyone is excusionary much like the "common core" concept being adopted in public schools to avoid hurting some dumb ass's feelings or some ugly duckling's self-image because he's not as smart or not as attractive as everyone else. Yes, this is reductive absurdism but it is such to present my point that it is already taking place and that by supporting the idea that Nationalism is bad only adds to the problem.

​​​​Friday, May 27, 2016

Thirty-three years ago I took Psychology 101 at a community college in Illinois. The reason? I was raising my children and had serious questions about parenting techniques. The main question that was plaguing me at the time were these: When does motivation become manipulation? And, are both bona fide parenting tools?

I can't say that taking this class and the follow-up class of Child Psychology was really any help. The conclusion I came to was that asking these questions (and many more) was what was most important. Because, to ask these questions meant that I was making a concerted effort at consciously participating in the effort rather than thinking they would raise themselves or that their teachers would do that for me.

I also cannot say that I was a successful parent; I don't know if anyone really can. I can say that I made a plethora of mistakes, though (just as my own parents did). And, of course, if you ask my children they would probably say that their parents were not very good at it.

The next question is: previous generations did not seem to reap the castigation of their offspring as do the parents of today (but they also ruled with an iron fist); so, is it that by questioning ourselves we open the door for their retaliatory accusations? Or, is it that because we questioned ourselves, we somehow conveyed our own insecurities which had an unsettling affect in their maturation process that they now feel that their inadequacies are our fault?

Okay...what prompted this query? The current economy, child labor laws, common core, and the subject of minimum wage. The only thing I know about economics is that you cannot spend more money than you make indefinitely, without consequences, unless you happen to be a banker or a member of the ruling class (or someone under their protection)...or a thief (oh, but I repeat myself).

Public education does not prepare anyone for life. Without a good education, your options for steady, gainful employment are few unless you are willing to do "anything" for "anyone". In addition to a lack of education is the conundrum of there not being enough jobs to go around that will support oneself. Minimum wage jobs are even few for the recent graduate due to a deficit of higher paying jobs for the over-qualified who are now their competition. 

Where am I going with this? I didn't know until just now. The whole issue of minimum wage is only an issue because government has overstepped it boundaries. In fact, what I see is that most people don't even know what boundaries are, nowadays. And, if they do, those boundaries are not respected. In fact, the whole concept of that word: "respect" has gone by the wayside (at least in this country).

I'm talking about standards. Americans once had standards that were instilled (or beaten) into them by the authority figures in their lives. Authority figures got to be authority figures because of their diligence in improving themselves and becoming leaders in their communities. Our leaders commanded respect because they treated others with respect and did not tolerate a lowering of standards. They understood the concept of leading by example.

Used to be people understood the difference between demanding and earning respect. Most shunned those that "demanded" respect and only offered it to those that "earned" it. With Common Core, mediocrity is rewarded; individuality, excellence, and the success that comes with it is punished via higher taxes and more government controls. Our leaders today are devoid of honor, intelligence, trustworthyness and integrity tempered with the compassion necessary to lead a nation.

Post World War II entitlement programs began the increasing trend of accepting handouts from the government in the form of social security, VA benefits, government civil service jobs, welfare, public housing and buying on credit, People's greed and feelings of entitlement were fed by the programming on the television sets which were fast becoming a household necessity. Equal pay for equal work, EEOC, NAACP, women's rights, sexual revolution, gay rights, handicap rights, senior rights, transgender rights, minority rights and illegal aliens' rights are programs meant to create tolerance where none exists.

"What people often mean by getting rid of conflict is getting rid of diversity, and it is of utmost importance that these should not be considered the same. We may wish to abolish conflict, but we cannot get rid of diversity…Fear of difference is fear of life itself." – Mary Parker Follett

This country before our Constitution and our current political system was a land full of diversity unfettered by laws except for the colonies. If government, leaders, authorities, employers take away incentives to improve ourselves via legislation (no matter which population you belong to) we abolish the very incentives needed to effectively overcome discrimination of any kind. It is only because we struggle to overcome that the values necessary to create a cohesive nation of diverse cultures can come to fruition and thrive. Force used to create change is never the answer. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

Children, cultures and governments are like eco-systems in that to meddle in one aspect without consideration for the whole and your continued part in it is short-sighted. "Don't start something you can't finish." We're al in this together and unless we come to grips with that, we are doomed. What we become as a nation cannot be legislated, it comes with hard work, unity, love, compassion, understanding and vigilence in protecting the common values of truth, justice, honor and integrity.

It's not the destination that's important, it's the journey that makes you who you become.

