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On Anarchy
By Tim Siewert

I would like nothing more than to experience the total freedom that anarchy purports to offer; nothing more than being with my Lord Yehoshua forever. Yet in reality, anarchy is an unrealistic pipe-dream at best and a dangerous slippery slope to be sure. I am no lover of government; I loathe all politicians. Let us consider the present situation of our society.

In reality, considerably more than 50% of the U.S. people are dependent on the minority for their subsistence. Whether it be government employees, Social Security recipients, or Welfare recipients, those people are dependent on the rest to pay “their fair share” so they can have their needs met. Government employees, whether it is the POTUS or your local dog-catcher create 
NOTHING!   Only a very small percentage even provides a relatively necessary service, i.e. road maintenance. While SS recipients did pay into the system at one time, many have collected far more than what they paid in and the system is a pyramid scheme predicated on those of us still working to keep it going. And welfare recipients are nothing more than human cockroaches.

A productive economy is a healthy one. Clearly, the only thing that the present U.S. economy is capable of producing is war and sloth. The only segment of the population that is profiting from our economy is the top 0.1%. Sloth is rewarded more than production in today’s society. To think that all of these human parasites would suddenly find some semblance of dignity, and start fending for themselves, if government-daddy disappeared is ridiculous. What is far more likely is that the latent criminal in all would take over.

Few people today even know what integrity is let alone have any; in order for it to work, anarchy is predicated on all concerned being honorable. If government-daddy suddenly evaporated total chaos would ensue, the recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore are clear indicators of this. Anarchy dreamers need to understand these obvious facts.

I am not a statist; but for an advanced society, a society as large as the one of today, to be peaceful and productive, there has to be something to keep order. While many people may be of adult age, in reality they are little more than willful six-year-olds at their core; and the only thing keeping that willful six-year-old hidden is threat of retribution for disobedience. This is the fundamental problem that few recognize.

The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 was convened under the auspices of amending the Articles of Confederation, not to write The Constitution. In particular, there were three main issues that needed to be addressed: 1) Trade between the several States; 2) Provide for the National defense; and, 3) The payment of debts from the War for Independence from The Crown. (one other point: Presidents were elected for one year only up to that point and there were complaints that because of this, they couldn't get anything done - what it was that they wanted to do is what we've been dealing with since).

The Articles of Confederation were an agreement between the States; they were not an agreement between the people, the States and the Federal Government which created a hierarchy. While under the Articles of Confederation, the process amending the Articles entailed convening a Convention, formulating the Amendments, and then it was required that they be unanimously ratified by each State's Legislature. (Under The Constitution, that process was altered - which was the 1st nail in the coffin of The Republic). The States under The Articles of Confederation were autonomous with the Federal Government acting only to deal with very specific and limited issues. The Constitution changed all that.

From ratification of the Constitution to sometime in the 1840's, Congress met briefly once a year to address pressing issues. Members of Congress also did not receive any remuneration for so doing. Sometime in the 1840's the Congressional Hall got heat installed and THAT is when they planted themselves into those Halls and in our minds as permanent employees with rights.

It should be noted that it took less than 20 years for them to initiate the liquidation of State's Rights and the practice of perpetual wars (with the aid of "The General Welfare" and "The Commerce" clauses).

We do not want anarchy! We do not want the Constitution!

Health care my way
By Tim Siewert

I am fast and furiously approaching 60; yet this milestone does not frighten me in the least.  As a matter of fact, I have been embracing it lately.  I will admit that part of the reason is the fact that I am very healthy.  The last time I visited a physician’s office was 7 years ago for a DOT physical so I could renew my CDL.  At the time the physician commented that I was in better shape than most men half my age (50 at the time).  Nothing has changed.  All of my body parts function as God intended them to.  I am convinced that my life style is the reason.

