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At long last...the beginnings of my product line.  It's been a long time developing due to fitting it into "making a living" with my day job.

As with the magazine, it will slowly but surely be added to over time as time permits.  Notices will be posted on my facebook page and twitter as new offerings become available.

Peace. - T.


A Brief Introduction

The necessity of bore guides....
There are two parts of the barrel of any firearm that have a direct affect on the accuracy of said firearm: the throat and the crown.  Care should be taken to prevent damage to these two areas at all times.  Incorrect alignment of a cleaning rod can damage these two areas when cleaning the barrel; this is where the use of a bore guide is so important.

First, I recommend never using a steel cleaning rod; steel cleaning rods are far more likely to cause damage to the bore of the firearm as well as the aforementioned throat and crown.

Whether cleaning the barrel from the muzzle or the breech end, a bore guide properly aligns the cleaning rod with the bore of the firearm.  My bore guides are made from Delrin plastic and aluminum to insure years of service and have been designed for optimal alignment of the rod with the barrel to prevent any damage to the crown or the throat of your prized possession.

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