1776 women - February 14, 2016

Black Ops & UFO's
The following information is gleaned from a UFO website. While I have a passing interest in this subject, the focus of this research is the military industrial complex and secret government ops which have negatively impacted the inhabitants of this country - The USA. Back in the early 2000's I was gardening in my frontyard when I had the urge to look up; and there, above me, was a black, triangular aircraft hovering silently about 30 feet over my head. Only recently have I voiced the concern outloud that while I remember looking up and wondering "what the hell?", I do not remember seeing it leave or what happened afterward.

See: http://www.rense.com/general51/TRI.HTM 

The UFO website is: http://www.aliendave.com/index.html

After glossing over this site, I remembered reading about this: "What exactly is the NSA building in Utah?" found here: http://www.marketplace.org/2012/03/27/tech/what-exactly-nsa-building-utah


"NSA's Utah Home Is A 1.5 Million Square Foot 'Spy Center"

found here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/13/nsa-utah_n_3434175.html

.............................. http://www.aliendave.com/Photos_Skywatch_UTTR_72204.html "

...the 'Dugway Lights'. rumoured code words from Predator to Pegasus keep popping up. ... a smaller ground version ....When aimed and focused into a large hostile crowd and fired, the resulting effect is an immediate immobilization of the crowd. Of course, the case study's have not concluded if any after effect's or injuries remain to those in the crowd. ......cannot see how this weapon can be used without causing some sort of blindness due to the intense light that you may have witnessed."

.............................. http://www.aliendave.com/UUFOH_TheNewArea51.html

DUGWAY - THE NEW AREA 51! DUGWAY PROVING GROUND ONE of THe SCaRieST PLaCeS oN EaRTH! At present, Dugway Proving Ground encompasses 798,855 acres. Its one of America's largest and most secretive military bases, Having currently 30 military contractors on site.

............................. Inside the secret labs at Dugway is a deep-freeze treasure trove of deadly agents, dubbed Pandora’s Icebox. "Numerous UFOs have been seen and reported in the area in and around Dugway," Most of the disks, black triangles, orange spheres, flying wings and manta ray-shaped objects must be secret military aircraft "Little is said about what missions are performed at the 80,000-acre Army base in the middle of Utah's desert. Dugway sits about 80 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. That secluded, distant location and the secretive nature of its missions are both reasons Dugway often is ignored when BRAC is discussed in Utah." "A likely location for any secret military activity would be at Dugway Proving Grounds west of Salt Lake City near the Nevada border. The facility has very tight security and comes alive at night with all kinds of strange lights. The black triangles seen in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico would be more likely to come from such a facility. However, the facility is visible from nearby hills, although it takes a strong telescope to see much of the nearly 800,000 acres. Dugway Proving Ground's official mission is chemical and biological weapons defense and it is under control of the Army's Developmental Test Command."

.............................. Dugway Lost Time 1998 Report Of Missing Time Encountered Near Skull Valley, Utah Secret Dugway Role May Expand The U.S. Air Force is considering Dugway Proving Ground as a launch site for testing new ultra-fast space jets, but federal lawmakers say that is not the motivation behind a proposal to expand the secretive Army compound in Utah's west desert. ... the Army wants more room at the 800,000-acre bioweapons research and testing site to add a training ground for military counterterrorism operations. -- 1/18/2005

.............................. Army Tests Ravaged Family's Land deseretnews.com Hundreds of thousands of people were used as radiological, chemical and biological test subjects .N Exposure to germ tests extensive, Exposure to agents was widespread, GAO report says, - documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, show that thousands of open-air trials occurred in Utah with chemical, biological and radiological weapons, often upwind from populated areas. "hundreds of radiological, chemical and biological tests were conducted in which hundreds of thousands of people were used as test subjects." By Lee Davidson - Deseret News.

Your Life As A Human Test Subject - Chemtrails MAP - DUGWAY Proving grounds  http://home.attbi.com/~kknowlto/images/dpgmap.gif

PHOTO OF DUGWAY DUGWAY ACCESS ROAD 40 Years of Government Sponsored Ecological Terrorism   http://www.gulfwarvets.com/greely.htm

............................. DUGWAY PROVING GROUND THE NEW GROOM LAKE? Invisible Government in Western America! DOMINION OF DESERET The Utah Connection US Has Been Spraying/Open Air Testing On Its Citizens For 50 Years Open Air Testing With Simulated Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents -

............................. DUGWAY INVOLVEMENT GULF WAR ILLNESS IN UTAH? Deseret News Sunday, January 12, 1997 Group says that chemical weapons incinerator could produce similar symptoms

DUGWAY ACCIDENT IN 1968 INSPIRED THE BOOK "THE STAND," BY STEPHEN KING: Stephen King , known horror author was once asked where he got the idea for his book The Stand, King commented that he was inspired to write the apocalyptic thriller about a contagious disease after he had heard about an accident near the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah: In 1968, approximately 6,400 sheep died following the intentional release of a deadly nerve gas from a plane. According to a veterinarian who evaluated the sick and dying sheep, there was little doubt that the sheep had been poisoned with nerve gas. The sheep and other animals in the area had depressed cholinesterase levels, suggesting organophosphate nerve poisoning. Initially, the Department of Defense denied any responsibility for the accident, stating that the sheep died from organophosphate pesticides sprayed on a nearby alfalfa field. However, the nerve agent VX was identified when the poisoned sheep were autopsied, which made it clear that pesticides did not cause the deaths. Eventually, the Department of Defense reimbursed the ranchers for their animals.

