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The case against soda pop
By Tim Siewert

Even though I am not a physician or even in the

“health care” field, I do know a few things about

being healthy.  I know what works for me because I

have been health conscious for almost all of my life. 

Because of this, I decided to write this article.  This

article is part of the broader mission of this web-site

to share what I have learned with my readers.  I may

write more articles of this nature from time to time.


Many, many people, particularly young people,

consume vast quantities of drinks that are referred to

as soft drinks or soda pop.  I hate to burst anyone’s

bubble but these drinks are some of the worst

substances that a person can consume.  I personally

think that soft drinks are far worse than alcohol.  I think this because the damage that these drinks impart is more insidious than are the damages of alcohol consumption.  The damage that alcohol does to the body can be reversed except for extreme cases, the damage that soft drinks do, while much slower than alcohol, can not be reversed.

I would first like to address the hazards associated with the containers in which  soft drinks are packaged.  Today these drinks are packaged in either plastic bottles or aluminum cans.  The plastic used for soda bottles contains a substance known as Bisphenol A (BPA).  This substance has been shown conclusively to raise estrogen levels in anyone who ingests it.  This is not a good thing in either males or females of any age, but particularly during adolescence.  A number of researchers have theorized that this is the cause for the explosion of homosexual tendencies in people.  Some of these researchers have also theorized that the significant increase in homosexual behavior may start with disposable baby bottles that have been made from the same plastic.  The plastic used in soft drink containers also contains other substances that are known carcinogens.  Aluminum cans are not good either.  As soon as the container is opened, the carbonation in the drink starts to oxidize the aluminum of the can.  This carbonation also causes substances in the plastic containers to leach into the drink as well.  As soon as the aluminum starts to oxidize it goes into the drink.  Research has shown that an excess of heavy metals, particularly aluminum, in a person’s diet is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  Glass is the only beverage container that has no inherently bad properties and yet glass has been eliminated as a soft drink container; so much for the containers, now the drinks.

Aside from the fact that regular soft drinks contain too much sugar, (a bad type of sugar I might add) and “diet” soft drinks are what I refer to as “cold chemical concoctions” that contain Aspartame, there are other bad things in these drinks.  First is the carbonation.  To explain: one of the most easily assimilated substances by the body is carbon dioxide.  The reason for this is the level of carbon dioxide in the blood stream regulates the body’s respiration rate inversely.  The higher the carbon dioxide levels in the blood, the lower the respiration rate.  An illustration of this fact is the old remedy for a hyperventilating child. Having the child breath into a paper bag causes the child to breathe air with a higher CO2 level which in turn forces the child to breathe slower.  When a person consumes a carbonated beverage, that carbon dioxide goes directly into the blood.  This in turn raises the carbon dioxide level which tells the brain to lower the respiration rate.  When this happens, the brain is deprived of the necessary amount of oxygen because of the artificially lowered respiration rate.  One of the worst things to drink during heightened physical activity is soda pop.  During heightened physical activity your body is already oxygen deprived, drinking a carbonated beverage only serves to exacerbate the deprivation.

A neutral pH is a pH of 7.0.  The lower the pH, the more acidic a substance is.  Almost all soft drinks contain an acid as an ingredient, usually Phosphoric acid.  Why this is in soft drinks I am not sure.  I do know a few things concerning an acidic environment though.  Germs and disease thrive in acidic environments.  Germs and disease can not survive in an environment that has a pH higher than 8.0 or in an oxygen rich environment.  When a person consumes a soft drink that is acidic it will lower the body’s pH.  This heightened acidity along with the oxygen deprivation caused by the increased Co2 levels makes the body even more susceptible to disease.

And finally, most soft drinks contain food colorings and preservatives and diet drinks contain Aspartame; more unnecessary bad stuff.  If you look at the ingredients on the label and you can not pronounce an ingredient because you do not have a masters degree in chemistry, then likely that ingredient is not good for you.  Aspartame has been linked to MS, Alzheimer’s disease, and Lupus disease.


The best beverage is pure water.  Pure water is pH neutral (7.0).  Unfortunately, most municipal water supplies contain both chlorine and fluorine as does bottled water; not to mention that bottled water is sold in plastic bottles.  These elements, chlorine and fluorine, also lower pH; aside from the fact that chlorine was originally used as a chemical agent for gas warfare in WWI and fluorine was originally used as a rodent poison and is a known carcinogen.  Chlorine also lowers your basal metabolic rate and adversely affects your thyroid gland; while flouride has been used in prison systems to keep the inmates complacent.  There are inexpensive water filters that will filter out these elements and other chemical compounds from water like the Brita.  The best water filter to have is one with an activated charcoal filter.

Concerning your body’s pH, I have few things to add.  First, there are several ways to raise your body’s pH to aid combating susceptibility to disease.  Believe it or not a very good way is to drink lemon water; pure water with some fresh squeezed lemon in it.  Another thing I have discovered is that all toothpaste has a low pH.  This is due to the fluoride and other compounds contained therein.  I have not used toothpaste for over 30 years.  I use common baking soda.  I have not had any cavities for the whole time I have been using baking soda for tooth paste.  Baking soda has a pH of about 8.2-8.5.  If you use baking soda for tooth paste you raise the pH in your mouth which in turn prevents germs from growing in your mouth which prevents cavities from forming.  This practice also prevents germs from entering your body through your mouth as well.  Performing a quick web search should yield other ways to raise your body’s pH.  Fresh, raw vegetables (and I stress raw) are also an excellent way to raise your body’s pH and combat disease susceptibility.  Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Carrots and Lettuce are all very good; in other words a good salad.

In conclusion, many of the substances found in soda pop do irreparable harm to the brain and generally invite illness.  This is why I wrote that soda pop is worse than alcohol.  Once your CPU is destroyed you are screwed.  Also, the acid & sugar in soda eats your teeth.  My one vice is NA beer.  I regret though that the brand of NA beer that I prefer is only available in cans.  My practice to mitigate the hazards associated with cans is to pour the beer into a glass with fresh lemon in it immediately after I open the can.  Everyone should have one vice and preferably a harmless one.


I hope that this little article has been enlightening.