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3D Matrix Ending With Last Wave Of Ascension… By End Of 2016 New Earth Will Be Fully Established, As Nibiru Passes 


The Granddaddy of Conspiracy Theories

​Just in case anyone was paying attention; you all may have noticed that I didn't have anything on my page about the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Aside from the fact that I am one of the original kooks that never believed the official bullshit about the whole event; the main reason I chose not to validate the date is to do so I believe validates the official BS. To continue, first of all to think that some illiterate sheet-heads with 6 hours of instruction in a Cessna could then pilot a multi-engine jet aircraft with pin-point precision is akin to thinking that some 5-year-old who just got the training-wheels off of his bicycle could jump behind the wheel of my concrete truck and drive it with the same precision as yours truly. The main reason I never believed that bullshit was that I knew a 767 pilot at the time. He went through a month of training to be able to fly that plane and he had already been a commercial airline pilot for 12 years!

So, if no sheet-heads piloted those planes, the obvious question is, "Who did?" That is if you still believe that some planes actually flew into those buildings, more on that in a minute. There are three possible answers to that mysterious question. 1-the original pilots did. 2-some other pilots flew those planes. And 3-the planes were flown remotely. Of those three I find #3 the most plausible. I know that alleged footage of a plane flying into the second building has been publicized ad-nausea; but now for option #4.

It is now generally accepted by almost all of us kooks that no plane flew into the Pentagon on 11 September, 2001. Considering this, the question must be asked, "What did?" The generally accepted answer to this question is, "A cruise-missile." Therefore, if a missile hit the Pentagon and not a plane; logic would dictate that it was actually missiles that flew into the WTC. But you ask, "We saw a plane hit the building, it was all over the news." But I ask, "Did you really see a plane or was it a cruise-missile equipped with holographic projection technology projecting an image of a plane; a generic plane at that?" Because aircraft experts have stated that the plane in the footage IS NOT a 767; close but no ribbon. This would explain why the plane seems to vaporize upon impact and no plane wreckage was ever recovered at the site. Then there is that pesky question, "What about the 'black-boxes'? Devices designed specifically to survive a plane crash?" 
The official BS story would have you believe that the plane was totally consumed by the fire. A fire that according to the footage burned out in a matter of minutes leaving only secondary burns of office furniture and carpet because that would have been the only combustible items in the building prior to the fire. Drywall doesn't burn, concrete definitely doesn't burn (the floors), and neither do metal studs or structural steel members without a significant source of supplemental heat. 
Then of course, there is that other pesky question, "Why did WTC building seven collapse?"


Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light: September Third Wave Of Ascension Beginning September 26 2016, Lasting Several Weeks… Then… The End Of This Reality And Beginning Of Golden Age!!!

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