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Many people drive without licenses. Many people don't pay taxes. Many people do not submit to illegal, random searches of their vehicles. Sometimes they have unwanted consequences for it. There is always a price for going against the flow. Just because this sysem is not perfect doesn't mean there is only one choice: "to throw the baby out with the bath water". Complaining is getting very old. People thinking that "they" are the only ones with answers is also getting very old. It always comes down to "good" people realizing they might have to "get nasty" to stop the "evil" people; but, no one wants to go first. To avoid things getting to this point requires that everyone, every day, stand against wrong whenever it presents itself - but that would mean we'd have to remember what it's like to be an individual and not a team member. This "team mentality" they started pushing in the 80's in the workplace allows the weak to hide in place. No one wants to be a target, but now that they've conditioned us to think like a team member, individual targets are easier to spot and stop. If we once again become lone wolves - we become fierce and too numerous to control!

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The Dick Act of 1902 provided for the unorganized militia. The National Guard was originally formed in 1903 and they were the organized State's militias under their respective State's Governors. President Clinton federalized the National Guard and made it a part of the Army which is contrary to the National Guard Act and is unconstitutional because it circumvents the clause in the Constitution that states that a standing army can only be provided for two years.