Going Along to Get Along
1776 women·Saturday, January 9, 2016

I was accused of never finishing what I started a long time ago by someone close to me. Come to find out, we had different expectations and ideas about life. I believe that one should only follow the path of least resistance and master that with which he is talented and has an affintity because the effort to success ratio is higher. In that respect, I admire Steven Segal’s martial art form of Aikido, as it “goes with the flow” rather than fight it. However, at the time this criticism was offered, he was under the mistaken belief that he knew better than I did because of his “higher” education.

Now that I am advanced in years, I snicker at the term “higher” education. It has been my experience that those (and this by all admissions is a gross generality) people most intent on papering their home offices with titled degrees from accredited universities ceased learning with the latest framed document adorning their walls. I have a high regard for those that love learning and who respectfully challenge their own ideas and others. These are the intellectuals with and from whom I wish to converse and learn. That, though, is considered by many to be a rebellious act unto itself; challenging schooled authorities grounded in the belief that their degrees prove “they know best” is throughly frowned-upon in an authoritarian society bent on controlling information and the lowly, unprivileged masses.

Unlearning societal dictates such as “we all have to get along”, which at first sounds logical but is far from practical, is surmountable. Nobody is going to get along with everybody except for someone who is so needy that they will accept whatever treatment others are likely to toss at them. How did the people of America become such docile human sponges to accept the belief that logic could be discarded in order to be accommodating? “If you don’t know where to start, go back to the beginning.”

Assembly lines, when you think about it, are one of the most belittling jobs a worker can endure; Leave it to a wealthy Industrialist like Henry Ford to come up with the concept. Compartmentalization of jobs may be cost-effective and an efficient use of human resources, but the more narrow the job, the more replaceable the person. I maintain these were the beginnings of our current attitudes of easily disposable people. While I don’t think of people as disposable, I also do no adhere to the belief that we can all get along.

Now, well into the “information/silicon age”, factory jobs are a way of life for many in the post-industrial revolution who were less industrious or less advantaged by birth or IQ. These people understand their station-in-life and the economic hardships that many of us can only imagine (that is, if we bother to take the time). Those with traits more suited to today’s technology or more financially advantaged and blessed by birth and higher IQ aspire to more lofty lifestyles and goals. Along with all this loftiness comes guilt at being more privileged and “above” the “ordinary” blue-collar people; this is where the new privileged adopt their lofty ideas promoting the condescending and arrogant posture of “can’t we all just get along?” (blink, blink....lofty, condescending, arrogant?) Yes! Think about it!

“Can’t we all just get along” is a dismissive remark geared at terminating a discussion, a debate, or an argument. It is a remark a person, who has no justification left to state, makes to shut others up and change the subject. Funny, the well-to-do adopt this all-tolerant, public attitude of charity and acceptance of those less fortunate, while using the tolerant, politically-correct term of “can’t we all just get along?” I learned that tolerating new people in my life with whom I have nothing in common only serves to irritate me and waste my time and theirs. There are no negative judgements involved, whatsoever; just a statement of fact.

So, getting back to the choice of pursuing that with which you have innate talent vs. challenging yourself by banging your head against the wall and pursuing an unachieveable goal, I have this to say: I will choose the path of least resistance; I will choose to associate with people with whom I have something in common; I will choose to succeed. That is not small-minded; that is not self-limiting; that is not stupid. That is open-minded; that is expanded consciousness; that is intelligent.

Choosing to not “go along to get along” is what a thinking person chooses to do.
But, that's my decision; you can do with your time anything you want.

Witnessing all of the corruption in every level of government along with the consolidation of assets being sold to foreign interests and the total disregard for Constitutional law, the only conclusion I can come to regarding the shadow government is that we have already suffered a military coup.

Think about it: the majority of money being spent goes toward the military industrial complex; Blackwater operatives (guns-for-hire) run the wars, receiving the lion's share of wages for their efforts; everyone who's anyone in Congress are busy selling off portions of our country to China and Russia; we've been running military drills on our soil with Chinese and Russian troops; and, China and Russia have gone off the dollar as reserve currency.

Who else but the military could keep every facet of the government under their control?


