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By Tim Siewert

Why?  Auf Deutsch ist “warum”?  Para Espanola este’ “por que”?  Regardless of what language you speak, there is a way to make an inquiry.  Man has been asking questions for millennia; one of these questions is,”Why are we here?”

I have pondered this question for a long time.  To consider all the possible answers to the question, “why are we here?” one must consider the question, “how did we get here?” to begin with.  There are only two possible answers to “how did we get here?” Either you believe the lie of evolution and we are here by chance, or mankind was placed here, along with everything else, i.e. created by Supreme Intelligence, God.

To recognize how ridiculous the notion of us being here by chance is, one merely has to consider the eye of the common house fly.  The eye of a fly contains over 400 lenses.  This allows the house fly to see unidirectional and gives said fly the ability to fly as it does without running into things; it is also the reason why it is difficult to sneak up on them.  The possibility of the fly’s eye “evolving” by chance is so infinitely small that it is incalculable regardless of the time frame.

Another truth that evolution conveniently ignores is the genetic fact that species perpetuate; genes perpetuate perfectly; cells reproduce perfect copies of themselves; this is in the genetic code.  The fundamental test for whether or not two separate organisms are of the same species is fertility of the progeny of the pairing of those two separate organisms.  The result of the pairing of two organisms of dissimilar species will not be fertile.  A prime example of this fact is mules.  A mule is the result of the pairing of a horse and a donkey.  Mules are almost always male and always sterile, not to mention not very bright and terribly stubborn as well.  This is how we know that horses and donkeys are two distinct species.  For two organisms to “create” a new species or “evolve” into a new species goes totally contrary to this genetic principle.  Therefore, it is erroneous to think that mankind, and everything else, “evolved” into existence or came to exist by chance.  And it follows that it is also illogical to believe the lie of evolution, and believe in God as well.

Even though I recognized the ridiculousness of us being here by chance, to be objective, I considered the question of “why are we here?” within the parameters of man existing by chance.  Then, the only possible answers to the question of “why are we here?” are: perpetuation and betterment of the species, and/or the never-ending accumulation of wealth and information.  But then, if this is the case, then to what end; for what purpose?  The answers are empty to me.  To say that we are here merely to perpetuate the species and accumulate information for no end purpose is akin to constantly traveling with no set destination; wandering aimlessly much like a piece of drift-wood drifting in the sea.  Furthermore, to say that the accumulation of wealth is the sole purpose of mankind serves only greed, corruption, and everything else evil.  Finally, I see no evidence of the betterment of our species.

I believe in God.  Aside from my understanding that man’s existence being by chance is so farfetched and illogical to be utterly preposterous; I believe that God created man for a twofold purpose.  I know I am not alone in the belief that God created man possibly for a purpose.  Yet I have encountered many who think that we are here merely to serve God; and worship Him.  This is where my belief deviates from the norm because after all, if that were the case then why not just have man as part of the heavenly host?

According to what is generally accepted as God’s Word today, God gave man two Commandments long before Moses was born: 1-be fruitful and multiply and 2-do not partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  I believe that #1 was merely God in His infinite wisdom giving man permission to procreate; much like a parent giving their child permission to go outside and play.  God knew that man would eventually discover sex; it was part of His game plan, which is why He put the drive for sex in our genes.  So He gave man His blessing.  #2 was something entirely different.

#2 was an admonishment much the same as a parent telling their child to stay away from a hot stove.  Yet God also knew that man’s curiosity (which God also instilled in man) would get the best of him.  The realization of this led me to the question, “why would God intentionally do this?”  God always has a purpose.

