So many people want to blame others for the woes that beset our society today; yes and no.  Once again, the first step in problem solving is to identify the problem; the root cause of our problems is people.  People’s ignorance of history; people wanting free stuff at other’s expense, people’s greed; people’s indifference towards man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man; and to a great extent, people abdicating responsibility for their own lives.

At one time, it was routine to be self-sufficient; today if you aren’t dependant on “the system” you are viewed as a radical or a “nut-job”, and in some cases a “domestic terrorist”.   If you have more than three days worth of food on hand you are a “hoarder” and consequently the reason some people go without.  When I was a lad, “being prepared” for life’s uncertainties was viewed as admirable; now most people think that all that is necessary to be prepared is having a cell-phone.

So many people have been brain-washed into thinking that they have to constantly own the newest, latest, and greatest technological device as soon as it hits the store shelves.  All this accomplishes is perpetuation of the consumer based economy.

Immediately after 7 December, 1941, almost overnight “cottage businesses” appeared across this country.  Men were making all manner of items for the war effort in their garages.  Everyone had a “victory garden”.  The self-sufficient, independent attitude was still common then; the attitude that built this country: the “pioneer spirit” as I have written about previously, could still be readily found in this country.  Sadly, this same attitude is now vilified; why?

The answer to that question is, “It doesn’t conform to the dependent/serf mentality that the elitist-pig bastards desire.”  
People are the problem but most need look no further than their bathroom mirror to find the culprit.  People love things, they love distractions, and they really love government.  We have entered into the final phase of the quad-annual circus laughably referred to as “the election process”.  From now until 8 November, nothing other than this circus will matter to most people.  Everyone is looking to their “candy-date” to be their savior.  They have already abdicated responsibility because regardless of the outcome; the same overall agenda that has been perpetuated for 155 years will continue: more wars, bigger government, and less freedom.

I would dearly love to be wrong about the Trumpster; unfortunately, history shows otherwise.  The last time this country got stuck with a man who was allegedly not part of the political establishment prior to the election circus, the American people got a royal screwing: Woodrow Wilson.


In the wake of the Brexit incident, people in Texas are clamoring to leave the union once again.  There are even rumors of this movement gaining favor in other states.  I believe this is a poor course of action; it plays into their "divide and conquer" game plan to a tee.  What really needs to happen is that the states need to become unified; one force against the criminal federal government.  The federal government needs to be totally dismantled and we need to go back to the Articles of Confederation; with 50 interdependent, sovereign states coexisting for the common good of all.  This tyrannical federal leviathan that dictates every aspect of everyone's very existence only serves the interests of a few; the minions that serve this federal leviathan are being used; they are nothing more than disposable pawns for the elitist-pig bastards running the international banking cartel.  I would like to admonish everyone to reread the unanimous Declaration of 4 July, 1776.  Go to Kris Anne Hall’s FB page and web-site; learn the background behind the Declaration, the Bill of Rights, and the Articles.

Notice I didn't mention the Constitution, for good reason.  It is my opinion that contract is an anomaly; it should have never come to be and came about because even in 1787 the NWO crowd (the bankers) already existed and wanted to use this Republic to control the world.  They saw this fledgling republic and its’ naïve population as a prime tool for their evil purposes.  The Articles would have prevented that; the Articles didn’t provide for a centralized government that could be controlled by a few men, for a very good reason; therefore the Articles needed to be done away with.

Many vets desperately want to believe that all of the wars this country has been involved in over the last 120 years were just and in the best interests of this country.  Vets want to believe that those men that fought and died in those wars did so for flag and country; not necessarily; let us look at history for a moment.

The war with Spain in 1898 was the beginning of the drive for U.S. world hegemony.  TR was the driving force behind that war; he convinced McKinley to convince Congress to go to war with Spain.  The bombing and subsequent sinking of the U.S.S. Maine was a false-flag event.  TR and his cronies were blatant imperialists and in reality nothing more than stooges for the NY bankers.  So the men who fought in that war fought for the NY bankers.