I just happened upon this information:

Project Brainstorm was a project developed by the pre-War U.S. military at the Pentagon. Its overall objective was to 'brainstorm' the American people in order to get increased political support for the Great War.

The Induced Patriotism Initiative was the so-called "flagship" of Project Brainstorm. Its goal was to 'induce patriotism' as part of the 'brainstorming' of the Americans. This usually took the form of "overt and covert messages of extreme patriotism and loyalty", planted by anonymous 'agents' into "popular media; from the big screen to the Sunday funnies." Other areas of influence included the music industry, organized sports, toys and comics, the latter which got the name "Tales from the Front".

I'm bringing  this to your attention because, well...I've thought of this before and, I've not addressed it yet.

My concern is that by writing all of these notes and publishing them here that I might be furthering the cause of the NWO by stirring up the masses into a patriotic frenzy.  Are we, even though the last thing we want is a revolution, because of naivete, being used to further an agenda to promote an uprising  so that martial law or UN troops might be brought in to restore the peace?

To set the record straight, this needs to be said:

"Neither my husband, Tim, nor I believe that an armed revolution will result in anything positive.  An armed revolution will succeed in destroying any semblance left of a "free America".  An armed revolution will guarantee that peace will elude us in our lifetimes because a country this vast and bountiful will be ripe for the picking; and believe you me, there will be plenty of foreign pickers poised to come and harvest what's left."

We do know that "something(s)" need to be done; however, neither do we have the power to institute the changes that we would like to see, nor do we claim to speak for anyone other than ourselves.  If this is too namsy-pamsy for any of you more militant readers, oh well.  In addition to this, I do not have the right to speak for my husband other than to say:

"We, as a people, as a Nation, need to return to God and His Principles

to straighten this out."​​​​

1776 Women - Thursday, March 31, 2016


This has got to be on other people’s minds but I’m

going to come right out and say it: “I am tired of

being a puppet for the NWO”.

The latest false flag in Brussels is now somehow

fueling the fire for tptb to alledge that Anonymous

has made bomb threats against airports.

Question: If the patriots and alternative media ceased reporting on the “spy vs spy” BS and the machinations of the out-of-control “Federal Government Goons” and stopped the protests in the streets and just decided to follow Ghandi’s lead in peaceful non-compliance who would the DHS and SPLC be able to put on their lists of domestic terrorists? How could they justify the continued ramping-up of security measures here on our shores? The TSA have not stopped a single suicide bomber. The birth of the TSA has only inhibited the free flow of air travel, irradiated and molested the good people of our country and stopped many (like me and my husband) from ever wanting to fly again.

With every country our country invades, the likelihood of creating more terrorists that wish to do us harm here, increases. The only occurences of terrorism have either been perpetrated by CIA operatives infiltrating well-meaning, easily-identifiable, patriot groups or have been false flag attacks.

It’s like Tim and I have been saying for a long time: “If a war comes to this country, it will be fought and won as a guerrilla war.” It will not be successfully thwarted through conventional means by the indigenous population therefore to form easily infiltrated groups is counter-productive.

As I see it, one of the major problems in our country today is that the majority of people are ignorant of history and are scared little wusses looking for someone else to protect them; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so controllable. Imagine 350,000,000 lone wolves - who could stop us?

The people who built this country were brave, rugged people who understood that if something needed to be done, it was up to them to do it. The team/group mentality did not even enter their minds unless it was to expect that their family would work together to support each other. Today, most families are disfunctional in that they pretend that they love each other until something better comes along. Today, family members treat each other with less consideration than they give total strangers because “they wouldn’t want to be accused of offending someone”.

I need a break from the BS. I’m re-evaluating. Posts on this medium will most likely change.

I’ll get back to you.​​


1776 Women - April 25, 2016

Those of you who visit my page know that I check out some really "off the wall" stuff. FYI: That doesn't mean I buy the stories "hook, line and sinker."

I followed a post today that I checked out a few months ago to see if it had any current information because something had alerted me to the suspicion that it was a fake site. The site is filled with links, many of which are dead ends; the most current update is from 2009; who would pay for a site seemingly created because the subject matter was of intense interest and not keep it current?

The subject matter is UFOs. Is there any special group you can think of that wants us to believe in aliens and all the while gives the impression that anyone who does is a conspiracy nut? Is there any special group you can think of who has a special interest in keeping the interest in space travel alive and funded?

Another thing, when UFOlogists request info under the FOIA from the government, the reports they receive are mostly blackened out with black magic markers interspersed with a word here and there. We always presume that these sheafs of papers contained full detailed reports. What if these 'reports' were recently created to give the appearance of words having been blotted out and there never were any words under the marker?

