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From: Ruth Williams 
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2016 4:33 PM
To: ATT Brannum
Subject: Lake Lewisville – BLM

Mr. Brannum, I’m  sending you a link from the Lewisville Texan Journal saying the Bureau of Land Management is selling a 10 year mineral rights lease under a section of Lake Lewisville.  Now it’s my understanding that Texas did NOT cede the lake to the government when Texas became a state.  If that’s true, how can the BLM sell a lease to something they don’t own?

His own TV show...seems too good to be true?.....

Then it probably is!


Shall Not Be Infringed! - Videos I

​​​​​​​WORD FOR THE DAY: Cash Cow

America, in corporate terms, has now become what is known as a"cash cow".

What's been going on since NAFTA and GATT were adopted, and is now being sped up via the TPP, by our traitorous corporate officers (aka: Congress) is that we are being "cashed out".  America is being cashed out because our past CEO's and Congresses have been spending so much money that they are unable to pay off their debts and because we're worth more in assets than what we can produce.

They're busy selling off every square inch of America to the highest bidder to pay off the debt to save their soul-less necks from the shadow government goons that will have no problem "breaking legs" should they reneg.

They won't stop until the land our forefathers gave up their lives to obtain for us is gone!

The BLM is wrongfully stealing Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada for a secret land deal for a member of Congress & his punk kid....

The FBI has jailed Ammon Bundy (son) and is holding him in solitary confineent for the non-violent crime of "obstruction of justice" in the peaceful demonstration objecting to the land grab by the BLM of the Hammond Ranch in Oregon.

Cliven Bundy, 74, was arrested at the Portland International Airport on February 10th as he was intent on visiting his son, Ammon, after his unlawful arrest for the peaceful protest going on at the Malheur Refuge.  Cliven, along with hundreds of peaceful protestors, was involved in a standoff with the BLM, an unconstitutional arm of the Federal government, in an attempt to keep them from stealing his ranch in 2014.

Another Off-Gridder Shutdown:

History Channel’s Mountain Man

Targeted by Government Zoning Officials

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I wonder if this communist stooge to the left gets a finder's fee on top of her regular commission for every parcel she's able to target?



Farmland Grab