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The Pioneering Spirit

The European men and women who originally settled this land were very different from the American men and women of today.  Those people of yesteryear had skills to fend for themselves and to carve out an existence in a new land.  Most people of today wouldn't know where to begin (and we all know it).  If anyone thinks that knowing the truth of the matter doesn't affect what decisions are made, they're only kidding themselves.

Those that settled this land had strong religious ties to each other and clung to each other in their conformity for strength in meeting the challenges they faced in this harsh, raw, savage and unfamiliar land called "The New World."  Nearly all of the new arrivals perished that first winter but that did not stop those visionary's exodus fearless enough to make the trip from Europe to a dreamed of existence free of religious persecution.

 But, alas, their persecutors followed them because "build it and they will come" is a time-worn reality those aspiring to freedom have had to endure since the beginning of time; the thieves, the highwaymen, the con artists and men hiding within the guise of governments all arrive to pilfer that which another man has toiled to accumulate.  If there is bounty to be had, they will come.  Simple men and women built the towns and "the developers" saw an opportunity at using what they built into an empire - The United  Sates of America.  They convinced these naive folk that they had come to help and they were believed because life is hard and all men dream of an easier life. .. what they fail to understand is that an easier life is only afforded to a few because of the efforts of others.

There was a movie made decades ago called "The Flim-Flam Man" which perfectly depicts how greed and sloth (and ignorance) serve to be the undoing of an otherwise honest person.  The Con Artist has a refrain that haunts the mark: "ya can't cheat an honest man".  Honest men know that "you don't get nothing for nothing".  

America, the land of the free has always meant that if you live here then you have "an opportunity" to carve out a better life for yourself.  America, the land of the free never meant to imply that someone else would support you or serve as a safety net should you become unproductive.  

Enter 2016 - and any minority, refugee, unemployed, incapacited or handicapped person expects someone else to support them.  In fact, the Democrats have built a reputation for giving these populations that which someone else has earned.  And, up until now, have done very well for themselves and those they serve - what used to be known here in America as "Beggars" or "Losers".  America has been over-run with so many needy that the people earning a living cannot afford to purchase that which they are now being forced to provide for others.  The able-bodied, the competent, the industrious are in the minority and are being persecuted for being "lucky".   I heard once that "lucky" is where preparation meets opportunity.  

The majority of people who have a home and job (or retirement) have worked since before they graduated High School to get where they're at.  They worked day-in and day-out plugging away paying their taxes, saving their money, doing as they were told and raising their families.  So, suck it up buttercup and work long enough and hard enough and when you're in your late 50's or 60's you might get to live the good life when you're all used up, too!

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency was accomplished by the tired, worn-out, middle-class of middle America fighting to keep what they've earned.  We did it without bullets and bloodshed unlike the pioneers and the men of 1776.  And, now, all you beggars, losers and takers are throwing a hissy fit threatening to steal back the election.  Guess what guys - we didn't steal it.  We didn't even try.  If you look at the DNC, you will notice that Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie.  Thievery is rampant amongst the professed democrats AND their candidates.  Now, we are being threatened by them stealing the Electoral College votes in order to install the most corrupt leader since Castro.  If you succeed, I don't know if this diatribe will be considered a eulogy or a commencement. 

If this election is stolen, it will either be the death knell of America or the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution because middle class Americans will have been placed smack dab in the middle between a rock and a hard place with nowhere else to go.  It will be another line in the sand; will it be the last?

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