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“Make America great again”

I know I have been sorely remiss, due to time constraints I have not written any monthly messages for a while and I apologize for that.  It has been four years now since I initiated this venture and I would like to thank all of my loyal readers for staying the course.  In keeping with the theme of the site, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some current events that are pressing on my mind; in particular the impending Trump Presidency.

The people of this country have had to endure eight years of an illegal Obama Presidency; Mr. Obama (or Sortoro, whichever you prefer) should have never held the office of President.  Mr. Obama was born in Kenya; we all know this because he has admitted as such.  I have been saying for eight years that he has been an illegal President according to our Constitution.  John Jay, one of the men who wrote the Bill of Rights and the first Chief Justice of the u. S. Supreme Court said, “A law that is found to be Unconstitutional is null and void from its inception.”  This means that any law (or condition) determined to be contrary to the Constitution is of zero consequence; as if it never existed.  The entire Obama Presidency has been Unconstitutional because Mr. Obama was never eligible to hold the office to begin with yet no one has ever done anything about it even though virtually everyone in the U.S. government has been aware of the facts.

Considering these facts, I would like to begin my yearly message with an open suggestion to Mr. Trump as to how to “Make America great again”.  If Mr. Trump truly wants to come through with his campaign promise, then his first official act on 21 January, 2017, along with Congress, should be to officially recognize the illegality of the Obama Presidency and expunge it from the history books.  Mr. Trump and Congress do not have to “fix” anything; they need to start over as if it were 21 January 2009 again.  Furthermore, because Mr. Obama should have never occupied the office to begin with, he is not entitled to any “retirement” salary or any of the perks that go along with being a former President; in truth, he should be made to reimburse the American people for all the money he has been paid and all the money he has squandered while being an illegal President.

Mr. Trump’s next official act should be to follow through with his promise of “draining the swamp”.  Any federal official, including members of Congress, who have been duplicitous with Mr. Obama and his Unconstitutional administration, should be immediately removed from office.  If there ever was a “mandate for change”, it was the election of 8 November, 2016.  The middle class of this country, the people that really keep things running, spoke on 8 November and the message was crystal clear: we are tired of being screwed by Washington D.C.; a pattern that has been going on for 100 years.

“Crony Capitalism” doesn’t work.  The middle class of America has been shouldering the financial burden of this for seven decades and it is time to fix that.  Even I, a man who has had only two semesters of economics, understand that a service-based economy cannot be sustained.  Only an economy with a manufacturing base can be sustained in the industrialized world of today. Furthermore, perpetual (or sustainable) growth is an illusion.  A healthy economy will have periods of expansion and contraction; people need to understand this and live their lives accordingly.  To believe the myth of sustainable growth and live well beyond your means in perpetual debt only benefits the money-changers.

Mr. Trump recently spoke about the huge trade deficit.  The reason why there is such a trade deficit is that U.S. products are not allowed to be competitive with foreign-made products.  This is mainly due to the extreme disparity of import duties between this country and other countries.  If import duties here were to mirror import duties of our “trading partners”, U.S. made products would be competitive with foreign-made goods sold in this country.  Parity of import duties would not only make U.S. made products competitive with foreign-made goods here, it would in all likelihood eliminate the trade deficit and generate capital for many of the programs Mr. Trump has alluded to.  If this is unacceptable to foreign companies, then they should be afforded the opportunity to manufacture their products here in the U.S. by employing U.S. workers using U.S. raw materials.

Mr. Trump has also campaigned heavily regarding the deterioration of the U.S. military and the increase in crime in this country. These are actually two separate issues yet they can be solved conjunctively.

The crime problem could be easily solved by doing two things.  First eliminate all the Unconstitutional gun laws; this would afford all U.S. residents the opportunity to defend themselves wherever they may be.  Much of the crime problem would evaporate if open-carry or concealed-carry was the law of the land (as the men who wrote the Constitution intended).  Another huge step towards solving the crime problem would be to decriminalize drug use, all drug use.  You want to solve the drug problem, remove the mystique. Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work in the last century and it still doesn’t work today with drugs; make drug use legal for home use and available inexpensively through all pharmacies.  But with a caveat: if someone commits a crime or causes injury to someone else or damage to property, then the consequences should be swift and severe.  The huge black-market, illegal drug economy would go away overnight. Along with this, privatized prisons should be eliminated; better than 80% of incarcerated individuals in this country are nonviolent, drug-related offenders.  These people are only incarcerated to perpetuate the prison economy.  These people should be released and be allowed to rejoin society with no repercussions.

The U.S. military has been used for over a century to force U.S. corporate interests upon foreign countries.  This squandering of military assets must stop.  The only function of the U.S. military should be the protection of U.S. soil; not foreign corporate interests that the American people derive no benefit from.  If you want to build up the U.S. military then actively enforce the militia law that has been on the books since the inception of this country.  Furthermore, let the military be exactly that and stop pandering to special interests (like sexual deviants) as if the military were some vacation club; This only degrades the effectiveness of the military. The greatest stumbling-block to a successful Trump Presidency will be the lack of understanding that will most assuredly ensue.

Just as Regan inherited an economy that was in the toilet, contrary to what the media wants everyone to believe, today’s economy is even worse off.  It took 12 years for the effects of “Reganomics” policies to come to full fruition.  Remember that a President can’t spend any money without Congressional approval; and even if Congress backs Trump’s policy changes and does what is necessary to turn the economy around, in all likelihood the full effect will not be realized for at least eight to ten years.  The one major thing that a Trump Presidency could do quickly to turn the economy around would be to make it more profitable for companies to remain here.  To accomplish this he will have to combat the entire corrupt Wall Street establishment.  And if he does this, there will be many casualties.  The Wall Street cartel has been behind the U.S. policy changes that have made the offshoring of U.S. jobs more profitable for the sake of the bottom line for decades.  The only way to bring jobs back to the U.S. and put people back to work is to reverse these policy changes of 25+ years that have made it more profitable for Wall Street to off-shore jobs.

This is what I see that needs to be done to begin with; and I might add that I am not alone in these views.  There are many more things that should be done as well but those are for another letter and are predicated on what needs to be done first.    

It's the start of the New Year and so with it begins a new page devoted to short ideas of mine that many of you may find either outside the box or conservative depending on your frame of reference.  

At any rate, I hope you enjoy my slant and if you do not, please feel free to contact me with your comments on the contact page.