Do you have any idea how much money could be stolen using fake departments' budgets? We can't just show up at most government installations to confront the employees responsible for these departments; we have to make appointments, if that is they are even allowed.

Anyone who's been following the POTUS's family vacation fund (now up to $100 million) and the antics of Congress should understand their interests are not in our best interests and that they are liars and thieves.

I've worked as a temp at two large pharmaceutical companies and what I've seen mirrors what I've seen in government buildings.  There are lots of large entrances and lots of hallways with lots of doors.  For the most part, you never see very many people at one time in any building.  What we also presume is that all those corridors containing all those doors to offices are actually filled with people doing jobs, necessary jobs.  When I worked in these offices, I can tell you that most of the people I saw in their 8 x 10 cubicles had nothing to do but kill time and that my time there was mostly filled with trying to look busy.

What if there are only a fraction of employees on the books filling only a fraction of departments claimed to exist?  Wouldn't that make it possible for all those black ops to exist off the books?  Wouldn't that make it possible for all sorts of slush funds?  Couldn't that be how all these DUMBS have been built and stocked with supplies for the elite for when the SHTF?


​1776 women· Saturday, February 6, 2016

There’s plenty wrong with our government; on that, we can pretty much all agree. What to do about it, though, is another matter, entirely.

Recently, I responded to a video one of my facebook patriot friends posted and was shocked and disappointed that they found fault with what I wrote. This is becoming a common occurrence. I’m reminded of the saying: “Opinions are like assholes: everyone’s got one, and they all stink.” (That is, of course, unless their opinion mirrors your own)

This is how I responded to the video suggesting anarchy:
“I agree with everything you state. The problem is the violence that will ensue. To entertain the idea that people will be civil about starving and freezing to death is ludricrous. Have you never seen a feral animal? I have. I'm thinkiing about all the patriots that are not capable of fending for themselves that haven't thought this through: being massacred by the roving hoards of savages. That 94-year-old woman fending for herself, unable to pay for another's healthcare (who you used as an example as to why we need to do away with the system, now)will certainly not be able to fend off looters on her own. The government knows exactly what they're doing and that is why the progression towards a marxist/fascist world has been slow and steady (because to have initiated change quickly would not have enabled them to set the whole system up with which to enslave us - for people would have responded, quickly).

If we want change, more people must be educated about how their actions and expectations are part of the overall problem while those who are awake take steps to learn skills that have been lost so as to survive without the nanny State. Our response to this evil must be as slow and calculated as their scheme to enslave us if we want to retain any semblance of order. (Ghandi understood this very well) To kneejerk and say "we have to do something, anything, just get 'er done," is akin to the crazed scientists who have been meddling with nature, screwing up, then meddling some more and screwing it up some more because "they have to do something to fix what they fucked up."

Look what's happened in Oregon. This began with civilized protests in the town; no plan to occupy anything. LaVoy and his group were infiltrated and someone came up with the bright idea to take over the refuge; and now, LaVoy is dead. His was a needless death; and I don't take one death lightly. I do not look at any life as "collateral damage" as our opponents do.

We must not rush into a dismantling of a society without a plan; We must have an organized plan which includes planning to save as many lives as possible which is the responsible, mature thing to do and will also ensure the success of doing so.” We must educate our fellow citizens as to how our country has arrived at this point in history where the system of government adopted by our forefathers is no longer working. We must enter into dialogues addressing every issue presented as a possible scenario and arrive at a consensus as to how to proceed before any thought of revolution is considered.

Although neither one of us ever said: “What’s wrong with you?” the attitude was the same - curt and clipped patterns of speech. There are billions of people; to think that we’’re all going to agree is ignorant. Let us focus on what we can agree on and understand that we ALL will have to compromise. I do believe that what we were presented with in 1787 and what was adoped in 1791 was the best we could have hoped for at that time given the people and the circumstances; Whether or not it is the best solution for now has yet to be decided.

The posts have decreased since Trump was elected. It's not because there is no news; it's just that whatever he's doing isn't newsworthy - yet. When he begins his term as president, I'm sure there will be plenty to report.

Until then.... there are a few side issues coming up that not too many are exploring enough in detail (IMO). These are:

* California is still threateniing to secede from the Union claiming that we would find out just how valuable they are to our existence once they were gone. Typical short-sighted thinking on their part. If they followed through on their threat, they would be a foreign country surrounded by a much larger foreign country. Have they no inkling how fast the Federal Government would set up border guards, troops and import and export duties so that every citizen of their piss-ant country would need a passport to visit any of the States in the U.S.? 
Also, their secession would automatically have big benefits for Oregon and Washington State as far as becoming a much bigger hub for commerce into and out of the U.S. Big boon to their economies!

