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by Tim Siewert

I know that there are people that are in a quandary as to why it is so important

that the president be a native born person.  I have heard people ask,

“What difference does it make?”  


It is the law of the land.  And, it is the law because those men in 1787 understood

human nature.  The men who wrote the Constitution were not stupid.  Those men

went to great lengths and put a tremendous amount of thought into writing that

document.  There were months and months of debates about almost every part of

the Constitution.  So it only follows that they made it a requirement that any president be native born.

Understanding human nature is something that seems to be sorely lacking today.  All of the laws that attempt to control substances and certain activities are a good illustration of the lack of understanding of human nature.  It is impossible to pass legislation in an effort to make human nature nonexistent.  People will find a way to get substances that they want regardless of whether or not said substance is legal to possess.  To understand this, all one has to do is to look at what transpired during the 1920's regarding prohibition. Another example is that prostitution is illegal in 49 out of 50 states and licensed in one, yet it goes on in all 50 states, and throughout the world, licensed or not.  Human nature is a very powerful force.

Back to the requirement that the President be native born...You see, it is part of human nature to have a natural loyalty to the place where one was born.  Psychologists refer to this as “the homing instinct”.  This instinct is not unique to humans; many species have this.  Two of the basic needs, shelter and love, are satisfied by the homing instinct.  When a person is where they were born it is familiar, consequently they feel sheltered and safe.  A person’s parents saw to this.  Also, this is generally where they first felt loved.  The instinctual love that a person has for their parents is one of the strongest emotions. This feeling is reinforced by a person’s place of birth.  When a person is “home” they feel safe and loved.  A person’s place of birth is “home” whether they consciously realize it or not.  So, therefore, a person will have a natural loyalty for the place where they were born.  They will want to defend their home much more so than someplace else.  It is a military fact that an indigenous population, as opposed to a mercenary army, will fight much harder against a foreign invader; because they are fighting for home. A mercenary is defined as someone who works for money or other reward.  Every unresolved conflict that the United States has been involved in have been fought by a paid army against "freedom fighters" on their own turf.

Now, let us consider the office of the president for a moment.  One of the fundamental duties of the president is to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the u.S.  He is in charge of the whole organization that is tasked with safeguarding our country; a whole organization which is a mercenary force.  EVERYONE in the Armed Forces is expected to follow his orders.  Now, if the president is foreign born, his loyalty will be to where he was born because of human nature. No amount of promising or rhetoric can change this fact.  Ultimately, a foreign born president will not act in the best interest of this country because of human nature.

So I ask, “What better place to have a spy but the head of a country’s military?”  I can’t think of one I would also like to ask, “Has the present president acted in the best interests of this country?”  I don’t think so.

   #1- The U.S. debt has increased more in the last 5 years than during all previous administrations combined.  This goes along with #4.

   #2- The “Fast & Furious” debacle has been responsible for over 70,000 guns to be funneled into the hands of criminals in another country.

   #3- This administration has been responsible, directly and indirectly, for renewed unwarranted acts of aggression in numerous sovereign countries.  Unwarranted acts of aggression are against international law.  These acts have occurred in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq.

   #4- One of the best and quickest ways to destroy a country is to destroy its’ currency.  The whole world no longer wants to use the dollar as its’ reserve currency.  This is due to the present administration’s policy of printing 1,000 billion dollars per year for the last 5 years.  The dollar is almost worthless in the rest of the world because of simple supply and demand.

   #5- The emasculation of the military by allowing “gays” and females in is not conducive to an effective fighting force contrary to what the ubiquitous “they” would have everyone believe.  The reason for this again is human nature.  This policy creates division.  Some people will accept this and others will not; this is just the nature of things.  Consequently, the military is no longer a cohesive unit because of this policy.  A divided military force is easily conquered.

   #6- There has been a significant amount of controversy surrounding Mr. Obama’s place of birth; a controversy which should not exist and because of its' existence causes doubt about his integrity.  You can not place trust in someone whose integrity is in question.  This issue is truly a matter of national security; contrary to all the pseudo matters of national security that “they” are always claiming.

I hope that you now understand why it does make a difference and it is so important that the POTUS be born in this country.​​