Even though I am retired from the Carpenter’s Union, I still work with my hands on almost a daily basis; consequently I get plenty of exercise.  I do not take any prescription poison.  I do not use tobacco products; never have.  I do not consume alcohol; I quit the year before that physical. The number of 12 ounce cans of soda pop I consume in a year is less than ten; see my web-site for my article titled “The case against soda pop”.  Even though I dutifully brush my teeth daily, I do not use tooth paste; I use baking soda; this practice raises your body’s Ph and consequently makes you disease resistant.  I can not remember the last time I was seen by a dentist and yet I have all of my teeth except for my “wisdom” teeth which I had pulled when I was in the Corps 33 years ago. I do not wear any corrective eyewear.  My visual acuity is 20/25; good enough to pass the vision test at the DMV.  My diet consists of copious amounts of eggs, butter and other dairy products, salt (sea salt), potatoes, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, lots of pasta, meat always seasoned with garlic and/or onion and other herbs and spices, and of course my favorite condiments of ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, and giardiniare (condiments rule) plus homemade horseradish and mayo.

Now you may think that I am bragging, maybe I am but I decided to offer this because so many people have a myriad of health problems.  These same poor souls go to approved drug pushers looking for answers and only get script’s for poisons that only mask the problem and don’t provide a cure.

There are a few other things that I do differently from “the norm”.  First, I do not eat out.  This is due in no small part to my wife’s great cooking but also because I do not like paying a premium price for an inferior product.  Next, I drink water daily.  I do not buy bottled water.  All bottled water contains chlorine and fluoride as per government regulation.  How do I know?  I can smell it.  Almost my entire adult life I have lived in residences that had water supplied by a well.  My house, where I have been living for 18 years, has a well.  I do not have a water softener either.  Yes, the hard water stains in the tub are a pain but you get used to it.  I thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee daily; but I do not own a coffee maker.  Why?  Aside from the fact that I like strong coffee, it is because the filters you have to use with a coffee maker are bleached with chlorine.  So, when you make coffee and filter it through those filters you are adding even more chlorine to your coffee.  There in lies another reason I do not eat breakfast out.  How do I know? Again, I can smell it.  I can smell the chlorine in the filter and smell and taste it in the coffee. Finally, my wife uses lard for a good deal of our cooking.  We also use good oils: i.e. olive, sunflower, grape seed, and corn oils; definitely no canola oil.  Canola oil was originally developed during WWII as substitute lubricant oil because petroleum was in such demand for fuel.  “Canola” originally meant “Canadian Oil”.  It was intended to be used as motor oil.  No “hydrogenated” oils either.  Hydrogenation of oil destroys the good fat in the oil.  Canola oil works great for lubricating pneumatic tools.  Works pretty good on guns too.

So, there you have it, my take on health care.  Don’t take their poison.  Drink non-chlorinated/non-fluorinated water.  Don’t use tobacco and don’t abuse alcohol.  Eat meat (especially wild critters) along with raw fruit and veggies; plenty of pasta along with other whole grains; and good fats like butter and lard.

Coffee my way:  I make my coffee “cowboy style”, on the stove, in an old-fashioned coffee pot, without the basket.  Just put the grounds in the water, bring to boil, boil for 5-6 minutes, and then add honey and cream to taste.  FYI: the grounds go to the bottom of the pot when you boil it; truly one of life’s little pleasures.

Note: this was originally written in September of 2014.  I have since returned to full time status as a union carpenter and had another CDL renewal physical.  Nothing has changed with me physically; the physician who examined me made this comment:

 “Medically speaking, you are remarkably boring.”

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The Way of the Guerilla

Over 900 years ago in feudal Japan, common folk arose who referred to themselves as “ninja”. The ninja of feudal Japan were independent warriors. They swore allegiance to no sovereign.

The ninja were divided into clans which were usually nothing more than extended families; sometimes whole villages comprised a ninja clan. The ninja lived as a clan, trained as a clan, and fought as a clan. History regarding the ninja has been obfuscated like most of history. Modern history portrays the ninja as mercenaries which is false. The ninja clans were the original guerilla freedom fighters. A ninja’s allegiance was solely to the clan and home.

