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People don't want war.....    

     ......Governments want war!

People don't want war.....    

     ......Governments want war!







By Anonymous

Our country didn't get to where it's at overnight. Pretty songs, peaceful

demonstrations, wearing pink ribbons, well-spoken platitudes, running

marathons, or toting guns and bad-ass attitudes do not make a difference.

Making a difference takes years of introspection, personal improvement

and hard work in order to redirect the path of a Nation. There are no


It is important that the youth of today get involved in our political process.

But, in my opinion, encouragement does not entail giving false hope and

supporting the pipe dream that what the world is facing can be fixed in short order. The education of the youth of today has been filled with false information, empty promises and encouragement based upon nothing whatsoever. My goal is to give a much needed dose of reality. 

If a little verbal warning and discouragement can stop the youth of today, then the world is doomed. What we all are facing is evil incarnate and will take a renewal of basic values that this country left behind in the post WWII era. The 50's still had some of what I'm referring to but your generation (the millennials) have no idea how the innocence of this nation was stolen. 
The evil we are facing has no mercy, is devoid of any semblance of humanity. It will take more strength than we mere humans have therefore we must put on the armor of God - we must think like our enemy thinks, we must not hesitate to kill our enemy when he threatens our loved ones. This fight is not for the weak or simple-mnded. This fight will not be fought and won by following THEIR rules that they have created for us but do not follow themselves. 

YOU and your generation need the life-worn, embittered knowledge that the older, more seasoned generation has to offer. YOU and your generation need to listen. You may have the stronger body, but we've been there and know what has failed.
Every single item that I first mentioned (above) has been used by "the establishment" to manipulate the naive into going-back-to-sleep, knee-jerking them into stupidly reacting and to foment revolution. There are forces (Bolsheviks) in this country using tactics that have been used throughout the ages to foment revolutions so that they may come into power. Question everything. Nothing (even alternative media) is as it appears. Nothing gets out to the public unless they want it out. Those who are a threat are punished (targeted) and if they cannot be stopped via agents provocateur (look up targeted individuals - of which I am one), they will be killed. I've been dealing with this harsh truth for over 20 years now. It has destroyed my life. I know of what I speak. Listen. This is not a walk in the park.

I am the least of the obstacles that you will encounter in the fight to get our country back should you decide to continue. I just happen to think that you should walk into this path with your eyes wide open knowing that it may take your WHOLE life and still you may never see your dream of freedom come to fruition.

People don't want war.....    

     ......Governments want war!


Police snipers shoot and kill


at Dakota Pipeline protests
October 28, 2016