WWI started as a squabble between cousins who happened to be the royalty of Europe of the day who controlled vast armies.  The U.S. was covertly dragged into that squabble under the auspices of defending innocent lives already lost at sea on a foreign ship.  The U.S. wasn’t invaded; we had no interests in Europe at the time.  The U.S. got hoodwinked into participating because in reality the British crown was tapped out (the Brits thought then and still think we belong to them).  Then, WWI was used as an excuse to sell a One World Government (the League of Nations) to the insouciant masses; the League of Nations being nothing more than a front organization for the international bankers.  So the men who fought in WWI fought for European royalty and the international bankers.

WWII was partially a continuation of WWI in that the League wasn't accepted here, so they needed to get the headquarters located here for U.S. acceptance.  Because there had been widespread resistance to the U.S. involvement in WWI, the Japanese were allowed to bomb Pearl Harbor for an excuse to enter WWII.   WWII was also the continuation of the drive for U.S. hegemony over the world; therefore Hitler's Germany couldn't prevail.

During both world wars, both sides were financed by the international bankers headquartered in Switzerland.  Why do you think that little piss-ant country hasn’t been invaded for 700 years?  So in reality, the men who fought WWII again fought for the international bankers.

The UN is nothing more than a continuation of the League of Nations and a front organization for the international banking cartel.  Korea was officially a "UN police action"; therefore the U.S. GI's who served there fought for the UN flag. There was no threat to the U.S. in 1950; the alleged specter of “world communism” was a fabrication by the Zionists who hide behind the UN flag.

Vietnam was in actuality a drug war; waged to keep the drugs flowing out of the "Golden triangle".  So the men who fought there fought for drugs and a drug cartel (a sub-sect of the international banking cartel).
Desert Storm was again a UN action; they said so pure and simple.  So, once again the men who fought there fought for the UN and all that it represents (control of the world by a few men) and for corporate interests.

Then we have been subjected to this fabricated illusion of world “terrorism” starting with the mother of all false-flags: 9/11.  This protracted war against the illusion of terrorism is a blatant excuse for U.S. world hegemony; it has been used as well to perpetuate and aggrandize the military/industrial/security complex which has been in control of the federal government for 25 years.  I am no lover of the political ideology known as Islam or its’ misled foolish followers.  Yet I believe they are being used by the elitist-pig bastards of the international banking cartel like everyone else.  I believe that the recent alleged terrorist events perpetrated on U.S. soil were all orchestrated to perpetuate this illusion and continue the division between people.  The elitist-pigs have to continually ramp things up to keep people’s attention.  They had to start having things happen on U.S. soil to coalesce support for the BS war on terror; and it’s working.  If the people of the world were to ever fully accept the truth about who is really running the show, the elitist-pigs wouldn’t have chance.

Concerning the subject of why men fight, in the end, the men in the trenches do not fight for a flag nor country or king; because for whatever reason they used to convince themselves to go to war initially, they ultimately fight for their brothers-in-arms on their left and on their right.

While I agree wholeheartedly that people entering this country should do so legally and should assimilate to our culture, values, and laws; I believe that there are enough people here already.  The borders should be closed to all indefinitely; until such time that all people here illegally can be gotten rid of; any alleged “refugees” also need to be gone including any semblance of any foreign political ideology.  Then, all people who are here legally need to be gainfully employed and independent.  The only way for everyone to be employed is to bring back the industry that has been shipped to other countries in the name of corporate profit.  This is the only way that this country will become solvent again.
This concludes the history lesson for the day.


A MONTHLY MESSAGE - January 2016

Plan A
By Tim Siewert

I recently read an article about the fact that “The Donald” has been openly saying that Teddy Cruz is not a legitimate candidate for the office of president because of Ted’s place of birth.  While I am not a fan of Baldy, he is just another NWO stooge, I agree 100%.  It was also written in the same article that Teddy boy refutes this claim because his mother was a U.S. citizen at the time; he further maintains that there is legal precedence to substantiate his assertions.

The legal precedent that Teddy cites is specific though.  It has been determined that a child born to U.S. citizens while in a foreign land is a U.S. citizen when: one or both of the parents are U.S. citizens AND (this is key) in the employ of the U.S. government, i.e. a member of the military or Department of State permanently stationed in the foreign country, at the time AND the child is born in a U.S. government facility; thereby being born on U.S. soil technically.  In the Ted’s case, neither of these conditions is true.  A woman’s nationality has no bearing on the matter of the child’s national origin when she decides to cavalierly gallivant about the globe and poop out a kid along the way.

