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​​​​​​​​​​​ANONYMOUS  by Anonymous

I recently read an article at www.militianews.com that's prompted this clarification.  I do not write anything inflammatory or subversive.  What I do write are my own beliefs based upon what I have observed.  My concern is that simply by publishing truth anonymously, some "spy-vs-spy" types seem to get very paranoid and become overly aggressive.  I am anonymous.  I write articles under that pseudonym to protect others; no other reason.  I am not affiliated with any organized group with the intent to overthrow the government and I am stating this publicly in an attempt to protect any and all people of like mind that choose to post "anonymously."

You see there are factions of the government that do damage control by casting aspersions on disgruntled citizens by not only twisting their words, but by changing the definitions of words and by using similar words in a way associated with "terrorists or terrorism" so that they can discredit ordinary people in an attempt to shut them up. Case in point: pressure cookers; what comes to mind?  Something I never imagined a terrorist would use; but yet, now the media promotes that having one could make you a terrorist.

I realized something recently that what an oppressive regime would most fear are not organized groups of patriots, but lone soldiers (aka: guerrillas). Every war where a guerrilla force has fought an invading army, the guerrilla force has prevailed. The Co Intel Pro faction of government has therefore not only demonized every organized group in these united states, but now are covering all their bases by publicizing a "new" subversive group that has the word "anonymous" attached to it.

Make no mistake about it.  The government is scared and they want us scared.  So, I have no intention of perpetrating any terrorist attack, only resisting tyranny and enjoying my Constitutional (God-given) right to free speech.

​​​​​​​​​​One At  A Time  by Anonymous

I realized this evening that ever since I accepted reality for what it is,

I feel more alone and disconnected from people and life than ever before. 

When I finally took off those rose-colored glasses the world became clearer 

and everything that had been confusing for so long was no longer

confusing.  I had been comparing what the news media said with what

I saw and it didn't make sense.  When I finally understood they'd been

lying, everything fell into place.  I finally understood that it didn't matter

which political party got into office because no matter who got in, it only

got worse for the taxpayer.  The people that have taken over our country

are socialists and don't give one squat about this country or the people in

it.  When you understand that, what they do and why they do it is perfectly

clear.  I took that dreaded red pill a very long time ago, but looking back

all I can think is "why did it take me so long to see?"

Why?  Why has it taken so long for the people in this country to see the matrix?  There are many reasons, but I think the main one is "what's the alternative, "Mad Max" and it's sequels and/or "The Running Man?"  Lots of movies and TV shows have and are currently running that depict gloom and doom in a post shtf scenario.  Personally, I don't watch any of them because....well, frankly, they're depressing.  Who in their right mind wants to give up creature comforts for a "Mad Max" future?  Most posting I see these days are filled with sarcasm and despair overlooking a dismal future (who wants to join that)?

I believe we need some charismatic personage to appear who is able to gather all the patriots together to lead us toward a better future;  the future we all thought we had so many decades ago, before our elected officials betrayed us.  John Wesley Rawles book "TEOTWAWKI" does contain some of what's needed (For those of you not familiar with this work, look it up online).  I believe that the powers that be are frantic to get everything they want online before someone like Martin Luther King (now there was a leader) shows up to help reverse all the socialist policies that have been instituted.   I have a dream.....that someone will arise, someone apolitical with a force of many  behind them will come forward and place their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line; someone who is a leader that many can follow.  The only people that I can perceive that would be able to accomplish this are the two final prophets: Moses and Elijah.

We have to get people to understand that our country has problems that will not disappear by ignoring them. The mouthpieces of main stream media are busy filling everyone's heads with false employment and recovery statistics.  I believe people do understand that you can only go into so much debt before you lose everything on a personal basis.  What they're not getting is the straight scoop on affairs of state.  We must spread the truth about our current state of affairs and inform people that no elected person in Congress or the White House has any intention of fixing the problems.

So, how do we do that?  Understand that the people that do not see reality or do not want to accept it are acting as unruly teenagers; in that, they are self-absorbed, egocentric, and they want what they want and they want it now.  Have you ever raised a teenager?  You cannot  threaten, cajole or punish them to motivate them.  You cannot lead them to believe that you have an interest in their decision to do something either one way or another or they will dig their heels in and glare at you.  We must give information as to the state of the union whenever the subject of the economy/jobs/unemployment statistics and pertinent subjects arise that counters the main stream media's propaganda; and follow that by asking appropriate questions so they can arrive at their own conclusions and formulate their own plan of action.

As with the other articles that I have submitted to this online magazine, my purpose is to encourage others to submit their own stories and reach out with ideas.  They are picking us off one at a time just like in Nazi Germany.  And, they're able to do this because there are still a lot of people that do not know what is going on around them.  If the country suffers a collapse of its currency, or another false flag event occurs, sides will be drawn; don't let someone choose the wrong side because they were not reached in time to be educated. We must put our differences aside and come together to Save the Republic!​​