A ninja’s #1 weapon is the one between their ears and their #1 tactic is stealth and subterfuge. Throughout history a regular army’s #1 weapon has been numbers. A ninja knows this. Therefore a ninja does not attack openly. Ninjas constantly seek targets of opportunity: individual soldiers, small groups, and high-value targets.

History has shown that a regular army cannot defeat a determined, organized, indigenous force such as the ninja. If there is to be open hostilities on U.S. soil, you will have to be a ninja to survive.

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Freedom vs. Government
By Tim Siewert

To me, the whole concept of government is the antithesis of freedom.  While it is beyond me that more people don’t see this, I understand why they don’t.  Government today is an aberration, an illusion, a charade intended to keep the vast majority in check.  But it didn’t start out that way.

I understand how government initially came to be and I’m not talking about in 1776 either.  This concept of government that we know today is a natural progression from the feudal system, where there was a monarch, a king, who was allegedly the leader of a nation or a group of people, a tribe.  But, you see, men are imperfect.  Anything created by man is imperfect as well.

First there were people.  Then people banded together and formed tribes for two reasons.  They banded together for common defense against other tribes and for more efficient food gathering. Right there is where man screwed himself because he formed tribes for the wrong reasons; greed and laziness.  It was because of the greed of other men wanting what others had that they had no right to.  As soon as the work was delegated laziness was created because inevitably there will be those that don’t do their fair share of the work.  If experience has taught me one thing about human nature it is this: the ones that don’t want to do their fair share are always the ones that want to be in charge.

So as long as people are greedy, lazy shits; we are stuck with this illusion known as government.  I do know this, I for one don’t need any stinking government to control me.

An Epiphany
By Tim Siewert

People are addicted to many things today.  Many people are addicted to substances and they are addicted to technology, government, entertainment, war, and brutality to name but a few; in addition to substances.  Many people also take a variety of things for granted today; enough food to eat and clothes to wear, indoor plumbing with hot/cold running water, and a warm/dry place to sleep at night.  I guess one could say that people are addicted to “creature comforts” as well.

There was a time not really long ago when much of the aforementioned things either did not exist or were not that common.  Many people came to this continent in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries with the intent of making a new life for themselves and their families.  It was not uncommon at all for those people to pack up all they owned in a horse drawn wagon and strike out into the wilderness, the veritable unknown, in search of that new life they came here for.  I think that took real guts.  Those people possessed a special spirit; the pioneer spirit.  My most recent epiphany (I have had many) was the realization of the non-existence of that pioneer spirit today.  Many young people today whine if someone just speaks to them crossly.

Because of the non-existence of this spirit today I also realized that this society is on an irreversible, collision course towards destruction.  So many people have been clamoring for “change”; “return to what this country once was”; “freedom”; yadah, yadah, yadah.  The simple fact is they don’t have a clue as to what is truly necessary to bring about this change or retrogression; because they don’t have the pioneer spirit; they don’t even know what it is, because they are slaves to a plethora of things and they don’t even know it.

By Tim Siewert

What happened in Burns, Oregon recently was a travesty; a total miscarriage of justice; and generally, a total fuck-up.  I do not want anyone to think that I am blaming the victims here or justifying in any way what happened by misconstruing what I am about to write.

I believe that the people involved went about what they did totally wrong.  First of all, it appears to me that some, if not most, of those involved were looking for a fight.  After all, they showed up armed to the teeth.  If this was the case, then their subsequent actions were illogical.  One does not show up for war and then immediately open negotiations with the enemy for peace.  Either you get it on or you don’t show up; period.  It’s that simple.  Then, they proceeded to play by the enemies rules; another stupid move.  If they truly wanted to bring national attention to the situation; they should have just refused to play a rigged game by someone else’s rules.

You don’t fight an enemy on their ground by their rules and expect to win.  You set the conditions and you pick the battleground.  Read Clausewitz and Mao.


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