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Question & Answer Page

Welcome to the question and answer page

This page of the magazine is devoted exclusively to questions relevant to the topics covered by 1776men.

Questions regarding history, the Constitution, and politics will be fielded by my uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie has a Masters Degree in history and his specialty is U.S. history.

Questions regarding machining and some gunsmithing will be fielded by Boots the barrel master.

Some other gunsmithing questions may be fielded by another long-time friend of mine; Dan S.  or myself.  Dan is a premier rifle gunsmith located in N. IL whereas my area of experience is handguns.

I will endeavor to answer any specific reloading questions that are not generically covered in one or both of my books i.e. questions regarding specific calibers, loads, bullet preferences, etc. to the point of what works best in my experience.

Any questions of a spiritual nature I will answer to the best of my ability based on my knowledge of God’s Word.  Any other questions regarding preparedness, survival, or any other topic I will answer.

Any other questions we "experts" may not be able to field, I will do my best to find the answer thereof.  To pose a question simply click              and ask your question.  Questions with the corresponding answer will be posted once a week on Sunday or Monday in this section of the magazne.  Please specify how you want to be identified as the questioner. You can include your location if you want but it is not necessary.  Do not pose any questions that you do not want to be made public, thank you for participating. -T.

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