Applying the logic that Ted Cruz may be a native-born American then every child sired by U.S. servicemen in Vietnam with Vietnamese women during the Vietnam conflict would also be a native-born U.S. citizen; which is definitely NOT the case.  Furthermore, applying the same logic, every child born to immigrants here, both legal and illegal, would be native-born whatever the nationality of their parents and not U.S. born individuals.  Finally, in Teddy’s case, his father was a Cuban national; does this mean that Teddy boy is also a native born Cuban?  And if so, how can you be native born in two different countries or even three considering that he was in fact born in Calgary, Canada?  Clearly I am not a fan of the Ted, I think he is also a NWO stooge, but too bad so sad, his mommy didn’t have the presence of forethought on his behalf to come back to the States before he was born; if she had, I wouldn’t be writing this; my writing would be relegated to why he is a NWO stooge, instead.  Concerning this I ask:  "what is the real reason people are trying to obfuscate this beyond the obvious?"  Is it some backdoor, lawyer shenanigans to ex post facto justify Barry Sortoro or perhaps some other candidate they have in mind down the road?

No president of these States has ever been impeached.  The closest anyone has come to it was Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s successor.  There was a formal vote to impeach Johnson but it didn’t pass.  If it is eventually made public that Barry Sortoro is not native born and therefore in violation of that requirement; his entire presidency, everything that has transpired during his illegal tenure; will be immediately null and void.  As I have said before, impeachment is for a legitimate president; Barry Sortoro should simply be removed from office.  The problem is those who can and should remove Barry from office haven’t because they are duplicitous scum.   Of course I am referring to Congress and in particular, the generals, the Joint Chiefs of Staff; for those who may not know.

There has been a movement for some time to hold a Constitutional Convention, a “con-con”. There has been a recent resurgence of this movement.  Once again, people are both ignorant of history and not thinking logically about this.  I remind everyone again that the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, which the Constitution was the end result, was not convened to write the Constitution.  The 1787 convention was the second of its’ kind by the way; it having been convened to amend the Articles of Confederation as per those Articles.

My opinion about the Constitution being a contract of no consequence notwithstanding, having a “con-con” is a bad idea for a few reasons.  1- There is a procedure set forth in the Constitution for amending that document and a “con-con” circumvents that procedure (which in all likelihood is the partial intent of the proponents of the movement).  A “con-con” completely nullifies any rights the states now retain and eliminates the state legislatures from the process of modifying the Constitution.  2- As I just previously pointed out about what happened in 1787, what would prevent the same from happening again?  If a “con-con” is convened, what would prevent the scum-bag lawyers from completely discarding the present contract of no consequence and writing another, even broader, more ambiguous, contract; thus creating even more oppressive federal tyranny?  It would not surprise me in the least to learn that the ubiquitous “they” already have such a document already written and they have been waiting for a “con-con” to unveil it; like much of the tyranny that has been forced upon us in recent history.  3- I would suggest looking seriously at just who is pushing this and ask why?  What are the reasons?  All politicians are self-serving scum.  They do nothing unless there is something in it for them.  There has to be ulterior motives behind this movement; I guarantee it.  4- The whole notion of a “con-con” or a “return to the Constitution” is flawed.  Most are in agreement that the tyranny that we are subjected to today is in no way what the writers of the Constitution envisioned.  What is to prevent this from happening again; and even swifter the second time around?

Once again I would like to say that the Constitution is in reality an illusion.  It is a contract with none of the defining characteristics of a true, valid contract.  It is nothing more than a lawyer fabrication held up 229 years ago as a substitute for a king.  It has been perverted and subverted totally away from any altruistic intentions the writers of it had.  Then again, almost all people on this planet today are made subject to similar fiction.  For millennia, men have been convincing the masses that they are somehow obligated to follow rules ordained by them; men who those people had no choice in selecting; men who also hold themselves above those people and their rules. These rules are always held up as being for the “common good” or “in the interest of law & order”; this is nothing more than socio-fascist, control-freak bullshit if you ask me.  When people finally realize that they are in fact sovereign; the only constraint they are subject to are God’s Principles; then humanity will truly start to progress.  Those Principles are so simplistic.  In reality, there are only two: do not worship anything other than God and do unto others as you would have them do unto you; period.  An honorable man knows these things.

