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I use Grapefruit Seed Extract

for killing parasites

topically, internally and on my produce.


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I use Thyme Oil in a diffuser for killing mold in the bathroom.  I've heard that enclosing and taking a room down to the studs and diffusing Thyme Oil for 24 hours will kill mold so it won't come back.


(mold will come back with a vengeance)

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I use Sage Oil to relieve a sore throat

I use Peppermint, Ginger and/or Fennel to reverse indigestion and flatulence.

Chemtrails are a real problem around the world  It's been concluded from independent studies that one of the substances included in them is lithium, a soft metal.  High levels of lithium can cause hyperkalemia (dangerously high levels of potassium). If the levels are raised slowly, it is difficult to diagnose and treat. After taking too much lithium you will have symptoms such as:

•Stomach pains

You may also have some of the following nervous system symptoms, depending on the amount of exposure:
•Coma (decreased level of consciousness, lack of responsiveness)
•Hand tremors
•Incoordination of arms and legs (ataxia)
•Muscle twitches
•Slurred speech
•Uncontrollable eye movement (nystagmus)
Heart problems may occur in rare cases.

Symptoms that may occur include:
•Increased reflexes
•Slurred speech

In severe cases, you may also have nervous system and kidney problems such as:
•Kidney failure
•Memory problems
•Movement disorders
•Problems keeping salts in your body
•Psychosis (thought disturbance, unpredictable behavior)

Renal toxicity is common with chronic lithium therapy, with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus being the most severe manifestation.  Other manifestations of lithium toxicity on the kidney include renal tubular acidosis, chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis, and nephrotic syndrome.

The most common endocrine disorder secondary to chronic toxicity is hypothyroidism.  It may also affect thyroid hormone synthesis.  Myxedema coma has been reported as a complication of toxicity.

Acute exposure to lithium can cause leukocytosis, whereas chronic exposure can produce aplastic anemia.

Long-term exposure to lithium can result in localized edema, dermatitis, and skin ulcers.  You will likely get some gastrointestinal symptoms and many of the severe nervous system symptoms listed above.

The simplest over-the-counter remedy: HYDRATE with copious amounts of water and/or drink lemon water regularly (which is good for you, anyway), gastric lavage. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) should be avoided. Those with heart or kidney ailments have more problems with too much hydration.  Sulfonamids have been used in lithium overdose.

Why  Take  Sulfa?  

Chemtrails contain many strains of bacteria so taking a bacteria inhibitor can aid the immune system by removing excess load on body systems.

Sulfa is a type of pharmaceutical drug that contain sulfonamides. Sulfonamides are compounds that contain nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and the sulfur they take their name from. Sulfur is a chemical that is extremely small and unlikely to cause allergic reactions on its own, unlike sulfonamides.

Sulfur is a component of sulfates and sulfite preservatives, in addition to sulfa drugs.  The antimicrobial molecules inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

Sulfur is a necessary part of healthy bodily function in humans. Sulfur molecules are present throughout the body and are found in essential amino acids. People who have sulfur and sulfite allergies do not have to avoid taking drugs or consuming other items that have sulfur in them because sulfur by itself is not believed to build up to unhealthy levels in the body or cause adverse reactions to consumption of the element.

When there is no doctor to prescribe needed medicinals, the only other option is to let food be your medicine.  Eat plenty of raw, non-GMO, organic produce; eat free-range, hormone-free meat and poultry, RBGH-free dairy, and farm-raised or Atlantic fish and seafood.


​​​​​​​​THINK ABOUT THIS....
for over a century doctors thought they "knew" what was best; and, yet,
today, they think that they now know better.

Who's to say that somebody doesn't already know better than them?

I use Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Essential Oils and Good Old Fashioned Home-Made Food to maintain Health and Vitality in the Siewert Household. 

I've been practicing medicine on myself since 1979 and I've made a lot of mistakes that could have killed me.  Alternative Medicine can be deadly so use with caution and at your own risk.