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By Tim Siewert

​In the wake of the Brexit incident, people in Texas are clamoring to leave the union once again.  There are even rumors of this movement gaining favor in other states.  I believe this is a poor course of action; it plays into their "divide and conquer" game plan to a tee.  What really needs to happen is that the states need to become unified; one force against the criminal federal government.  The federal government needs to be totally dismantled and we need to go back to the Articles of Confederation; with 50 interdependent, sovereign states coexisting for the common good of all.  This tyrannical federal leviathan that dictates every aspect of everyone's very existence only serves the interests of a few; the minions that serve this federal leviathan are being used; they are nothing more than disposable pawns for the elitist-pig bastards running the international banking cartel.  I would like to admonish everyone to reread the unanimous Declaration of 4 July, 1776.  Go to Kris Anne Hall’s FB page and web-site; learn the background behind the Declaration, the Bill of Rights, and the Articles.

Notice I didn't mention the Constitution, for good reason.  It is my opinion that contract is an anomaly; it should have never come to be and came about because even in 1787 the NWO crowd (the bankers) already existed and wanted to use this Republic to control the world.  They saw this fledgling republic and its’ naïve population as a prime tool for their evil purposes.  The Articles would have prevented that; the Articles didn’t provide for a centralized government that could be controlled by a few men, for a very good reason; therefore the Articles needed to be done away with.

Many vets desperately want to believe that all of the wars this country has been involved in over the last 120 years were just and in the best interests of this country.  Vets want to believe that those men that fought and died in those wars did so for flag and country; not necessarily; let us look at history for a moment.

The war with Spain in 1898 was the beginning of the drive for U.S. world hegemony.  TR was the driving force behind that war; he convinced McKinley to convince Congress to go to war with Spain.  The bombing and subsequent sinking of the U.S.S. Maine was a false-flag event.  TR and his cronies were blatant imperialists and in reality nothing more than stooges for the NY bankers.  So the men who fought in that war fought for the NY bankers.

WWI started as a squabble between cousins who happened to be the royalty of Europe of the day who controlled vast armies.  The U.S. was covertly dragged into that squabble under the auspices of defending innocent lives already lost at sea on a foreign ship.  The U.S. wasn’t invaded; we had no interests in Europe at the time.  The U.S. got hoodwinked into participating because in reality the British crown was tapped out (the Brits thought then and still think we belong to them).  Then, WWI was used as an excuse to sell a One World Government (the League of Nations) to the insouciant masses; the League of Nations being nothing more than a front organization for the international bankers.  So the men who fought in WWI fought for European royalty and the international bankers.

WWII was partially a continuation of WWI in that the League wasn't accepted here, so they needed to get the headquarters located here for U.S. acceptance.  Because there had been widespread resistance to the U.S. involvement in WWI, the Japanese were allowed to bomb Pearl Harbor for an excuse to enter WWII.   WWII was also the continuation of the drive for U.S. hegemony over the world; therefore Hitler's Germany couldn't prevail.

During both world wars, both sides were financed by the international bankers headquartered in Switzerland.  Why do you think that little piss-ant country hasn’t been invaded for 700 years?  So in reality, the men who fought WWII again fought for the international bankers.

The UN is nothing more than a continuation of the League of Nations and a front organization for the international banking cartel.  Korea was officially a "UN police action"; therefore the U.S. GI's who served there fought for the UN flag. There was no threat to the U.S. in 1950; the alleged specter of “world communism” was a fabrication by the Zionists who hide behind the UN flag.

Vietnam was in actuality a drug war; waged to keep the drugs flowing out of the "Golden triangle".  So the men who fought there fought for drugs and a drug cartel (a sub-sect of the international banking cartel).  Desert Storm was again a UN action; they said so pure and simple.  So, once again the men who fought there fought for the UN and all that it represents (control of the world by a few men) and for corporate interests.

Then we have been subjected to this fabricated illusion of world “terrorism” starting with the mother of all false-flags: 9/11.  This protracted war against the illusion of terrorism is a blatant excuse for U.S. world hegemony; it has been used as well to perpetuate and aggrandize the military/industrial/security complex which has been in control of the federal government for 25 years.  I am no lover of the political ideology known as Islam or its’ misled foolish followers.  Yet I believe they are being used by the elitist-pig bastards of the international banking cartel like everyone else.  I believe that the recent alleged terrorist events perpetrated on U.S. soil were all orchestrated to perpetuate this illusion and continue the division between people.  The elitist-pigs have to continually ramp things up to keep people’s attention.  They had to start having things happen on U.S. soil to coalesce support for the BS war on terror; and it’s working.  If the people of the world were to ever fully accept the truth about who is really running the show, the elitist-pigs wouldn’t have chance.

Concerning the subject of why men fight, in the end, the men in the trenches do not fight for a flag nor country or king; because for whatever reason they used to convince themselves to go to war initially, they ultimately fight for their brothers-in-arms on their left and on their right.

While I agree wholeheartedly that people entering this country should do so legally and should assimilate to our culture, values, and laws; I believe that there are enough people here already.  The borders should be closed to all indefinitely; until such time that all people here illegally can be gotten rid of; any alleged “refugees” also need to be gone including any semblance of any foreign political ideology.  Then, all people who are here legally need to be gainfully employed and independent.  The only way for everyone to be employed is to bring back the industry that has been shipped to other countries in the name of corporate profit.  This is the only way that this country will become solvent again.

This concludes the history lesson for the day.