P.S.  I have previously published another article titled: "What Difference Does It Make" which follows.



"Connecting The Dots"

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I've never mentioned it before now, but one of the major reasons we began this magazine was to help people connect the dots in all the disjointed information floating around in the mainstream media and on the internet (which is fast surpassing its' moniker of "alternative media".  The difference between the mainstream news and ours is that we combine everything categorically here so as to present a clear picture for you to make up your own minds.  (*Note:  we do not hesitate to add our own ideas)

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A MONTHLY MESSAGE - February 2016

By Tim Siewert

When applied to people, race is defined as certain similar physical and genetic characteristics found in a person, group, or segment of a population used to identify a person as being a descendant of a particular origin.  

According to anthropologists, scientists who specifically study peoples and their origins, there were five original races.  These were: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Australoid, Capoid, and Congoid.  Also according to anthropologists, all people alive today are descendants of one or more of these original five races.  These five original races are said to have once inhabited different areas of the planet and because of this they took on certain distinct physical characteristics.

Anthropologists furthermore maintain that all five original races share common genetic similarities.  Therefore, these similarities ultimately establish that ALL people are descendants from an original, common group of ancestors; and, there is plenty of evidence of genetic diversity in people today to substantiate the claim that all people alive today are not descendants from just two original humans.   

The fundamental test to determine whether or not two distinct organisms are of the same species is that the progeny resulting from the pairing or mating of those two organisms is fertile; presuming of course that one of those organisms is male and the other female.  Any man and woman on this planet, regardless of race, will have fertile children if they mate.  Therefore, ALL people on this planet are of the same species and are descendants having a common origin.  

When I lived in Florida, for a short time I worked for a black immigrant from Haiti who practiced the Jewish faith; he didn’t even try to hide this fact.  Granted he was a convert and not born into the faith, so my point is that religious affiliation often transcends race.  While there are those that want to believe that certain racial characteristics are indicative of various degrees of intelligence  (I for one am not one of these), historically there is no foundation to substantiate these claims. Therefore, race transcends both religious and intellectual boundaries;  hence, being against a certain religious persuasion is not racist and refusing to associate with people who seem to possess a lower IQ is not racist either.  Furthermore, it is illogical for any person to claim to belong to any one particular race unless that person can conclusively prove their ancestry is of a homogeneous origin; therefore, to accuse someone of being racist against another person is erroneous unless the accuser's ancestry is verifiably homogeneous which is virtually impossible. Also, because the five original races have migrated to such an extent, over the course of 1000's of years, it is erroneous to claim country of origin as being indicative of race as well.

I do believe one thing to be true though; that is certain people with certain physical characteristics are predisposed to be better-suited to some activities than other people.  For example; a man, who is 6’ tall and muscular in build is better-suited for hard physical labor compared to someone who is a foot shorter and slight of build.  To say that everyone is capable of doing anything is idiotic.  Furthermore, to state that someone who is clearly not physically or mentally predisposed to excel at something is neither racist nor discriminatory; it is akin to saying that it is discriminatory to not allow a blind man to fly an airplane.

Considering all of these points and reducing everyone to the common denominator of all people being descendants from one group eliminates the issue of race entirely.  So the question arises of why discuss race at all?  I believe that the answer to that question has nothing to do with race and everything to do with control; control of the masses by the elitist oligarchy that runs the whole planet from behind the curtain.  

The Romans of 2000 years ago often employed a fundamental, military tactic; divide and conquer.  The world establishment today is totally committed to dividing the general population of not just countries but the whole planet.  One of the principle ways this is accomplished is through the race issue.  Throughout history, people have viewed others as enemies or potential enemies based upon geographical, cultural, or physical (race) dissimilarities.  So why does the establishment want to create a disharmonious world?  I believe the answer is Greed.  As long as different cultures view each other in negative ways, the establishment continues to successfully keep humankind divided and dependant on them.  As long as there is division among people of this world there will be war; and, war is the number one money-maker for the elitist pigs that have a stranglehold on humanity.  

