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​​​​​​​​​​​The Holly-Days

We are about to enter yet another "holly-day" season. What a bunch of crap! First, let’s look at the day that is now referred to as "Halloween", a day which I refer to as "Satan’s holiday".

The word Halloween is an Irish bastardization of "All Hallows Eve". First they changed it to "All Halloweven", then just "Halloweven", then to Hallowe’en, then they just dropped the ‘. Most of the customs that are now associated with this day like the practice of begging for candy by children; the belief in evil spirits roaming about; pranks; etc. were all brought to this country by Irish immigrants in the late 19TH century. I ask, "What kind of values do these teach children?" No wonder there are so many people today that are of the belief that they are "entitled" to a plethora of things. Not that I have anything against people of Irish decent because I don’t. These customs all have pagan origins. The custom of a carved out pumpkin with a candle in it comes from the night watchmen that were employed to look out for evil spirits and pranksters. The use of a pumpkin is an Americanization. In Ireland a turnip was employed. How that worked I have no clue, they must have used big turnips. Any way, "All Hallows Eve" is the day before All Saints Day, which is a Roman Catholic holiday first initiated by Pope Gregory III. So we have many people following pagan rituals to commemorate a Catholic holiday. The next day is 11 November which is now referred to as "Veterans Day". I am unsure as to whether or not this holiday will be observed on the correct day this year because of the "Monday holiday" nonsense.

I would like to insert here that the day before Veterans Day, 10 November, is a day that I and all fellow Marines observe as the birthday of our Corps; a day that is not a nationally recognized holiday but should be in my opinion.

Veterans Day was originally called "Armistice Day". It was initially intended to commemorate the end of WWI; the cease fire for WWI being declared as 1100 on 11 November (11/11/11) 1918. You remember WWI, the "war to end all wars"? That went really far. In 1954, after the Korean War, 11 November was officially changed to the Veterans Day holiday in remembrance of all veterans, living and dead, for their service. It was changed to a "Monday holiday" in 1976 when congress passed the Monday holiday act. The next year it will be observed on the correct day will be 2018.

The next day in the line-up is Thanksgiving; a truly American holiday. Unfortunately, many people have lost track of the fact that it was initiated to give thanks to The Lord God. More and more I hear people refer to it as "turkey day". The first "Thanksgiving" wasn’t in November but in September. Furthermore, the main course at the first Thanksgiving was not turkey but most likely a combination of goose and other wild game like deer, rabbit, squirrel, and hog. It was first proclaimed a holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and was traditionally celebrated on the first Thursday of November until it was changed to the fourth Thursday of that month by act of congress in 1941. Presumably, this was done so that it would not conflict with Armistice/Veterans Day. God forbid we have two holidays fall on the same day of the year and people get gypped from not having all of their holidays. What would the world come to?

Then we have Xmas. I absolutely refuse to refer to this as "Christmas"! First, The Lord Yehoshua (who is commonly referred to as "Jesus" in Western countries), The only begotten Son of The Almighty God of the universe was not born on December 24/25 or any time even close.

Note: the name "Jesus" is an English derivation of the Greek name "Yesua" which is a derivation of His true name "Yehoshua" meaning "God is with us". I refer to my Lord by His true name. Would you like people referring to you by some name that people 1000 years ago made up?

According to my extensive research into this matter I have determined that Yehoshua was born in either the last week of September or the first week of October. I personally believe that He was born on the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Yom Kippur usually falls during this same time period according to our calendar that we use in this country today. Every aspect of Yehoshua’s life was the fulfillment of prophecy. It only makes sense to me that He would be born on that day considering that He is the atonement for the world’s sin. There are also numerous things to consider. The Romans did not conduct censuses in the winter. The shepard’s would not have had their flocks in the fields. But the biggest thing is that it is possible to determine the time frame just like I did with some research in The Word of God. Let us see what the Gospel according to Luke has to say:

