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the U.S. of A. is neither a Republic nor a Democracy.  
It is best described as a sociofascist, police state with leanings towards a Monarchy 
whose government has become so corrupt that it now rivals Nero’s Rome.  

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"Words and their Meanings"

By Tim Siewert

​I have said for a long time that everyone should own a dictionary, know how to use it, and do so.  Furthermore, I maintain that one should own a dictionary printed before 1990 at the very least if not an earlier printing.  The meaning of words is very important, particularly in this day and age when the ubiquitous “they” constantly try to obfuscate history and the truth.  A dictionary standardizes the meaning of words.  Just because some pundit or authority claims the definition of a particular word has changed or something other than what its’ true meaning is does not make it so.

The English (or “American”) language is the most complex language in use on the planet today; and likely the most complex in history.  There are many words in the American language that have slightly different nuances in their meanings.  I own a number of dictionaries dating back to the early 20th century.  The one I use most frequently is a Webster’s unabridged edition circa 1984.  It has 1664 pages and over 250,000 entries; and sold new in 1984 for $80.00.  It is maintained that the average person’s vocabulary consists of only 75 words; to think that any person could possibly know the definition of over 250,000 words is preposterous; hence the necessity of a good dictionary.

The following is a short compendium of some commonly used words today and their definitions according to Webster’s International dictionary, third edition, circa 1971.  I have chosen these particular words because they pertain to current events and are words whose meanings have been obfuscated to suit the purposes of the NWO crowd.

Arbitrary: adjective, depending on choice or discretion; usually by decision of a judge or tribunal rather than defined by statute; and arising from unrestrained exercise of will (willful), capricious, based solely upon personal preference opposed to established norms.

Citizen: noun, a resident of a city, town, country, or land who owes allegiance to its government.

Democracy: noun, a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly; rule of the majority (mob rule).

Fascism: noun, any program for setting up a centralized, autocratic national regime with severely nationalistic policies, exercising regimentation of industry, commerce and finance, rigid censorship, and forcible suppression of opposition; often characterized by glorification and glamorization of war and the military; and also characterized by the demonization of a minority for the purposes of justification of suppressive policies and stringent controls upon personal freedoms.

Monarchy: noun, undivided rule or supreme sovereignty by a single person of a country or territory; a territorial unit having a government with one person as chief of state, usually determined by heredity, with absolute power.

Police state: noun, a political unit (as a nation) characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by the police and especially secret police in place of the regular operation of the administrative and judicial organs of the government according to the established legal processes; a totalitarian state.

Republic: noun, a government characterized by having a chief of state which is not a monarch, usually a president, which the supreme power resides with the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by them through elected representatives (indirect mob rule).

Socialism: noun, any of various theories or social and political movements advocating or aiming at collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and control of the distribution of goods; a system or condition of society or group living in which there is no private property.

Voting: (my definition) verb, intransitive, the act of imposing ones’ will upon others through indirect means, usually under the guise of government (i.e. control).

Based upon these definitions...