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I highly recommend you read the following online book and watch the video produced by the author of same.  Enjoy!  Peace.  -T

"I read your books right away.  I think both books are excellent.  I have been reloading since I was 13 and still picked up tips.  I was especially interested in the Berdan conversion technique as I had never done this and have a .450x3 1/4 black powder rifle that I have berdan primed cases for that I got with the rifle.  There were no errors in either book and I liked the politics.  Keep up the good work."  - Sincerely, John Krieger, owner Krieger Rifle Barrels, Germantown, WI.



This book covers everything the beginner needs to know to load safe quality ammo.  It includes chapters on equipment, safety, load testing & even plans for building your own reloading bench!  This book is a step-by-step guide in how to reload.  You will not be disappointed!  73 pages full of info and photos

This book covers everything else and then some.  It includes chapters on advanced case prep, load prep, bullet casting, moly-coating & how to build a portable shooting bench!  This book is for someone who wants to learn how to refine their ammo for precision shooting.  It also contains a detailed chapter on converting berdan brass to boxer-primed.  You will not be disappointed!  100 pages full of info and photos

Both books are professionally printed on first-quality stock
Both books are comb-bound so they will lay flat for reference on your bench


This ebook is about shooting.  What really works and why.  How to get started in competitive shooting and what you need to get started.  This is not a book about gunfightiing, gunfighting tactics or gunfighting hereoes. Life is a journey.  Every journey starts with the first step.  Think of this book as your first step in your journey with firearms.​​

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