* The Wall along the border between Mexico and the U.S. is (IMO) a HUGE threat to the freedom of our citizens. Walls keep undesirables out (that's true); But, it's also true that walls keep people in (ask Communist East Germans). Oh, yeah.... and California, if you secede, expect a wall along your border, too.

* School Vouchers are not going to be implemented according to any rational-thinking person's expectations, either - and that is according to things I read about Trump's plans. Our educational system may be dropping "common core" but what is to come is an even bigger boondoggle than the current Federal fiasco. Vouchers will not cover religious (aka: nonsecular) schools because that would go against the 1st Article of the Bill of Rights regarding separation of church and state. Current plans are consistent with the socialist agenda of giving all financial aid to the poor minorities (much like the Obamacare debacle). Vouchers will be made available to income-qualified, lower-class people and they will only be good for enrolling in Federally and/or State-approved schools with "approved" curriculum. No mention is made, at all, of how the middle class will be educated. (Note: if we're not mentioned - we're not included).

* WARS. Now that our military has been gutted of equipment and personnel (FYI: all the equipment made and paid for by our tax dollars has been left in the countries where they were used) Trump is saying we need to rebuild everything the prior administrations have allowed to be sold off such as government installations, roads, bridges, equipment and the military). Legislation has been passed requiring all 18-year-olds to sign up for indentured service to "uncle sam" which will include combat for both sexes. Trump garndered the support of 80 generals during his campaign. Do you actually think the wars are going to end?

I wasn't for or against any candidate in this last election because none of them are qualified and none of them understand what it is to be a president in a democratic REPUBLIC. None of the candidates understand the specific and limited duties of the office as outlined in the Constitution; they only know that many of their predecessors acted as if they were kings and our Congressmen and women allowed it.

Trump's refrain of "Make America Great Again" is a rallying cry everyone is gladly marching to in all of their patriotic zeal. Trump is not a politician, Trump is a business man. Trump is a land developer. Who better to run as CEO of The Corporation known as The United States of America?

What Globalists Really Fear
1776 women·Saturday, December 12, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a lengthy post about how our country lost its’ standard of living and its’ moral compass. That post was up overnight and then the facebook nazis removed it. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to make myself a copy and rather than try and recompose the gist of it, I got ticked off and started a page on an alternate social networking site. (which, btw, seems to be down most every day and when I’m on it keeps spitting me out so that I need to repeatedly sign in)

The reason I did not make a copy of my “note” before publishing was because never had I considered that what I had written would be considered a threat to anyone. I had abstained from using colorful language which is becoming more and more difficult to do the longer I follow our potus and his cronies’ antics. My note spoke of what it was like in the 50’s and early 60’s before The Viet Nam non-war and Women’s Lib. My note spoke of a time when life could be enjoyed after 8 hours on-the-job, coming home to a family who was happy to see you, a home-cooked meal and a little time to relax unlike today where you spend 1-1/2 hours commuting, 10 hours on the job, and another 1-1/2 hours commuting to come home to no food on the table because your wife is still on her way home, your kids are either plastered in front of their computer screens on social media or in front of a mirror changing clothes and sexting images of themselves for some sexual predator to see.

Women’s lib convinced women that having a career would be a validating experience that would keep them current and free from worry that the love of their life wouldn’t have a daliance with a co-worker and leave them destitute. When, in fact, the main result was that women were misled into believing that working-for-a-living, making their “own” money, and paying taxes made them more desirable and a more important commodity and that they could then upgrade their partners for a new “improved” model. In other words: people became superficial, disposable, and stupid.

What my previous note so eloquently (in my estimation) described was how America lost her way through the brainwashing of television programming and how people traded in their time and quality of life for crap. The social system that’s been promoted was designed to introduce the idea of perpetual growth; But, now the globalists have dropped a bombshell onto the delusional and unsuspecting public....that of sustainable growth: “a catchy phrase, is it not? And, guess what folks, after they’ve used our time and labor and sucked all the productive, energetic years of our lives out of us, they want to do away with 90% of us because (according to some “authorities”) the planet can no longer sustain our numbers.

You know what’s even more distressing? People actually buy this BS!

People, wake up! This is your life. Don’t hand it over to some jerk-wad for the pittance they want to throw at you. Quality of life is everything. Are you really willing to relinquish your everyday joy for a one- or two-week vacation per year, a new car, a bigger soul-less house, or a closet full of stylish clothes and shoes?

What I’ve written doesn’t at first seem very threatening, does it? But, it does if you consider what the ramifications could be if people actually started to think about this and change their behaviours. Perpetual growth (along with the fractional banking that depends on it) would come to a screeching halt.

Now, that would threaten them, wouldn’t it?​​​​


​​Do You Matter?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

​​Sitting across the table from my beloved, I posed a question: “Are there any peaceful refugee camps?” I had recently posted something about the Swedes razing a camp to the ground via fire and wondered if anyone ever escaped a camp and lived a happy, productive life after escaping from a war-torn country. Tim suggested that I look it up on the internet; so I did.

