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​​​​​​​​Yes...this is a broad category.

And, yes, it means different things to different people;

but, maybe that's because people do not think.

First of all the two terms appear to be an oxymoron but in reality these two terms are what the America of old stood for: a coming together of individuals to form a union based on common values... in particular - FREEDOM.

Three hundred and ninety-five years ago in 1620 Europeans wishing to establish a home free from tyranny came here on the Mayflower.  Discovering dissent amongst the "saints" aboard the ship prior to landing the 41 males aboard signed what is now referred to as "The Mayflower Compact - The compact created a “Civil Body Politic” to enact “just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices.”

Fast forward to 1781 (follow the link to find out how the first bank of the U.S. came into being and how a former Congressman of French origin brought in a Jewish financier to indenture the fledgling Colonies even before the ratification of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.)

But I digress.... my point being opportunists have been involved in the theft of individual's wealth, autonomy and freedom since time began.  They accomplish this through trickery and deceit, and rely on the inherent greed of some to help them pull the wool over the eyes of the innocent, naive, hard-working people that want nothing more than to do their duty to God, family, and country and to live out their days in harmony and peace.


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