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George Orwell - author and seer?    .....or was George an insider?

This new section of 1776 MEN MAGAZINE will continue the pursuit of dissemination of information and the quest for truth as we uncover it.

Truth can be stranger than science; and so, I continue to extol the necessity for one to "think outside the box" particularly when reality doesn't fit the narrative divvied out by officialdom.

​"I want to believe" that America is still comprised of honest, hard-working, moral individuals who are just as disillusioned by our leader's actions as am I.  That this is the reason for the cognitive dissonance so prevalent today.  I would rather believe this than to think that America's immoral leaders and their actions are a reflection of a society totally devoid of conscience with good-will toward their fellow man.

With this, I ask you, my faithful reader, to follow me on a journey of discovery; where it will lead, I know not.  But take up the armor of God and assist me in the deliverance of mankind from the jaws of evil.

​In Yehoshua's name....​​