Did you know that Burma’s had refugee camps since at least 1962? Did you know that there are people who’ve been born there and never left the confines of the camp? Oh, they start their own small commerce and schools amongst themselves and eeke out an existence but I wouldn’t call that living.

Do you know that the U.S. has troops in over 120 countries around the world? I didn’t until recently. We’ve bombed the crap out of many of them and then we never leave. All the indigenous people have to go somewhere after the dust settles. How many have been maimed and displaced from their homes and livelihoods? Are these people doomed to living in poverty and squalor the rest of their days? Refugee camps are being set up all over Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States at a time when the world economies are failing. There are not enough jobs to be had for the citizenry, let alone the new arrivals. How are we providing a safe haven for these people when we have nothing to offer them? How do those governments justify relegating living human beings to what amounts to barnyard conditions of living with no hope of escape?

I just listened to a video that stated that Social Security payments to those over 65 will be cut in half (with the average monthly income going down to approximately $500.00, and spousal benefits being cut entirely) beginning the New Year. How many in the boomerang generation have the space and money to take their aging parents into their homes? Are American Seniors doomed to live in substandard housing facilities because they can no longer afford to live in their own mortgage-free homes while 80,000 refugees receive $4,000.00 per month in federal benefits? Is this how we reward people for working their whole life, wearing their bodies out and supporting the government infrastructure so that that same government can take everything away when it comes time for them to enjoy their last days under the sun? How do those perpetrating this justify their actions? I see no justification, whatsoever.

That’s when I realized that tptb do not even attempt to justify anything. Have you ever thought that you were steadfastly clear in communicating an idea and it became apparent that the listener totally misinterpreted what you had to say? A new concept occurred to me this evening that explained why this happens. It’s referred to as: frames of reference. Tim stated an historical reference including the words “everyone knows it’s been this way....” and it hit me like a bolt; no, not everyone knows. People take their knowledge as being common knowledge all the time when it isn’t common at all. There aren’t many people who are willing to interrupt and say: “what are you talking about?” when it might make them appear stupid; so, they let it slide and what you thought you conveyed to them was not. Then there are those that think you are far more ignorant than you are and leave items of importance out for fear of losing you. The results are the same; what began as an ernest attempt at communication did not result in an exchange of ideas.

So, too, with all of this relocating of refugees into camps being for helping people; for what is being offered falls short of the objective because the refugee will not speak and demand better because their self-esteem is too low and because of the arrogance of the government benefactor thinking that what they’re offering should be good enough for a beggar. Native American Indians were herded onto reservations when tptb wanted the land and now it seems that our government no longer has need of it’s Seniors. It seems to me that Seniors became part of this disposable population after they agreed to pay into a system that they did not control. They trusted their government.

Now, that same government wants your guns. Do you trust them? Who’s next on their list?

Public/Private Partnerships & the NWO

Early this morning rather than navigate immediately to facebook, I decided to follow one of the many neglected bookmarks rashly saved on my desktop and what popped up was a website on clandestine government projects; the one I decided to follow was Project Blue Book.  What first came to mind was something I've noticed that the government does once some project or other comes to light, and that is, they attempt to obscure the information by creating multiple references to that same name having a different subject matter altogether; "Fast and Furious" is an excellent recent example of what I mean.

Anyway, the first reference of blue book that came to mind was "The Blue Book of Resale Values" most known for the estimation of vehicles for either insurance puposes or resale.  When surfing the term "blue book" I found that there are a myriad of "Blue Books" for the estimation of value on other items such as:   The blue book of building construction, The blue book of grammar and punctuation, The blue book of gun values, The blue book of electric guitars, The produce blue book, The blue book for cars, The blue book Ireland and The blue book military.  I don't know about you, but I find the one about grammar and punctuation pretty strange.  But, I digress.

