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***** VOTING *****

I discovered early on in my adult years that who I voted into office, whether they be Republicans or Democrats after they were elected into office they didn't live up to their campaign promises.  That there were no consequences because of their failure to do so was just another kick in the ass.  During Reagan's run for the presidency, I was working with the Republican Party where the attorney running things (who had a ubiquitous presence in every government agency in the county) told me that everything was subject to compromise.  He explained that nothing could ever get done without it.

Compromise - that's fair, right?  That's what lawyers, judges, marriage counselors, realtors and car salesmen would have you believe. Maybe they believe this because in their lines of work they are generally the ones forming the argument.  He who forms the argument, wins.  Maybe they also do not care who compromises what because no matter the outcome, they get paid their fee.  The other issue is that (I don't know about you) but, I was raised with principles.  Principles are those things on which an honorable person does NOT compromise.

One more little problem with choosing a candidate is the absence of an historically recognizable and uniform Platform (Party Principles) on which they run.  When is the last time any of you have seen a list of the tried-and-true principles a Party holds their candidates' feet-to-the-fire via prior voting history or private pet projects?  The absence of Party Platforms is a key reason why there is no clear delineation between Democrats and Republicans.  They stand for nothing or everything depending on the way the wind blows.

If I had to choose a marriage partner from the pool of candidates that have been paraded before us as viable representatives of our country, I would choose to remain single.  -Connie Siewert