Even though I do not have one racist cell in my body and I would love nothing more than to see everyone honestly feel as I do, I recognize that is not the world we live in.  People must understand that if someone does not agree with them about any issue, that person is not necessarily a racist and that they are entitled to their opinion.  People should stop trying to force their opinions on others; people think differently; people are different period.  This fundamental fact is what makes life interesting.  As long as people throughout the world continue to be small-minded and ensconced in the race-rut, convinced that we all have to think the same way about everything, blindly adhering to the dogma of men long since dead, then the elitist-pigs continue to win. 

Understand something; this country, these united States, were founded upon certain beliefs and principles.  While the overall makeup of the population of these States has changed dramatically since those original immigrants came here from Europe, the beliefs and principles that those people brought with them haven’t changed one iota.  Those beliefs and principles can still work for the common good.  Those principles can still be applied to fertilize harmony and unity so that progress flourishes.  To force people in this country to live by principles founded upon racial hatred and ideological lies is completely contrary to the principles that this country was founded and only serves to create disharmony.  Harmony must exist for commerce to thrive.  

 Commerce drives this planet; not men, not governments, not religions, nor anything else.  Almost every man, woman, and child alive today is totally dependent on commerce.  The number of people alive today who are truly independent and not dependent on commerce in some way is so small that it is inconsequential.  To “fundamentally change” a system where commerce thrives and regress it to a system where commerce does not thrive, that historically fails, is a treasonous act, or is totally insane.  And if insanity is not the root cause of this diabolical effort, then why purposefully destroy the greatest economy to ever exist on the face of the planet?  Why destroy the greatest commercial driving force on the face of the planet?  Again, the only logical answer to this question is GREED! 

You see, the greedy, elitist-pig, bastards have, for centuries now, built and then destroyed economies of countries to aggrandize their wealth; this is commonly referred to as “cashing out”. These pieces of shit are not satisfied with just countries anymore, they are now operating on a global scale.  Their insatiable appetite for wealth is why the world is in this mess.  This is why they are willing to destroy this country at the expense of billions of people.  They are using people’s illogically perceived racial differences based upon ideological lies to accomplish this.  

The people do not understand any of this and the elitist-pigs laugh all the way to the bank.


A MONTHLY MESSAGE -  April/May 2016

I have returned to work, therefore the time I have to devote to this endeavor is limited.  My webmaster will be adding minor posts to various pages in my absence.   I will continue to write articles, as time permits.   Thanks for visiting.  

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Glock Hype
By Tim Siewert

I started my journey with handguns in 1975; I purchased my first handgun on my eighteenth birthday of that year.  It was a new Ruger, Old Army, black-powder revolver; I was able to buy this “handgun” because I only had to be 18 to buy a black powder firearm and there is no distinction between black powder handguns and long guns.  I cut my teeth on handguns with that revolver and subsequently, when I was able to buy them, four additional handguns; a Ruger Mark 1 target semi-auto, a finely tuned S&W model 28, a Series 70 Colt Gold-Cup 45, and my favorite, a Colt Python.  This all transpired long before any Glock pistol was imported into this country and way long before their dubious popularity.

I am not a fan of Glock pistols.  I briefly wrote about this in my third book; Fundamentals, a Marine’s Perspective which is available on Amazon as a Kindle book.  I think Glock pistols are a prime example of P.T. Barnum’s famous quote, “There is a sucker born every minute” in action; the Glock phenomenon is also a great example of the “lemming” or “herd” mentality.  In all likelihood my feelings are due in part to what I initially was exposed to.  Yet, there are other semi-auto pistols that have come out since 1975 that I am also enamored with; the CZ-75 clone, EAA Witness line of pistols to be sure.  As I pointed out in my new book, according to a 2015 worldwide independent study, the CZ-75 and its’ clones ranked Numero Uno for dependability, accuracy, and popularity; the Glock Gen4 model 19 was 9th.  I am also a big fan of second generation S&W semi-auto pistols.  But ultimately, I am a revolver man first.  Before I get fully into my diatribe about Glocks I would like to say something else handgun related; I don’t like Sig pistols either.  While Sigs are hammer fired, I think they are over-priced and over-rated; that’s all.  Another 9mm pistol I am a fan of is the time-honored 80-year old Browning Hi-Power a.k.a. the P35 which also rank ahead of the Glock.     