Mary, The Lord’s birth mother, had a cousin: Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s husband, Zacharias was a Levitical priest. Mary & Elizabeth were both of the House of Levi which is the true priest line. Now in those days, the priests were required to serve what was referred to as "their course". A course was a two week stint spent working in the temple, presumably the Temple of David in Jerusalem. Zacharias’ course was the course of Abijah. There were 24 courses all together. The course of Abijah was the 8th; 24 courses-48 weeks; 4 high holy days; one week each; 52 weeks all together. Now you have to understand something here, the ancient Jewish calendar did not start on January 1st by our calendar. It started on the day of the first new moon after the spring equinox; because that corresponded with when the nation of Israel was released from bondage to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Back to Zacharias, he served his course which corresponded to the 17th & 18th weeks according to their calendar; the first week was the Passover week. This would equate to sometime either in July or August on our calendar. It is impossible to know for sure for a few reasons. First, the first new moon of spring does not occur on the same day every year according to our calendar. Next, the Roman year in which Jesus was born is not referred to in The Word. What is written is that Jesus was born during the reign of King Herod. Now the Herod referred to was Herod the 1st and his title was procurator of Judea; a title bestowed by the Romans to their stooge ruler of Judea. Herod 1st was not a Jew but an Edomite (an Arab). He died in the year 2B.C. according to Roman records. He searched for Jesus for at least two years before he died. Which means that Jesus had to have been born in at least 4B.C. or 5B.C?

Here is where things really start to get complicated. There is no way to know conclusively that 2016 years exactly have transpired between present day and when Herod the first died. This is because of conflicting and noncontiguous records for the last 2000+ years. So that is why it is impossible to pinpoint the dates, according to our calendar or any other calendar for that matter, for sure when Zacharias served his course at the time that is referred to in Luke’s Gospel; that is why I gave the time frame of July or August. Moving on, next we learn that upon completion of his course, Zacharias is visited by The Angel of The Lord, is struck dumb, goes home, has sex with Elizabeth, and fathers John the Baptist. That is the short version. There is no time frame attached to all of this either. It could have taken days, maybe even weeks for all that to happen. It certainly did not happen overnight. First, Zacharias had to get home and there is no reference as to where that was. He undoubtedly had to walk home. Then he had to convince Elizabeth to have sex with him which was likely not that easy because Elizabeth was "on in years". Then John was conceived. Now fast forward six months. The Word refers to a point in time when Elizabeth was in her sixth month of pregnancy. It does not say the first day of her six month, just that she was in her six month with John. She went to visit Mary who had also been visited by The Angel of The Lord; at which time Jesus was conceived. The Word does not say that Elizabeth’s visit coincided with the following day of Jesus’ conception.

So, we have John the Baptist conceived in July or August; then six months later which would be January or February according to our calendar that Jesus is conceived; nine months later would be late September or October. That is why I believe that Jesus was born on Yom Kippur; a Jewish high holy day which falls during the same time frame according to our calendar.

But the issue of the misrepresentation of the date of Jesus’ birth is not the only issue that I have with this time of year. Suddenly, many people get this "Peace on earth, good will towards men" attitude for about two weeks yet for the remaining 50 weeks of the year these same people are self-absorbed morons. It is hypocrisy to the nth degree. Then the commercialization of the season is totally disgusting to me. The notion that retailers across the country succeed or fail based on sales during one month out of twelve is ignorant. This is all an idolatrous bastardization which has been conveniently contrived to coincide with the winter solstice which was celebrated in ancient Roman times as Saturnalia. Saturnalia was the most popular of Roman festivals and lasted seven days from December 17th to the 24th according to their calendar. There was no work during the festival, slaves were given certain freedoms, and other traditional "restraints" were "eased". This time is just one of several examples of the Roman Catholic church amalgamating ancient Roman pagan festivals with alleged "Christian" observances; more insulting hypocrisy.

Then we have New Year’s Day. The day I refer to as "National ball & alcohol worship day"; yet more traditional ritual to start the calendar year off. Need I say more?

My whole point is this: people have lost track of what is truly important. Granted, everyone needs time off from the daily grind but why look for an excuse? Why not just regularly take time to rest like God originally intended? It has become as if people need permission from the powers that be for time off from the daily grind. They need permission from their masters.

Then, why only celebrate Jesus one or two days out of the entire year? We should celebrate Jesus every single day. His birth and resurrection were for us. His life should be a shinning example for the whole world that is engulfed in controversy, strife, hatred, and greed. As I wrote in my second book, we need to return to God and His principles. But then again, people are ensconced in ritual and ceremony, hence, the proliferation of the quagmire of religion. Religion is of man, initiated to satisfy the need for ritual and ceremony, and not of God; ultimately it has been proliferated to empty everyone’s pockets (just like government). Believe in Jesus, the only truth, the only way to realize true peace. If you absolutely feel that you must go to some building to satisfy the need for ritual, then go you must but I have this suggestion: go somewhere where a "plate" is not passed. If you find such a place, let me know, I have not found such a place as of yet. When it is all said and done, Jesus neither wants nor needs your money; all He asks is your love.

Peace,  -T.

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