Many people erroneously believe that God created evil, and is therefore responsible for evil.  Yes God did create Lucifer, the originator of all that is evil.  But to blame God for Lucifer’s evil, and is somehow responsible for Lucifer’s evil, is the same as blaming Adolf Hitler’s parents for his crimes.  When God created Lucifer he was at first without guile just like Gabriel and Michael.  But because God created the Archangels; Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer; with free-will, Lucifer became prideful and God knew that this would come to pass.  Lucifer convinced himself that he was God’s equal.  Time as we know it is irrelevant to God because God has always been and always will be.  God’s Word does not say how much time transpired between God’s creation of Lucifer and when he convinced himself of this prideful notion and was removed from God’s presence; it may have taken millennia, even eons for this to transpire.

One other point before moving on: all the angels, the rest of the heavenly host, were not created by The Father with free-will.  One-third of the host was “assigned” to each of the three Archangels.  This is why one-third of the host fell with Lucifer; they had no choice in the matter; these are the demons.  So you see we, as independent beings with free-will, are above the angels.  God’s Word cautions against worshipping angels for this reason.  If you have accepted Yehoshua as your Lord and Savior, you are answerable only to Him and The Father.

Note: an eon is defined as a period of time encompassing two or more eras.  An era is defined as a period of time marked by distinctive character or events; generally at least 10,000 years but often much longer.

You see, just like heat and light, goodness is the quantifiable thing.  Evil is the absence of goodness; just the same as cold is the absence of heat and darkness is the absence of light.  Evil is man’s word for the absence of good the same as cold is man’s word for the absence of heat and darkness is man’s word for the absence of light.  And since God is the essence of all that is good, then evil is nothing more than the absence of God.

When Lucifer became prideful and fell from God’s presence, God could have very easily, with a word, destroyed Lucifer and the entire host that followed him.  But God knew in His infinite Wisdom that if He were to destroy Lucifer there would be doubt in the rest of the host for all eternity as to who was right; God or Lucifer.

So God devised a plan: create man in His Image, i.e. body, mind, and soul; an independent being with free-will.  For those who may be a little foggy on this concept I will briefly explain.  The Body of God is Yehoshua or Jesus.  The Mind of God is The Father.  The Soul of God is The Holy Spirit.  We also have a physical body, a conscious mind, and an eternal soul.  The consciousness of our mind will remain with our soul in the life to come; the lessons we learn in this life are not for naught, they will stay with us.  Then, we will have a resurrected body in the life to come; just as Yehoshua has.

To continue, God’s plan was this: create man with free-will and in His Image.  Give man the choice between good and evil.  Prove for all time that when given that choice, goodness will prevail over evil.  For God’s plan to unfold is part of why we are here.  Creation is God’s grand example to prove to all that goodness is better than evil.  100% proof for all eternity.  We are very close to the “end times”; the final conflict is coming; the proof will soon be manifest.

I believe that the other part of why we are here is that this life is the preparatory phase for the life to come.  There will be only two places a soul can spend eternity: with The Father or not with Him.  If you are not properly prepared to spend eternity with The Father, you won’t.  Granted, acceptance of Yehoshua as your Savior is prerequisite, but there is more to it, and works have nothing to do with it.  Your heart has everything to do with it.  You can do mountains of works, but if your heart is devoid of understanding and goodness, then of what consequence are works?

Yehoshua came for ALL men.  There is no distinction.  Since Yehoshua and The Father is no respecter of persons; how can anyone say some are better than others and still say they follow Yehoshua and His teachings?  This fundamental truth is the beginning of the understanding.  Men have been subjugating and killing each other since the dawn of recorded history and the only one that derives benefit is Lucifer.  When mankind recognizes and accepts these truths, then we can coexist in harmony.  As long as there is such diversity of culture and beliefs mankind will never live in harmony; and a one world government is impossible and only serves the interests of a few.

It has been said many times that the greatest sacrifice is to sacrifice one’s life for another.  I say it is easy to die for a cause; it is much harder to live for a cause in the face of adversity.  After all, no man ever won a war by dying for his country.  In the end, Yehoshua is the Victor over death.  If you die for a cause and have Yehoshua as your Lord and Savior; then you get to be with Him; what is so bad about that?

I have pondered many other questions.  It is what I do when I am not shooting.

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