I do not like Glock pistols for the following reasons.  
1- I do not have much faith in striker-fired pistols.  Mostly because the integral parts of a hammer-fired pistol; namely the trigger, sear, and hammer; are beefier and consequently less prone to breakage.  

2- As I also covered in my new book, to put it in “geek” vernacular there are two primary user-interfaces on all guns, whether long-guns or handguns; the sights and the trigger.  Then there is a secondary user-interface; on long-guns it is the stock and on handguns it is generally referred to as the grip.  The two primary user-interfaces should be the best possible for that gun; granted it is impossible to achieve this to an equal degree on all guns but the best possible should be the end result.  Considering this, the sights on Glock pistols are rudimentary at best; they are too small and completely fixed, non-adjustable.  The triggers are atrocious; due mostly to the ignorant knob on the trigger.  The grip on a handgun should fit your hand and feel comfortable when held; this is referred to as “ergonomic” today.  It is even better when the grip of a handgun diminishes felt recoil.  There really are no grips to speak of on Glocks and the “handle” just plain sucks if you ask me; it feels to me as if I am holding a piece of 2x2 lumber.  It seems to me that the only thought that went into the design of the Glock “handle” was an effective enclosure of the magazine; it seems that the design of the human hand wasn’t even a consideration; unlike the CZ-75.  

3- The ignorant knob on the trigger is the source of my Numero Uno objection to Glock pistols in particular and any one of the number of guns that have been introduced recently with a similar ignorant knob.  That knob is the only safety on Glock pistols.  Therefore it is my opinion that Glock pistols are unsafe.  To have the only safety on a firearm located on the trigger, in essence the “on/off” switch on a gun, is asking for a disaster.  Designing a firearm with the only safety being integral to the trigger is akin to having a car with no ignition switch and no brake that starts whenever you depress the gas pedal.  It presupposes that no one will ever violate rule #3 of safe gun handling; which in fact is the most violated rule of the four.  All one has to do to realize that my claim has merit is to research negligent or “accidental” discharges of firearms committed by police officers.  Invariably, the gun involved is a Glock pistol.  This was almost unheard of when police officers carried revolvers.  As a matter of fact, until the 1980s the vast majority of police departments across the U.S. forbade their officers from carrying ANY semi-auto pistols because the hierarchy of these departments viewed all semi-auto pistols as less safe than revolvers.  

I believe that an underlying reason for the trigger knob being the only safety on Glock pistols was ease of manufacture and economy.  To fully understand this one has to know that the original Glock pistol that started all of this hoopla, the 17, was originally designed as a military weapon; specifically for the Austrian Army.  To have built a second safety into the design of the gun would have cost more; both in the design phase and the actual production of the guns.  Considering that the average foot soldier is viewed as expendable, I believe that it was determined that the additional cost of a second safety, or even a primary frame or slide-mounted safety, wasn’t warranted.  My claim of this is substantiated by the fact that most of the gun is made out of plastic; not more expensive, better quality steel.  This is another reason why I don’t like Glocks; I think plastic guns in general are junk; I put plastic guns in the “through-away” category.  Call me a purist but I think guns should be made out of steel; to be specific; double stress-relieved, gun-quality steel; not solidified petroleum.  This is my opinion, if I am going to spend hundreds of my hard-earned dollars on something I am going to buy quality.    

