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Most, if not all, companies eventually develop a mission statement.  The purpose of this statement is to inform all persons that have any dealings with said company as to what the goals of said company are.  Having said this, and being the pragmatic, honest man that I am, I would like to state that the mission of Tim Siewert LLC is to make money.  I am not going to shine anyone on about this.  To do this, I have started Tim Siewert LLC and this web-site to offer my two books and other products for shooting that I am in the process of developing for sale.  Through my books it is my aim to give my readers the benefit of my 35+ years experience loading my own ammo.  Likewise, my other products are both affordable and utilitarian.  They also will satisfy a need that I have identified like my books and will be designed with my experiences in mind.  As far as 1776men magazine, the mission of that endeavor is to educate, enlighten, and inform anyone who visits with an open mind.  To that, I would remind every reader that I just don’t think outside the box, I threw the damn box out with the rest of the trash a long time ago. 

Thank you, T.​​

We are a Wisconsin based company.  I have over 35 years of shooting experience.  I have learned, through experience and study, what works and what doesn't.  Shooting and reloading are my passion.  One has to be passionate about something.