ABOUT KELLY BLUE BOOK http://www.kbb.com  Founded in 1926, Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted Resource®, is the only vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers and the automotive industry.  Each week the company provides the most market-reflective values in the industry on its top-rated website KBB.com, including its famous Blue Book® Trade-In and Suggested Retail Values, and Fair Purchase Price, which reports what others are paying for new cars this week.  The company also provides vehicle pricing and values through various products and services available to car dealers, auto manufacturers, finance and insurance companies, and governmental agencies.  For two years running, Kelley Blue Book's KBB.com ranked highest in its category for brand equity and was named Online Auto Shopping Brand of the Year in the 2012 and 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend® study.  Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. is a subsidiary of AutoTrader Group, which includes AutoTrader.com, vAuto, VinSolutions and HomeNet Automotive.  AutoTrader Group is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. (To check out a company go here: http://listings.findthecompany.com/  When I looked up Cox Enterprises I found 190 results with the one listed below being the most prominent.)   For further information: Chintan Talati, 949-267-4855, ctalati@kbb.com, or Brenna Robinson, 949-267-4781, berobinson@kbb.com, or Natalie Kumaratne, 949-267-4770, nkumaratne@kbb.com  INFORMATION ON COX ENTERPRISES, INC. COX ENTERPRISES, INC. 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd Atlanta, GA, 30328 United States (678) 645-0000 http://www.coxenterprises.com  COX ENTERPRISES, INC. Rankings #17 in Forbes Largest Private Companies (October 2015)  Top 3 Competitors iHeartCommunications, Inc. CBS CORPORATION COMCAST CORPORATION

Remember that new buzz term that originated in the 90's - "Public/Private Partnership"?  It appears that Cox Enterprises, Inc. has somehow been granted the exclusive monopoly on all things "DMV".  Oh, you can still go to a government site in Wisconsin and get information such as here:  http://www.carhistory.us.org/vehicle.php   CarHistoryWisconsin.us.org Vehicle History Reports you can trust  or now you can also contact a private company here:  http://www.dmv.org/buy-sell/used-cars/vehicle-history-report.php  DMV.ORG is a privately owned website that is NOT owned or operated by any state government agency. Here are some services they provide:  DMV Practice Tests (3 pkg "basic", "Complete" and "Plus" containing 50, 100 (later 2) questions @ $9.99, $14.99 & $24.99 respectively), Drivers license practice test, Road sign practice test, Motorcycle practice test, Commercial Drivers license, practice test Study guides, Driver license prep course; Also License & ID Practice tests, Applying for a new license (teen drivers), Applying for a new license (drivers 18+), Renewing your license, Replacing a lost license, Driving record, DMV office finder, Organ donation, Identifiation cards, Driver handbook, New residents guide, Insurance requirements, Driver's license FAQs  -Motorcycle riders  -Commercial drivers; Plus the following and their subheadings (too numerous to mention) - Registration & Title, Tickets & Violations, Insurance, Buying & Selling, and DMV Office Finder.

Is anyone other than myself starting to wonder who decided that Cox should be the provider of these services? Cox Enterprises is no different than the BLM, the FBI, Blackwater, or any other unconstitutional government agency. They're either color-of-law or private enterprises with no constitutional authority and consequently when they fail to perform to our satisfaction, no real redress of grievances is available.

Is anyone other than myself beginning to see the setup of our new facist government where everyone either works directly for the government or one of its' contractors?

Is anyone other than myself starting to wonder why we pay government the same (if not more) in taxes when they aren't providing these services?  Anyone with one eye could see the handwriting on the wall - the government as we know it will cease to provide anything but oversight with the overseers in Congress collecting huge salaries for sitting on their proverbial "asses".  (Does the term: "some pigs are more equal than other pigs" come to mind?)

Is anyone other than myself beginning to see what the "real ID" is all about - with all your personal info accessible with a swipe of a card? Is anyone other than myself beginning to see that if you are on some "black list" that you will be unemployable?  They won't need to arrest you or round you up; They'll be able to starve you out of your house and home where you can be rousted out of everywhere you try to set your feet down because you're one of the new homeless indigents.

Sound paranoid?  You Betcha.   Who wouldn't be paranoid when you can be put on a "Domestic Terrorist List" for being a Christian or Anarchist or Constitutionalist?

1776 WOMEN

Note: 11/15/16

Oblowhole and his bi$ch's 8-year-long shopping spree and world tour on the government's gold credit card is coming to an end in January.  He and his relations have behaved like terminally-ill, poor white trash with an ill-gotten credit card just prior to Y2K.  I, for one, believe that the sorry excuse sitting in the White House won't leave voluntarily.  
It finally came to me....

why I posted this is because Oblowhole is still in office and foreign troops are still hiding in State Forests, closed military bases and in underground bunkers waiting for WWIII to start with Russia. 

The last couple of years, Russia's Putin has been painted with a very colorful, kindly brush on FB posts and in various pundit's articles contrasting his wise presidential reign with the politically unsound machinations of the Obama regime.  Putin was recently shown to extend a friendly expression of congratulation to President-elect Trump expressing his hope for improved relations with the U.S.

....and only a few days later, Putin is being shown to be the cold-war, war-mongering ogre of old intent on starting WWIII when it's the UN who have been threateningly amassing troops along the Russian border.  Putin has shown great restraint but I fear that everything I just presented is just theater - meant for your consumption.  

Make no mistake....they mean to have a One World Order using any Machiavellian or Fabian Socialist trick hidden up their collective sleeves.