A gun should also be accurate; bench-rest accuracy is not required from a “defensive” handgun for the most part; but an inaccurate gun is useless.  Glocks customarily exhibit what can best be described as “battle accuracy”.  At 25 yards a typical Glock pistol may hold 6 inch groups.  While most may think this is acceptable performance from a handgun, I don’t share that opinion.  What if your intended target is 25 yards distant and smaller than a 6 inch circle; such as some miscreant loaded with PCP wielding an ax?  If I found myself in that situation I would aim for one of his eyes and I sure wouldn’t want to miss because of an inaccurate weapon.  Whenever shooting, regardless of what gun one is shooting, being assured of where the bullets are going is the shooters responsibility.  With a gun such as a Glock pistol, this cannot be guaranteed beyond throwing distance due to the mediocre inherent accuracy of these guns.

A case in point about accuracy and handguns- It is not difficult at all at realize an accuracy level of 2” groups at 50 yards from a 1911 style pistol.  Furthermore, this level of accuracy is achievable from many semi-automatic pistols with little to no diminishment of reliability.      

Trigger control is fundamental to good marksmanship which I covered in detail in my new book, again regardless of type of gun.  Because of the atrocious triggers on Glock pistols, good trigger control is a challenge to say the least.  Shooting a double-action revolver double-action style is easier to master than the trigger on Glock pistols; particularly if the double-action revolver is a Colt Python or of similar quality.  This is why any gun should have a good, smooth, crisp trigger.  If the trigger is too heavy, such as those on Glocks, or not smooth, or the break is spongy and inconsistent, consistent shot-to-shot trigger release will never be achieved and good marksmanship never realized.  This is a fact and no amount of Hollywood glamorization can change it.

Owning a handgun that holds seventeen rounds in the magazine tends to be counterproductive to good marksmanship for the neophyte.  Anyone who owns a firearm should endeavor to become proficient with it even if only occasional use is anticipated.  Buying something like a Glock as one’s first firearm gives a person a false sense of security in that they don’t need to be able to hit with every bullet because they have so many at their disposal; the “spray and pray” mentality will kick-in.  Many times when a person owns only one gun today, they never seek any formal marksmanship instruction.  Often they bought the gun for home protection and never even shoot it.  They buy a Glock because of hype.

If you absolutely have to have one of these pieces of junk, then at least consider buying a Gen4 model with what Glock calls the “supplemental” safety.  And consider this: there are a number of videos on the internet about 9mm pistols and what is truly most popular.  As I stated previously the most popular 9mm handgun in 2015 was the CZ-75.  The Glock 17 Gen4 was 9th out of ten.  The EAA Witness pistols are very well made exact copies of the CZ-75.

And finally, if you absolutely have to have someone’s validation and not take my humble opinions at face value, consider this: the late, world renowned Col. Jeff Cooper said on more than one occasion that if he had to use a double-action 9mm pistol it would be a CZ-75; and if he had to choose from ALL 9mm pistols available, he would have chosen the Browning Hi-Power/P35.    

These are my reasons for not liking Glock pistols.  You can call me a fool or whatever you like; I don’t care; it’s your life (or that of someone you love) not mine.  I would stake my life on any one of the other aforementioned pistols before any Glock or Glock copy.



Except for my time in school and the service, I have been earning my living with tools.  I can say that Harbor Freight tools are a great deal.  I own several different sets of their mechanics tools, several of their digital calipers, dial indicators, etc.  Their hand tools are just as good as Craftsman (which used to be made by Snap-on by the way) and their dial indicators are just as accurate as indicators that cost several times as much.  I also own some Snap-on, Allen, & Mac tools as well.  I have found that the HF tools are just as durable and they too have an unconditional, lifetime warranty.  For the homeowner/part-time garage mechanic, HF can't be beat.  Northern Tool is a small step above Harbor Freight.  A lot of NT stuff is first rate; I have some of their products as well.  NT sells some Jet machinery.  Jet, in my experience, is the best import machinery there is.  I own six different Jet machines and use them regularly; not only have I never had a complaint about any of their stuff, but also spare parts are still available for Jet machinery.  As I wrote in the article “My lathes”, one of the Jet pieces I own is a 1980 vintage 13x40 metal lathe.  I was able to order brand new spare parts for that lathe from the U.S. distributor of Jet machinery.   

I believe that tools should be in the same category as ammo, firewood, and money; you can never have too much of any of those items.  I recommend that everyone should have a basic tool kit and know how to use what is in that kit properly.  I plan on writing an article covering just this topic in the near future; stay tuned.